Snakes and Ladders

WeCD 404 / MP3 / Release: 2020-08-20
This is Saga Eserstam first single in her own name a singel namned "Snakes and Ladders".
This is also a song that is kind of collaboration between the songwriter David Shutrick and Saga. She is best known for her participation in the Skellefteå band darcy. Who in the early 2000s served one radio hit after another. Most recently she is one part of the new constellation skelleftePop, where she collaborate with e.g. Lars Hall, known from Hardy Nilsson and Tommy 16. The other half of this new project is as mentioned David Shutrick, who for all pop-conscious hardly needs any further presentation. With songs such as "Container", "Finland", "Sambos på Försök", "Vi Kommer Aldrig att Dö" etc. he has written himself into Swedish pop history. His discography stretches from -91 until today. As recently as last year, he released "An Aging Population" together with Peter Morén, a record that received good reviews.

Snakes and Ladders


While Time Flies Away

WeCD 403 / CD / Release: 2020-06-03
New single from our fine Country band Ben Carbine & the 18 Wheelers.
A little calmer song than their latest songs but just as full with the band's obvious pondus and joy to this genre.

Stupid Life

WeCD 402 / MP3 / Release: 2020-05-30
Newly formed skelleftePop is a duo. And just as the group name suggests, there are several aspects that point to this being the essence of Skellefteå Pop.
The song is written by Lars Hall with the past in fine pop bands such as Hardy Nilsson and Tommy 16, to name a few.
The duo itself consists of Saga Eserstam and Hans Ericsson with strong connections to darcy, another fine pop band that was behind a lot of radio songs once it got going.

For a while ago a song catalogue was found up on an attic in central Skellefteå. Good songs, while this first one now has been recorded. Of course, the ever-young Kjell Nästén has had a finger in the whole thing, by mastering Stupid Life.

Joey Moroney

WeCD 401 / MP3 / Release: 2020-01-14
The song Joey Moroney was written by Gerry Madigan and was first released by The Cotton Mill Boys in 1969. 
It got famous in Sweden when Yngve Forsells Orkester recorded the song. Their Swedish version ”Så gick det till när farfar var ung” was a huge hit and reached number one on Svensktoppen in 1973 and remained there for 22 weeks.
50 years later, Jonas Bodin, the lead singer of Ben Carbine & the 18 wheelers, bought the old album ”Så gick det till när farfar var ung” at a flea market. That album and the fact that Jonas as a kid lived in the same neighborhood as Yngve, gave him the idea of recording the song with its original lyrics. Ben Carbine & the 18 wheelers version of the song Joey Moroney is recorded by Pär Johansson and mixed by Kjell Nästén.

Joey Moroney


Carry You Home (Lykke’s song)

WeCD 400 / MP3 / Release: 2019-08-30
Second single from the Örebro duo (also brothers) Lake Omne. This particular single could be described as some kind of dreamy pop that tells us what its like to become a parent. The longing, the pride and everything that belongs to it. Which all of us who have experienced it understand and know. 
But as said, this is a dreamy, thoughtful and beautiful song, certainly hope you like it.

Carry You Home (Lykke's song)


Lev mens du kan

Buf.s 96 / MP3 / Release: 2019-06-17
Tjalle & Anders med flera are now releasing a third single. The last two were songs that Tjalle wrote together with Magnus Löfstedt. Or rather, songs that Tjalle made clear after Magnus left earthly life. Tjalle has written lyrics and music for himself, but it is largely about Magnus. You can see the song as the end of a trilogy, a tribute to a friend, fellow musician and source of inspiration. A third single that is both a little folk, a little broad and a little energetic with a bit of uptempo country embedded in it all.

Lev mens du kan


Hold on

WeCD 399 / MP3 / Release: 2019-02-04
First single from the brothers Nätterlund's new project Lake Omne. A little synth and a lot of melody. Hope you like it, we do.

Hold on


Tjalle & Anders med flera

Buf.s 95 / MP3 / Release: 2019-01-08
Second single from Tjalle & Anders med flera. A song that takes over where the last single ended. A song written by everyone's long missing Magnus, where Lars "Tjalle" Lidgren has written the music. It's slow, thoughtful and absolutely wonderful.

Vakna torrt


Part of me

WeCD 398 / MP3 / Release: 2018-11-01
Now it is time for Alexander Engström to release something new again, this time it will come in form of a four-track EP that listens to the title ”Part of me”. Four amazing songs with relatively different shades. Everything from the popy and compelling “I could never imagine” to the calm and beautiful “Goodbye”.
Or as Alexander himself expresses it all: “It’s great to finally let this EP down after long and hard work. The idea is that the EP will show more sides of me. It has happened so much in my life since I released my first song and it has been a rollercoaster, but I’m so grateful for where I stand today and for the trip I’ve had to do. This music is part of me. “
By the way, Alexander is about to perform at the Visavägen galan, Vasateatern on November the19th, a gala where acts like Miriam Bryant and Niklas Strömstedt has performed earlier years. Or for that part where such as Petter Stordalen has lectured.

Furthermore, it may also be noted that Alexander started high school (music course) in the autumn and that he thrives like the fish in the water.
In addition to all this, he has also been writing the music to a song which was performed in London (Union Theater) a couple of weeks ago.



