Cowboy Sad

The duo, that goes by the artist name Cowboy Sad, collided already in the 90’s when the songwriter and metalhead Degen spat and hissed punk over all the city’s hard rock scenes that were available. The fans were screaming for more, MORE !!! He tore, spat and hissed a little more and toured the municipality but never really seemed to find a home with the wider mass that was available. He was too cold, raw and devoted. The horse was shuffled and the ride took off to the west, now it was the grunge that loomed and yes, if we are to be honest, and we should, then there was no further success there, not as a jumper in various Seattle-inspired party bands at least .

The constant reserve, the guy who did not even have his own base. Poor thing. But so, by chance, he gets the opportunity to audition for what will become one of Sweden’s by far largest and most renowned bands in the genre country Ben Carbine & The 18 Wheelers. With Degen in the front, they actually went and won Country-SM. And with that honor the wheels were starting to spin and have kept spinning up until these days.

However, one late evening in April, Cowboy Sad answer his phone and three hours later he is on the train down to Country-SM no. 2 for the Wheelers, as a substitute for a lost guitarist. The two share the stage for about a year and then wave goodbye. The triumphant procession with BC’s 18 Wheelers continues to be tough, and still does today. Sad, on the other hand, continues with various music projects, to theater, short films, commercials, slightly different incursions, big scenes, small scenes, very small scenes.

Then one day; “I have an idea”, “Ok?”. Degen stands for the text and melody while Sad handles the instruments. The debut Old Movie is the song you are ashamed of. That you think is terribly good but it does not matter, we do not judge anyone as long as we get to play live on a stage near you. Soon. It is presented by the cult record company they both dedicatedly released music through, during other projects, A West Side Fabrication, the band is called Cowboy Sad and you are welcome!