Blithe was formed, in the beginning of the nineteens, in the northern swedish student city of Umea. They consisted four band members, Emil – guitar and vocals (as well as their main song writer), Mattias – guitar, Nils – bas and Johan on drums. ¬†They were during that time one of the bricks in A West Side Fabrications crusade for a much more guitar noise music scene in Sweden. With their fellow label mates The Bear Quartet and Mufflon 5 etc they brought much attention to this part of the world. So much attention that their CD’s very released nearly all over the world. But to be honest, they did not sell a lot. On the contrary, it was indeed very though to get their music in the hand of the buyers of alternative rock.

Anyway, their music is now available again, so if you’re interested in how the swedish guitar noise scene sounded, please check them out, they really worth it.

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