The Rains

The Rains was formed sometime around 2007 in the forests outside of Falkenberg on the west coast of Sweden by Joel Alexandersson and Mikael Magnusson. As a sort of backlash to all the hard rock and metal music that has put their town on the map, and everyones desire to be superstars, The Rains did the absolute opposite.

Over the years, The Rains has only done a few gigs, one radio appearance and mostly turned down most of the requests. Not because of ingratitude, but to only play their music for those who are willing to listen. The Rains will never play at your youth centre pool party.

The Rains music has repeatedly been described as Melancholy and bittersweet. The Rains writes music on their own terms and are eager to always emphasize that everything is done with the utmost seriousness.

 At last I would like to statue that The Rains have the magnificent frail sound, no doubt about that. So after their first six track release on West Side, now it’s time for their new album “I DREAMED WE WERE HAPPY”. And if you by any chance are familiar with The Rains or have read the titles of their songs, you must see a bit of tragicomic in the name of the album.




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I Love The Sound Of You Talking Me Out Of Trouble
The Rains

WeCD 305 / MP3 / 2011
The days never seemed to end
The Rains

WeCD 324 / MP3 / 2012
I Dreamed That I Was Dying
The Rains

WeCD 336 / MP3 / 2013
I Dreamed We Were Happy
The Rains

WeCD 338 / CD / 2013