Stairs was formed in 2008 and released three singles and an album, before they agreed to take a break in 2012. Since then, the band members has appeared in other musical projects, such as Höstdroppar and Höga berget. When three-fifths of the band came together, in the autumn of 2016, to see one of Kent’s farewell concerts the idea came up to do something with Stairs again. Looking through the demo catalouge they found a recording that was basically completed, wich resulted in the singel Make it happen.

The band is active in Örebro and consists of Markus Hagersten, Mikael Jinneskog, Alexander Nätterlund, Mattias Nätterlund and Joakim Preutz.

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Won´t let the world break us

WeCD 279 / MP3 / 2010
Best Believe

WeCD 285 / MP3 / 2010
No knock on my door

WeCD 299 / MP3 / 2011
Sunday morning on the edge of town

WeCD 308 / CD / 2011
Make it Happen

WeCD 380 / MP3 / 2017