Den Store Ledaren

A new, great leader is born – Den store ledaren.


A West Side Fabrication are very proud to present Den store ledaren, the newcomer of the year.

Den store ledaren are releasing their debut single, Dansa Fredrik Reinfeldt, so the whole world can share the magnificent joy only Den store ledaren can give. By their own admission, Den store ledaren love all their citizens and, just like the emperor of Rome, they want to give the people what the people want. Therefore, Den store ledaren, in cooperation with A West Side Fabrication, are releasing a triumphant and catchy song and dance number in the same spirit as The Twist, The Mashed Potatoes, The Hokey Pokey, The Locomotion, YMCA, Lambada, Macarena, Fågeldansen and Harlem Shake. Dansa Fredrik Reinfeldt is Den store ledaren’s version of Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft’s classic Der Mussolini. You will soon discover how hard it is to sit still when the tones of Dansa Fredrik Reinfeldt are playing, and as if by magic, you will turn into an exited, snorting warhorse. With Dansa Fredrik Reinfeldt, Den store ledaren want all brothers and sisters to follow the rhythm, feel the pulse, and sing along to the song and dance number of the century.


Den store ledaren are: Den store folkbildaren/The great educator, Den svenska järnladyn/The Swedish Iron Lady, Sankt Göran/Saint George, Den store bankiren/The great banker and Den store ledaren/The great leader.


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