1. I could never imagine

2. Stupid love song

3. How I feel

4. Goodbye


Wishing that you were mine

WeCD 397 / MP3 / Release: 2018-08-30
New beautiful pop song by and with Angelica Lindberg, a Skellefteå girl who has turned 21.
”Wishing that you were mine” is her second single, her first was released back in January 2017. 
And just like her last singel, ”Stupid Love”, she stands behind both text and music. And if it is
something that she wants from her songs, is it that someone is to recognise themselves in her
lyrics, that they, the listeners, can and want to create their own images based on the music they
hear. It can also be mentioned that behind this production is the ever-running Kjell Nästén.

Wishing that you were mine


Nu faller jag igen

Buf.s 94 / MP3 / Release: 2018-07-10

Tjalle & Anders are brothers and are actually named Lars and Anders Lidgren. They have been playing together since very young years in different constellations. First with the father who needed comp to his accordion, then through different bands where Mindre Modiga Män should be mentioned, to perform as a trubadur duo in a hook environment with all that means, now launching Tjalle & Anders med flera.

But to get a wider soundtrack, with violin, mandolin, choir song, etc., they have invited a plethora of different musicians who belong to other bands at home. It in itself contributes to a dynamic people / country feeling. The recording is: Lars Lidgren (song and guitar), Anders Lidgren (bass), Urban Berggren (violin), Micke Almqvist (mandolin and choir) and Anneli Blom (choir). In addition, Fredrik Marklund (Dobro and Banjo) and Markus Nyström (drums) play.

The song “Now I Fall Again” is mainly written by Magnus Löfstedt who was singers and songwriters in Mindre Modiga Män. Magnus was very ill in cancer when he wanted to help Tjalle in summer 2016 to write a Swedish text to an outdated demo. When Tjalle wrote a reflection and part of the text, Magnus was inspired and wrote most of the text to the verses himself. Time went out fast and in October 2016, Magnus died, only days after Tjalle and Anders started recording two other songs as Magnus made. The songs were done in sorrow and were expressed as less courageous men with EP bitter and childish. The hidden demon with the Swedish text ended up in the chest of drawers. The song was picked up, and Tjalle made it clear when Tjalle & Anders and others had gigs in the winter of 2018. Without Magnus, there are no less courageous men, but the music is left. And it is with pride that we can present this new song about love, friendship and panic attacks.


Nu faller jag igen



WeCD 396 / MP3 / Release: 2018-06-04
Now is the time for Alexander Engström’s new single, which is also his first song in the Swedish language. And since this song is a bit of a ballad about the summer, you can feel some similarities with Ted, which is not entirely wrong.
Alexander him selves will leave the elementary school in two weeks time, so this will be his finishing touch for that particular period of his life. In fall he will start reading music at high school, so it will be quite exciting to see and hear where his musical career will take off from there.
Furthermore, it should be mentioned that Alexander, despite his youth, has already been featured at Malou after 10 on TV4, via Breaking news on TV5 to Hemmets magazine and everything in between.
Hope you really like what you hear.

01. Sommarhälsning

02. Stilla där jag går



WeCD 395 / MP3 / Release: 2018-05-02
You hear. Listen. 
These are the times & these are our crimes. 
You may wanna disappear. Right here. 
MINXY is back with a series of EP releases. Still Sound & beat. 
Take it to the chorus. 
Is this pop music, yes absolutely…easy listening, not at all. 
Since it takes its person to get all these pieces right, the odd melodies, the twisted hooks, the dribbling with different parts.. but but…all this, all this together, is something extra. So just take your time and chance and make your own opinion. 



01. DREAMS DIE 1st





Where is the Sunshine

WeCD 394 / MP3 / Release: 2018-02-07
Hereby do we present a new song by Alexander Engström, a song that clearly are different from what he has released earlier. One could easily say that the song is like a pastiche over 60’s and 70’s soul, something that has existed throughout the rise of Alexander. Or as a young (just 16 years old) Alexander himself expresses it, ”Mom always used to play Barry White & Stevie Wonder on Fridays, then it was a well known fact that it was weekend.”
By the way, this song was written this last summer, a day when the rain poured down and one could seriously wonder where the sun was hiding. The answer was a fast-written song ”Where is the Sunshine”, which was later recorded for a release now.
A song where Alexander wanted to try something new.

Where is the Sunshine



WeCD 393 / MP3 / Release: 2018-01-30
Nearly exact one year since their last release are WE ARE SHE back with more new material. This time in the form of a two-track single with a new and improved sound. The single contains the sweet, beautiful and a little bit laid-back ”You are free” together with the quite melancholy song ”Cry for me”. Two songs about love but in two totally different ways. There are highs and lows in all our lives, so maybe you can recognise yourself in the tracks.
Hopefully you will listen and enjoy it regardless of whatever mood you´re in!




Shifty Cruz

WeCD 392 / MP3 / Release: 2017-11-22

So now it´s here, the damn cool five-track EP from the northern combo Shifty Cruz.

As said before, Shifty Cruz is a constellation of members from numerous other bands with years of experience. And one thing they all share in common is their obvious way not to please everyone. Instead they choose a straightforward and wayward way in making their own path.

With this self-titled EP the band portrays an emotional journey from beginning to end. With their dancy goth-rock, the songs evoke thoughts of vulgarity and the obscene. In other words, Shifty Cruz are here to play and they are indeed a cool, obscured indie rock band at its best. So please check it out.


