The Blues

On new years day 2009. Bob and Henry decided it was time to do something… It was time for some serious good music with some simple powerful lyrics.

They brought a computer and some instruments in to a little schack in Henrys backyard outside Luleå, way up north in Sweden. They called the place Gonzo Studios.

Both of them love old blues and German pioneers like Kraftwerk and Einstürzende Neubauten. They wanted to bring those different kinds of music together and mix it up in a way never done before.

They wrote Mister Foreman and started to record it on the fourth of January. Working with the sound many long nights until they got it right, which wasn’t easy.

In february2010 Bob won some money on Sports betting and he and Henry decided to use it to record in a proper studio. They contacted Einstürzende Neubautens producer Boris Wilsdorf who immediately fell in love with their music.

In March The Blues went down to Berlin and recorded four songs in andereBaustelle. Neubautens studio in Wedding. They produced it together with Boris and it sounds exactly as they wanted it to sound.

The Blues kind of blues has more in common with the dramatic stuff that Bessie Smith use to sing than, let’s say Muddy Waters. And it has absolutely nothing in common with Eric Clapton or John Mayall.

They might be walking on a tightrope, doing what they’re doing. But who said it’s supposed to be easy?

It’s The Blues, after all.

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