Little Red Snapper

Little Red Snapper are the fine figure of four slightly rough around the edge guys from Stockholm. Magnus, John, Fredrik and Torben.

In the autumn of 2006 the band came together from a shared obsession of country-pop. The motto from the beginning was to write a quality pop-sound with words and arrangements that naturally fall together.

But don’t you assume there’s just a bunch of young upstarts behind the name. Look closer and you’ll discover that brothers Torben and John Freytag have a pop/rock past.The band Dorian Gray kept their musical juices flowing between 1995 and 2006. Two albums were released in Sweden, USA, England and Japan (2000 & 2005 respectively) followed by touring in England and the USA.

Meanwhile, Fredrik Mattson has plied his trade as singer-songwriter with bands such as Pony, who managed to release an EP on EMI just before getting fired by the legendary Swedish record mogul, Kjell Andersson. Fredrik also played bass with Dorian Gray and has released annual summer singles under the pseudonym KFM.

The last of the quartet, Magnus Fagernäs, has been knocking out rhythms for a number of Swedish high class bands, Traste Lindéns Quintet and Atomic Swing being the most well known. He has also spent some time playing with the country rock artist Chris Knight. But his earliest involvement was with Dead Scouts, considered by some as one of Sweden’s cult bands. Magnus came close to packing up his drums for good but after hearing the melodies and song writing of Little Red Snapper’s repertoire he couldn’t resist the chance to join the band.

On the first listen the band’s set-up seems quite ordinary with guitars, bass and drums. Flip over the coin and you discover that the extra layers to their arrangements are coloured with the vocal harmonies of not just the one lead singer, but three. They are a song-based band whose sound carries seamlessly across from recording to live performance.

The band’s latest album ”Morning Light” was released in September 2008 (the album has also been released in the US by ZIP Records in the beginning of 2009). And for sure, the album was full of high profile melodic songs and which at least two “Call me on Tuesday” and “The worst of the best” was radio hits in Sweden.

”Morning Light”, however, isn’t Little Red Snapper’s debut album. The year of 2006 saw the release of their self-titled album, on the Lovande Projekt label. This initiated the motivation which sent them on a journey culminating with their latest album. If the debut was stripped down and carefully orchestrated, then “Morning Light” is the complete opposite. The horses certainly haven’t been spared, from the instruments and guest musicians to building up layers of splendour – all under the watchful eye of Swedish demon producer Jari Haapalainen (Camera Obscura, Ed Harcourt, The Concretes, Moneybrother)

The contributing artists are amongst Sweden’s music elite: Jonas Kullhammar (Kullrusk), Tomas Hallonsten (Tape), Rebecka Törnqvist (solo artist), Geir Sundstöl (Norway’s top pedal steel player), Andreas Mattsson (Popsicle, Vanessa & The O’s), and Patrik Kolar (Moneybrother).

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