01 Shotgun Wound

02 Vile

03 Hearts

04 Their Voices

05 Apocalypso



WeCD 391 / MP3 / Release: 2017-10-24

The sun is peeking out, but the arctic cold holds a firm grip. Shifty Cruz will soon be releasing their self-titled five-track debut EP. But before that we’ll give you this cool song ”Vile” together with a video.

From the north of Sweden, the band is a constellation of members from numerous other bands with years of experience.

With this song and the forthcoming EP the band portrays an emotional journey from beginning to end. With their dancy goth-rock, the songs evoke thoughts of vulgarity and the obscene. And for those of you who are familiar with the history of West Side Fabrication, this will be a reminder how barking we could be. ”Vile”, and Shifty Cruz, are cool, obscured indie rock at its best. So please check it out.

Video at Vimeo:





WeCD 390 / MP3 / Release: 2017-09-21

A new song from Alexia Enberg, a tribute and an imaginative story that takes place in her hometown, or as she, herself, expresses it all:

“Gothenburg is about chaos around, but one still finds some sense of it and realizes that you have so much left to give. You want to always stay.”




Never Look My Way

WeCD 389 / MP3 / Release: 2017-09-01

Now it’s time for us to present another fantastic song from young Alexander Engström (starting grade nine this autumn), a song namned ”Never look my way”. The song itself is kind of a sad story, or as Alexander himself brutally honestly writes;

“Never look my way” is actually a sequel to “The Lake”, both music and textual, as I go back to the low-key and sad.
The song is about feeling outside and lonely, it describes the feeling that nobody seems to care or look at one’s way … hence the title. It was written after my great wave of success, with several television appearances and all that belong to it, when I thought things would actually change and that some would see me with other eyes but after a few weeks everything felt like just before.


Never Look My Way


I Pay You a Dollar

WeCD 388 / MP3 / Release: 2017-08-15
A new amazing song from Emma Hallin. A magnificent piano based story about how we, as humans, had felt so much better if we only started listening to each other. We stress to much and many talk about their own problems and business so they do not react and see the human in front of them. This means relationships are not being built and people can feel alone, despite the fact that they have a lot of people around.
When you listen to “I Pay You a Dollar” time and space disappear. And although Emma works in Varberg, the song feels universal and you get almost some church vibes.

I Pay You a Dollar


Thelma & Louise

WeCD 387 / MP3 / Release: 2017-07-05

“Thelma and Louise tell me I want to be with the woman I’m in love with, that anything else that stops it really does not matter. In other words, choose me and choose me now.” Alexia Enberg

Electropop with an uncompromising will and strength. A must-do for all the love-minded out there.


01. Thelma & Louise



WeCD 387 / MP3 / Release: 2017-06-16

After playing in bands like Stairs, Höga Berget and Höstdroppar. Had a single on rotation on the Swedish national radio as well as the voice behind Örebro’s hymns, “Tro i våra hjärtan” and “Elden inuti” (with hundreds of thousands listenings on Spotify), Alexander Nätterlund now releases a five-track solo EP , written together with his brother Mattias.

The origins of it all happened on a foggy Friday evening in February when he, together with Brother Mattias, wrote a song in Swedish. A short time later, the song was recorded and the idea was to release it as a single. But more and more melodies came and a month later, a song had become a whole EP with five songs. So indeed we’re damn proud now, when it’s time for the release of “Slag” (as the EP is named) after a few intense months.

Alexander would like to say thanks to a few persons for helping him out with this EP: Philip Saxin as a constant mixer and cruel guitarist. Thank you Emelie Kaniinii for all the graphics and patience you are cruel! Many thanks to Simon Ljungman who despite hard rehearsals with H. Hellström took a few days off to add guitars and choirs to some of the songs. Also thanks to Michael Jinneskog for your participation in one of the songs. And thank you very much Karolina. <3 You are amazing.

Finally, he wishes to direct a special thanks to his brother, “You are invaluable. Without you nothing had been done! We are like Yin and Yang. We love and hate each other. But above all the first “.


01. Stjärnorna

02. Personligt

03. Innan natten är över

04. Var du än går

05. Nere på gatan


Dixie Heart

WeCD 386 / MP3 / Release: 2017-05-15
The northern grown country music act, Ben Carbine & the 18 wheelers, gives you a three song strong EP “Dixie heart”. This is their first release in a long time, but rumors says that they’re already back in the studio recording a couple of new songs.
The EP was recorded and mixed by Skellefteå music legend Niklas L-O Wiklund. Mastered by Niklas L-O Wiklund and Mats Hammarström.
In other words, are you up for some truly powerful and joyful country music, just listen to this one.

01. Dixie Heart

02. One of These Days

03. Could it be the Beer


Close to You

WeCD 385 / MP3 / Release: 2017-05-03
Barely two months after his first release, a release which attracted a lot of attention, indeed, we would like to welcome the sequel in form of the truly beautiful and calm ”Close to You”.
Moreover, it is easy to forget, repress, that Alexander is something as unusual as a 15-year-old (going in grade eight) who gets the media calling him instead of the other way around. And certainly it can feel a little strange / unreal that such a young guy can write this kind of songs that he write, but it’s just picking up the hat and celebrate his ability and hope that it can be gilded even more in the future.
Anyway, after the success of his two track-single “The Lake” and the performances at the Breaking News (Filip and Fredrik) twice, Malou after 10 (TV4), Around the country (SVT) and various interviews in newspapers and magazines, we sincerely hope that the new “Close to You” will be appreciated as well.

