From the enchanting forests of sparcely populated Dalsland-Sweden, comes Kristoffer Emanuelsson. For several years he’s been devoted to dig deep in the rich and rootsy soil of American folk music, and to spread it’s treasures on stages all over Sweden. He’s been doing that through the bluegrass band South Drive as well as the country/folk duo Blue Eyed Blondes.

With the new solo project TREEHUGGER, he strives to create his own form of acoustic indie folk music. Songs that attracts the listener with good stories and folky melodies, told with a characteristic form of humoristic seriousness . A recurring theme is longing for (or from) a place, person or situation. The music is mainly influenced by genres such as folk, blues, old-time and country, all mixed with a pinch of singer-songwriter pop.

Treehugger get’s inspiration from artists such as Steve Earle, Joni Mitchell, Stephin Merrit (The Magnetic Fields), Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes) and Gillian Welch.

Soulful vocals, steel-stringed guitar and open-back banjo helps him create a unique sound and feel, often acompanied by magnific guest artists on stage.

Sounds of Dalsland

WeCD 341 / MP3 / 2013