Blue Eyed Blondes

Blue Eyed Blondes are two rascally youngsters from the countryside, Lina Lönnberg and Kristoffer Emanuelsson. A few years ago the moved into the big city (in Swedish terms) Gothenburg at the Swedish west cost to make all their dreams come through. After a while the understand that the only way for them to emasculate their desire and visions was to start a country band, start Blue Eyed Blondes. At clubs, in shacks, at culture houses, in churches, in beerhouses, at festivals, in coffee shops, when ever they have had the time and opportunity, they have appeared and procure their message about love, doubt, yearning, being dumped, to be a cowboy and Jesus.

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Blue Eyed Blondes
Blue Eyed Blondes

WeCD 277 / CDEP / 2010