01. Close to You


Good Girl Gone Bad

WeCD 384 / MP3 / Release: 2017-04-27
A new single from Varberg’s own songbird Emma Hallin, almost on the day one year since her last one.
This time around it’s a about a father’s girl who turns over and loses his impulse control. She feels pressured to become someone she may not have chosen to be, entirely by her self. Destruction. Possible little self-harm behaviour and untrue confirmation needs. She feels alone, distressed, and dances lost somewhere. She may live in a very dominant relationship where someone puts all her problems on her and she does not take it anymore, seeking comfort in / at others.
Anyway, it’s the question of a badly strong song, with good drive and chorus. Almost a little timeless in its form and expression.

01. Good Girl Gone Bad


The Lake

WeCD 383 / MP3 / Release: 2017-03-08

Alexander Engström is something as unusual as a guy that gets the media to call him instead of vice versa.
After various winding roads came a call to Janne Wännström, at Voicemedia in Skellefteå, asking if he could imagine record a song with a young, almost blind (3% vision), guy. Said and done, Janne volunteered, and Alexander was driven to the studio a chilly autumn day in 2016. Once there, he got to play a song, “The Lake”, which is one of the reasons why you are reading these lines.
With the recording of the song, and a simple video to, this has gone more than well. With over 50k views on Youtube, been on The Breaking News (Filip and Fredrik), SVT Västerbotten/Around the country, and now, this week, on Malou von Sivers at TV4, there is every reason to take this artist and composer in sincere, although he is only 15 years old and in the eighth grade.

To the story we should also mention that Alexander has been playing and singing since he was a very small child. So yes, he’s awesome musical and the music means a lot to him. So we sincerely hope that this also reaches into you, now that you are hereby are allowed to take part of his first two released songs “The Lake” and “Don´t Wanna Fight Anymore”.


Videos, for those who might be interested:

 The Lake – Alexander Engström

Don`t wanna fight anymore-Alexander Engström


01 The Lake

02 Don't Wanna Fight Anymore


Vi har alltid funnits här

WeCD 382 / MP3 / Release: 2017-02-01
” Vi har alltid funnits här” (We have always been here) is about when a third person suddenly pops up in one’s life a night out that surly shows interests in your partner, and you also notice that your other half show interest back. With alcohol in the body is really becoming more sensitive, beautiful, tangible and painful.
”Vi har alltid funnits här” are also the debut from the one women project Lazarus.

Music and lyrics: Alexia Enberg. Produced: Alexia Enberg. Mixer: Johan Hjalmarsson and Alexia Enberg. Mastered: Henrik Jonsson “Masters of audio.”

1. Vi har alltid funnits här


Stupid Love

BTCD 14 / MP3 / Release: 2017-01-23
Angelica Lindberg, who is a new acquaintance in this format, grew up in a village in the outskirts of Skellefteå. Ever since Angelica learned to talk, she has also sung. But it was at the end of high school that she wrote her first real song, which she attended with in the music competition Artistjakten. A competition where she won the semi final in Skellefteå and came in third place at the final in Stockholm. 
This particular dreamy pop song, “Stupid Love”, is one of many songs Angelica has wrote since then, now that she has turned 19. Music for Angelica is to convey a sense, you will recognize it – anywhere in the texts. Besides Artistjakten she has also performed at various venues in and around Västerbotten. With this release, her first, we hope for an even more recognition.

Stupid Love


My Baby

WeCD 381 / MP3 / Release: 2017-01-11
Now it´s finally here! The new single release from WE ARE SHE which contains two truly beautiful tracks that hopefully will make you dance and sing along. 
WE ARE SHE have this time around worked with a bunch of new people that have helped them to improve their sound. 
This first two-track single from their new material contains the partysong My Baby and the little more laid back Divine. And for your knowledge, in the near time we will release yet another one.
Finally, as they say these nice five piece band from Härnösand “It´s great to be back! ” So please listen and enjoy!

My Baby



Make it Happen

WeCD 380 / MP3 / Release: 2017-01-02
It’s been a while since we last heard from the Örebro quintet Stairs, to be more specific, it’s gone five years since their latest release. But here it is, their brand new single ”Make it Happen”. A great pop song with a solid strong beat and beautiful chorus. Or as I might could have said, it sounds nearly like Roy Orbison would be alive and hook up with Brett Anderson in a small studio in the middle of Sweden. But I won’t say that.
Anyway, if everything turns out well we won’t need to be waiting another five years for their next one. On the contrary, they are, right now as we speak, on their way to finish their next one. In the meantime, please give this magnificient ”Make it Happen” a try. It’s well worth it.
And by the way, Stairs are: Mikael Jinneskog, Alexander Nätterlund, Markus Hagersten, Mattias Nätterlund samt Joachim Preutz.

