Sanna Stuardo

Sanna Stuardo was born in 1987 up north in Skelleftea, Sweden. Early on as a child music was a normal part of her life, since her father had a rock’n’roll band that was fairly successful through the early 90’s.

On the cover of milk cartons in northern Sweden

It became natural from the early teens for Sanna to start her own musical journey, with the both vulnerable and powerful voice as her travel companion. A significant first step after high school was the first prize at the regional milk producer Norrmeijer’s Popstar competition in 2003. As a result from the exposure on all the milk cartons she got the opportunity to sing for the Swedish king Carl Gustaf at the inauguration of the national championship in cross country skiing 2004 in Skelleftea.

From shabby local pubs to national TV

The following years turned into a tough and contrasting training for Sanna, with everything from late nights playing pubs to debuting with her own band on prime time national TV.

After some work adventures in England and Norway Sanna Stuardo both returned to Sweden and the music. Together with the musician and producer David Ahlstrom she found a new, thrilling sound. This is expressed in songs like Silent Panic, a wayward and dynamic song about the thin line between general human love and manic ditto. Silent Panic was rapidly spread among social medias and is now released as a single on the Skelleftea label A West Side Fabrication. Regardless of which direction it takes Sannas on her continuing musical voyage – it will sure be interesting to follow.


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