Alexia Enberg

Alexia Enberg has a history that simply does not suprise you when you know that she is a muscian. Born in Brussels, Belgium to two young parents a mother from Australia and a father from Finland they moved to Gothenburg, Sweden when she was 3 years old. At the age of 15, Alexia´s parents called her up when she was at school and informed her that she was leaving for Australia the following day where she was going to live with a relative whom she only had met a couple of times. Without being allowed to say goodbye to her bestfriend, her brother, Alexia realised, while her parents were driving her to the airport, that she was travelling to Australia on her own and for a very long time. To a foreign place and to a stranger without really knowing why.

That is when Alexia Enberg´s adult life started. At the age of 15 sitting on an aeroplane flying to the other side of the planet on her own. That is when music started to play a significant part in her life. Things did not turn out well when Alexia arrived in Australia, after a few months of being tossed around by people who were supposed to look after her she ended up in a youth home where she stayed a few months whilst attending school. Shortly after she landed a part time job where she unfortunately got introduced to the wrong kind of people. It did not take long before Alexia dropped out of school and started to get into drugs which led to her losing her job and in the end becoming homeless.

By the age of 22 she had travelled around Australia three times and had had experiences that most young adults could only dream and fear about. in2005 Alexia decided that she had had enough of the lifestyle she was living, the drugs, the partying the endless nights that rolled into one and so she called her parents telling them that she wanted to come back home. Coming back to Sweden was just as hard for her as leaving for Australia eight years earlier. She had to start her life all over again, adjust to the people that she no longer knew and felt comfortable with. After eight years of trying to find herself in her music she has finally found her signum in her artistry. Alexia´s music will force you inte her world of pain, darkness, loneliness and strenght. Alexia´s music will without a doubt affect you no matter what genre you prefer.

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For you
Alexia Enberg

WeCD 348 / MP3 / 2014
Save me
Alexia Enberg

WeCD 351 / MP3 / 2014
Burning floors
Alexia Enberg

WeCD 355 / MP3 / 2014
Vi har alltid funnits här
Alexia Enberg

WeCD 382 / MP3 / 2017
Thelma & Louise
Alexia Enberg

WeCD 387 / MP3 / 2017
Alexia Enberg

WeCD 390 / MP3 / 2017