Make it Happen


Unbelievable Lies

WeCD 379 / MP3 / Release: 2016-09-19
A new single from Varberg’s own songbird Emma Hallin, this time backed by Qvintetten. A two-track single where ”Unbelievable Lies” is all about the feeling of alienation and what it means to have an inner strength when you get a mob against you, a mob that gossiping and slander. The song is loosely inspired by the poem “About a thousand stars” by Carl Jonas Love Almqvist.
The second song, ”Can’t Stay” is a classic love ballad about a resignation, to end, to lose someone you love because you know it does not work.

Unbelievable Lies

Can't Stay


Pajala Pop

WeCD 378 / MP3 / Release: 2016-08-31

So at last, finally, the album that these Tornedalingar have been doing on and off during a pretty long time is out now.
An album full of pop songs in the true spirit of Pajala, or as one might say; from One motherfucker to another to Tornionlaakso and everything in between.

So feel free and listen to the result, it should be worth it,


01 Waiving Your Arms In a Harmful Way

02 Returner

03 Young and Promising

04 From One Motherfucker to Another

05 Scarlet Skyline

06 Sirens

07 Pluto

08 Smile

09 Tornionlaakso

10 Bright Lights

11 Northpoole

12 Movements



Buf.s 92 / MP3 / Release: 2016-04-22

During ten years, like a decade, have KFM released one new single every year, all in all ten songs. This years song will be the last one of this grand amazing project.

In other words, here is ending of the ten-year project in form of the song Hipstermalm. Clearly a worthy and fantastic finish. A great song signed KFM, a pop song with both heat and truly clever lyrics.


01. Hipstermalm



WeCD 377 / MP3 / Release: 2016-04-11
“Returner” are Pajala Truck Co’s new, and also their last, single. As always, when it comes from them, this is a melody strong but also a little bit purl and odd song about life in big and small. Or as them self like to put it:
“Returner” is about circles, about being stuck, about the inexorable truth that if you continue to make the same choices, you will inexorably converge to the same point as you once were.
You will die soon. You will take your last breath in a retirement home in Pajala, in front of a speeding train or on a beach in Phuket. Everything that is you and your whole universe disappears.
Some will remember you while perhaps more will remember others, but over time, you do not mean shit. The only thing that matters is what you have time to fill your universe with while you actually can. Through your choices. We are so afraid of making wrong that we do not even know what is right.

01. Returner


Är det så när något dör?

Buf.s 91 / MP3 / Release: 2016-03-31

Our new six track album, a scream right through the heart of today´s society.
Our flagship in this fight is the song “Romani-bror”.
People in our corner of the world seem to have lost the ideals that we, not long ago, cherished so deeply.
Brotherhood, equality, freedom, justice – And we are talking about making poverty a crime?
Brotherhood, equality, freedom, justice – Is this how it is when something of this dies?
Stand firm together.
See the human who is in agony. Don´t put economy in the first room.
Tear down. Re build.
Play accordion together. Become brothers and sisters once again.
/Rickard & Juvelerna


1. Romani bror

2. Samma tårar

3. Havanna himmel

4. Jenny stal en stol

5. Heartbreaker king demon

6. Du som aldrig har levat (kan inte bara dö)



WeCD 376 / MP3 / Release: 2016-02-29
New track from MODESTIJ, a song that he would like to describe like this;
“This is the first co-lab with producer-wiz Lisa Gagerman and it might be the best MODESTIJ-song ever. It’s the beginning of something really beautiful.” 
And as I’ve listen to the song myself, I must agree this is a truly beautiful lowkey song, beautiful indeed.



En Flicka

Buf.s 90 / MP3 / Release: 2016-02-17

The five-piece rock combo Hillevi from Mark Municipality in Västra Götaland, are once again back, this time with a fine two-track single that goes with the honer word honesty.
Or as they want to describe these two songs:

 The first track Girl” is a love story that is about what one would sacrifice to be with the one you love.
It’s a story with a happy ending, but the unfortunate action.

Other track A Thousand Times” is that we all make mistakes and things we are less pleasedWe have learned to apologize.
But one should take care of their pardona pardon can mean very first time, but abusing it disappears both trust and forgiveness.


01. En Flicka

02 Tusen Gånger


A West Side Fabrication Play Covers # 3

WeSAM 0816 / MP3 / Release: 2016-01-26
Now it is time again, after a few years, to compile a new cover collection with our friends.
This time around we’ll give you nine tracks from a truly diversity of artists and genres. The only common denominator is that our friends have chosen a song that somehow meant something to them. So please lend them an ear or two.

01 MODESTIJ - Fly on the Windscreen

02 Emma Hallin - Hysteria

03 Den Store Ledaren - Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Your Grievances

04 Sanna Stuardo - Ocean

05 Ben Carbine & The 18 Wheelers - Lousiana Saturday Night

06 Lars Ludvig Löfgren - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

07 Albatross - Hugget Som Stucket

08 Hall/Eserstam - Hangin' on a Limb

09 Sentimental Pet - Riding on the Wind



Buf.s 89 / CD / Release: 2016-01-11
The fine Örebro duo Hösdroppar is back after a period of dormancy, back with a superb fine song entitled ”Madeleine”. An emotional and special song, or as the band themselves put it:
”This is a special song for us to release, when we did not know if we ever would get the chance. I wrote (Alexander) the song on a plane to Lisbon after a cancer diagnosis within the family.
The text line ”Knocked out the cancer and here you are left” was originally thought to be the title of the song and was also the first lines written. We are excited to be releasing this great pop song and proceeds from the song will go to and their business. “
In other words, please give an ear to Höstdroppar’s new single, is well worth to be heard.

