Oh My!

Our own very best and most popular indie act with loads of hit potential. Originally from the northern town Sundsvall but these days based in Uppsala/Stockholm. They’ve been around for a couple of years but it all started to roll when we signed them spring 2011. During this year we have released a couple of popular tracks among them you most have heard their two last once, “Time Will Tell” and “Fifteen Years”. As a fact, we have received loads of interest for this quintette and if everything goes well we’ll release their debut album early fall this year.

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Twenty One
Oh My!

WeCD 293 / MP3 / 2011
I Know You
Oh My!

WeCD 297 / CD / 2011
Time Will Tell
Oh My!

WeCD 300 / MP3 / 2011
Oh My!

WeCD 311 / 2012