Five frisky guys in their best age with lyrics and music straight from the heart are together forming the band Hillevi.

The name Hillevi came natural since the five friends likes puns and their studio is located on a place called kullen (hill), thats why Hill-e-vi (hill-is-we)

The band it selves started with a pretty black story. The singer Adam went through a depression with angst and burnout. As a therapy he started to wright music and lyrics. His feelings and thought went straight in to the music, thats why you can hear all the honesty in the songs. So honesty, simplicity, fun and friendship are four important words for them. Music can be simple as long it’s honest and real.

The guys have different musical influences, everything from punkrock to blues. You can hear that in their guitar-based music where everyone in the band gives his own touch to the songs.

The lyrics and music which is taken from a diary, a diary out of a head that is free for everyone to read. A mix of happy melodies and honest and thoughtful lyrics makes it something they together can stand for.  

 So Hillevi started as a depression, but continuous with hope and happiness. 

 And by the way, they are from Marks kommun in Västragötaland, which is a quite small place .


The line up:  Adam Hall – Singing, guitar, accordion and lyrics, Tobias Juhlin – Bass Guitar and singing, Sami Ragoubi – Keyboard and Trumpet, Adam “Billy” Johansson – Guitar and Sebastian Andersson – Drums and percussion 



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