01. Madeleine



Bu.s 88 / MP3 / Release: 2015-12-21

KFM stands for Karl Fredrik Mattsson. KFM is also pop project where Mattsson releasing a new single every year for ten years. Song of the year Tonårsrum is number nine in the order.


01. Tonårsrum



WeCD 375 / MP3 / Release: 2015-12-14

Words by MODESTIJ: This is something very dear and heartfelt to me. Some kind of electronical graceland that I grew in my own backyard. Personally I think it’s probably my most honest and personal song so far. This is a brand new chapter. Now I’m bitter I’m better. So let’s break this in two. Out the black…and into the blue. Lets make this true. I just wanna be New to you.

This is also the eighth song by MODESTIJ in as many months.




WeCD 374 / MP3 / Release: 2015-11-17
New single, the seventh in as many months, from MODESTIJ. This time around it is a low-key and tranquil song that we offer. A song that is called ”Fragments of You”, a title which is indeed very suitable. A beautiful title for an amazingly beautiful song.
Or as MODESTIJ himself describe it: “Sometimes love is the loneliest feeling. And what you’re breathing through are fragments of it.” 




WeCD 373 / MP3 / Release: 2015-11-10
What is it all runs from – and towards – nowadays? For large calorie intake or too little statement? Or just plain unhappy love?
In Sanna Stuardos new single “Run” we come closer to an answer. Clearly it is an unusually strong association of the mainstream, maybe a little electro, and small touches of house. And not to mention the title in combination with the strong chorus that gets your feet lift off the ground – listening to True Stuardos ”Run” and feel the euphoria and running in both the heart and bones.

01. Run



WeCD 372 / MP3 / Release: 2015-10-15
With a madman’s insistence, we continue to give you superb great songs from and with MODESTIJ. CONEY ISLAND BABY is no exception, none what so ever.
Or as the writer himself explains it all: “This is not a New York pose. It’s a truly honest and heartbreaking story behind CONEY ISLAND BABY. Some sad shit went down. I had no other way to express it than this. Though I made you cum – It’s the end of the line. It was really the end of the line for a part of me…the end of what I’ve been.”
It is also the sixth single from the productive MODESTIJ, in as many months. 



Du som aldrig har levat (kan inte bara dö)

Buf.s 87 / MP3 / Release: 2015-09-21
A song about leaving to come home.
A story about guilt and blame.
A lament for the cynical and the beauty of love.
A song about brighter days coming, though they seem far away.
/Rickard & Juvelerna
And for your information; it’s also a beautiful Swedish indie-pop tune, in a true Gothenburg style.

01. Du som aldrig har levat (kan inte bara dö)



WeCD 371 / MP3 / Release: 2015-09-09

The fifth single from productive MODESTIJ are this stunning “BREAKIN UP / HARD AS FUCK”. Could be his best so far.

“You break up. You make up. Cause breakin up is hard as fuck. You can never get enough”. 

This is a slow burn. It might unbeat your heart for a moment. Or make it beat faster. Whichever way it goes, this is some really heartbreaking and powerful music from MODESTIJ. And that’s the truth, Ruth.

Another truth is that the producers behind this fantastic production are noone less than György Barocsai & Kristian Anttila.





Buf.s 86 / MP3 / Release: 2015-09-01
After a two-track single from 2012 and a three track one from 2013 are Toretorp’s quintet Hillevi back with a frisky pop-punk single called ”Storbritannien (Great Britain)”. 
The song itself is about friendship, lost friendship and reborn friendship.
You know when you find someone just like you, like looking in a mirror.
The same thoughts, problem, joy and values. 

01. Storbritannien


När sommaren tagit slut

Buf.s 85 / MP3 / Release: 2015-08-24

A single parents pictures is covering Instagram and compensate for the emptiness that slowly emerged.” So sings Joakim Jakobsson of Duellen on the new single ”När sommaren tagit slut (When the summer ends)”. Duellen continues to deliver songs where hope and despair strikes the listener in the face like a wet towel. With glittery guitars, suggestive drums and a lyrics with poetic elements, this single is a song to hold on to, from summer through fall and into wintertime.


01. När sommaren tagit slut



WeCD 369 / MP3 / Release: 2015-08-12
This is just a lullaby. Through the space that separates the two of us. A lullaby overseas. 
It’s also the fourth single release in as many months from the creative artist MODESTIJ.



Sold My Soul

WeCD 368 / MP3 / Release: 2015-07-13
The love for different styles of music makes Emma active in several constellations. She moves freely between different musical styles, from jazz to country, nothing is foreign to her. Under her own name, she has however so far given out tunes within the genre pop/rock, singer songwriter as she is, this new and lovely one is no exception.
As a matter of fact, this new one “Sold my soul” is our third single release from Emma, the first in a few years.
By blending beautiful melodies with unexpected elements creates Emma Hallin music that inspires and enchants.
Welcome into her universe!

01. Sold My Soul



WeCD 367 / CD / Release: 2015-07-08

WARP ZONE is a tunnel between the past and the present; between now and whatever. A tunnel between the one you were and the one you might become; through 8-bits and chiclets and chicky bits. A tunnel between Fela Kuti and Electronic Body Music. One beat from the future. 

