From the boys room in the North of Sweden, to Asia and back home again. Karma consists of three childhood friends who started to refine the Swedish melodic punk wave in the mid 90’s before the metal genre meant both European tours and sales success in Japan. Today, the circle is closed. Stained by their history Karma combines commercial heavy metal with fearless Swedish lyrics that hits you right in the heart. Skilled musicians who loves melodies that stick the first time you hear them. Daniel Wilén, Arvid Backlin and Fredrik Forsfjäll have played together for almost 20 years. They started both Sofistikerat Svammel and Calm Chaos together, and through their love of music and the constant quest for the magical moments on stage, they never fully let go of the dream of a big breakthrough. If they’ve previously passed in other people’s footsteps, they now create their very own. So what does Karma sound like then? Some people have said they sound like the swedish pop-band “Kent”, but on speed. But maybe we’ll wait with categorization. It will probably soon come a day when someone says something else sounds just like Karma, because this is truly the beginning of something completely new.

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