WARP ZONE is also MODESTIJ’s third single in as many month, a truly cool one.





WeCD 366 / MP3 / Release: 2015-07-01

”Invincible” is the fourth single from Swedish pop singer Sanna Stuardo. The song itself is an electro pop pearl with an engaging, bold verse and a considerable strong chorus mainly coloured by suggestive falsetto song. It’s written by Sanna and the Producer and musical collaborator Hannes Lundberg. So indeed, play ”Invincible” and enjoy!


01. Invincible


Burn Again

WeCD 365 / MP3 / Release: 2015-06-17

The second single from Joel Nunez. Joel who all of a sudden took his pick and pack and moved across the sea, and ended up in the northern city Skellefteå. Well here he hooked up with different kind of people and all of a sudden he was in a recordning studio. The result is, among other songs, this cool summer song called “Burn Again”. Certainly hope you like it.

The song itself is a mix between Rock/Reggae/Ska-punk, a style that Joel remembered from his High School days when he played more drums than guitar… It was an intense but small period in my life, still certain elements remained, explains Joel. I absolutely love this genre, and this is the third song I have written in this style. It reminds me of that song from No Doubt, “UNDERNEATH IT ALL” and ”RUDE” from Magic. But I DID NOT use these songs as an inspiration, the inspiration comes from the groove. This slow sexy beat is seductive and the skunk guitar gave way to the lyrics. I thought about the girls in the club that come up to me dancing my way and acting very suggestive. I tell them that I can’t make them feel the way my music does, but I would be lying, so i wrote it in a song, says Joel.

The process of this song started when Joel recorded a full version on Garageband in his computer. There he was able to focus on the guitar parts, and the harmonies, which took the chorus to another level. Joel also think he was lucky going into the real studio with no producer, it was just him and the engineer Fred. But let us also explain that Fred’s work was very helpful, he saw things that Joel didn’t see. He also suggested re-arranging some parts and it completely worked. At last, so that no misunderstandings appear, Joel played and sang everything except the drums. It took him two days to record the song and one day to mix it.


Burn Again



WeCD 364 / MP3 / Release: 2015-06-08

THE SHAKES is the chillin insight that you did something wrong. That you brought it on yourself somehow. That it’s a part of you who did it, that you don’t know that well.

THE SHAKES is also the new single from MODESITJ, the second in what will become a flow of songs which will be released on regular basis




The Show Goes On

WeCD 363 / MP3 / Release: 2015-05-29

The boys are back !!! 2008-2009 was the year when The High Fives went from a small band in Katrineholm to be one of the most promising pop acts in Sweden.
Their energetic power-pop hit the indie Sweden with a freshness and an obvious rare luxury. They played live around Sweden, festivalsradio, TV, but in the end of 2009, they unfortunately had to take a break, studies and adult life showed its face

In other words, the band has been dormant for five years, but last winter the guys went into a studio and recorded some songs. First out is the single “The Show Goes On.”

And as the observant can note, the musical climate has changed over the yearsit has not The High Fives.


01 The Show Goes On

02 I Should Have Killed Myself Last Time You Said I Love You


Hisingen sunset

Buf.s 84 / MP3 / Release: 2015-05-25

High mountain was formed in December 2014 and shortly afterwards they released their debut single ”Under blåa bergens kant” (Under the blue mountains edge), which subsequently was used in connection with SM-week (Swedish national winter championship) in their hometown Örebro. Since then, the band has continued to work with the ambition to write beautiful and great pop songs, sad but life-affirming. ”Hisingen sunset” is first and foremost a song about being in love. Specifically, to be alone in a hotel far from his sweetheart, try to concentrate on what should be done while the brain spinner heart beats, settle down with some great songs and a cigarette through the window while the sun sets over the Göta River.

In other words, this is the second single from the Örebro trio Höga Berget, a truly magnificent and grandiose pop tune “Hisingen sunset”.

01 Hisingen sunset



WeCD 362 / MP3 / Release: 2015-05-11

Kataokas (a seven-piece band from Gothenburg) would like to describe their music as folk music with inclination towards pop. They have been compared to Mumford and Sons and Monsters of Men, but even with such an odd figure as Nick Cave. This is their first full length album after their self-titled EP “Kataokas”, which was released in 2013.
“Anthesis” contains ten tracks and a personal favorite is “Someone”.
Maybe you can find someone that suits your taste.


01 Bad Time to Die

02 Short of Target

03 PRC

04 Someone

05 I Don't Love You Anymore

06 17 Names

07 Oblivion

08 You'll Never Find Love

09 Dedication Song

10 She Never Even Looked In Your Eyes


Bad Time to Die

WeCD 361 / MP3 / Release: 2015-04-30
Now it’s time for Kataokas (Gothenburg) new release, a kind of sad sentimental single, “Bad Time to Die”, taken from their forthcoming debut album “Anthesis”. 
“Bad Time to Die” was written by Kalle (songwriter) when a friend’s wife died of cancer and left the couple’s one-year child behind. The image of the child creeping and crawling around the coffin at the funeral will forever be etched on his mind. 
The track itself is a up-tempo song, how terrible memories may be. For there will always be a ”Bad Time do Die”.

01. Bad Time to Die



WeCD 360 / MP3 / Release: 2015-04-28
Let us proudly present MODESTIJ’s debut under his own name: COLD LOVE.
COLD LOVE = a cold war between two people who really love each other. Dedicated to everyone that’s ever been stuck in a loop between breakup and sex
COLD LOVE mixes Roxy Music’s dark and beautiful lyrics with Grace Jones & Prince dance beats. 





If We Try

WeCD 359 / MP3 / Release: 2015-04-13

Let us proudly present to you our first release from Miami raised – JOEL NÚÑEZ. Joel, who has been performing non-stop since December 2012, has travelled around the globe and ended up in the northern city Skellefteå.

Here he started to collaborate with all kinds of people he hooked up with. Now, around ten months later, after performing live both here and there as well as working with kids and their musical skills, has he now recorded a couple of tracks of which this one is the first one to be released. It’s a beautiful pop/rock song called ”If We Try”.

The song itself is about a girl Joel met while working on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. She was, of course, beautiful with big green eyes. In fact she was on the verge of moving to Miami with him, but he ended up falling in love with somebody else… Sweden. So he had to make a decision between going back to Miami or take his chances here in Sweden. And as you probably understand by now, he decided to take his chances here in Sweden, with new friends and for the love of music.

Last thing he heard from her was when they got into an argument on Skype and she hung up on him. Unfriended him on Facebook and lost contact. Instead he wrote this song about her, because he still remembers everything they went through…


01. If We Try (radio edit)

02. If We Try



WeCD 358 / MP3 / Release: 2015-04-01

Lars Ludvig Löfgren’s new EP titled July tells you stories of crime of passion, a trip to Luleå, and why Paris still attracts people. Four songs recorded live in 2015 together with childhood friend Kristoffer Bolander (Holmes). Those of you who first fell in love with his Swervedriver sound in 2009 must be prepared for piano hymns à la Twin Peaks and Alice Boman, since it’s what he’s up for to this time around. Never the less it’s all great beautiful stuff if you ask us.

01 July 02 Cicerone 03 Paris 2014 04 Crime Passionnel


Buf.s 83 / MP3 / Release: 2015-03-09

A 70s fragrant single with a heavy groove, that’s how you would describe Duellens new single “Fågeln” (The Bird). The song is a nagging sensation of something that is buried inside a childhoods deepest darkness, a feeling stubbornly pushing itself through into adulthood and without relieving or explaining anything, Just reminding you that nothing can be forgotten completely. The cover, a metal bird created by artist Anna Nordstrom gives a hint of darkness and skewness of the song. Recorded and produced by Kjell Nästén in Studio Blue Too (Skelleftea).


01. Fågeln


Under Blåa Bergens Kant

Buf.s 82 / MP3 / Release: 2015-02-03

This is Höga Berget’s debut, a trio from Örebro consisting of brothers Alexander and Mattias Nätterlund together with Mikael Jinneskog. They have previously worked together in different constellations quite successfully. Among other things, they stand behind both ÖSK’s and Örebro Hockey’s entrance songs. But now it’s time for their new project, Höga Berget, to kick start with this lovely “Under Blåa Bergens Kant” (The Blue Edge of Mountains). A song which can be said to be beautiful and thoughtful. And just so you know, they’re working on more material.


01. Under Blåa Bergens Kant


Never Feel Alright

WeCD 357 / MP3 / Release: 2015-01-19

“Never Feel Alright” is the third single from Swedish pop singer Sanna Stuardo. The song is an electro pop gem with a strong chorus and considerable depth and gravity. A single who is recorded, produced and written by Hannes Lundberg (EKO/Le Kid) and David Ahlström.


01. Never Feel Alright


Killing Time

WeCD 356 / MP3 / Release: 2014-12-29

It was Thursday & I had just received an odd-looking package in the mail. I could tell by the stamps that it was sent from Nicaragua & this had me a tad confused – I hadn’t been down that way since the early 80s, most of the people I knew there were either dead & buried, in jail or lost in a witness program, excepting a few peyotls, who perhaps might still linger around earth, but only technically speaking – their bodies in caves, their minds in parallelograms & me up here at the farm freakin’ freely with 1000s of miles between us. Well, yeah, you can see how this actually got me kinda scared – there was a reason for me leaving ol’ Nica never to return again & I now feared that this reason might be a-knockin’ on my door.

I decided to cut the package open anyway, by sticking my knife through it like it was the heart of the beast. And what do you know – all that was to be found in there was a scratchy cdr & a note from Pet, both drenched in the foul smell of rum & jungle debris. The fact that the note was slit in half – I keep my knives sharp, buddy – didn’t make it any easier to read, but I could make out the gist of it anyway. Apparently Pet was – maybe still is – on tour in some God-forsaken part of the country & how that happened he didn’t bother telling me. But dude, Nicaragua ain’t the place to go for rock n’ roll. Anyway, a tour it was, bad vibes in the band too, drummer lost in a fishing accident, bass player trippin’ on religion & Pet himself so obviously out of it that the rum stains on the paper mixed with what I presumed to be traces of tears & the whole shebang was signed with a simple “P” written less-than-proudly in blood.

What happens in Nicaragua stays in Ecudaor, so I won’t go into great details here, but had I had a chance to listen to the cdr before Pet & buddies left, I’d perhaps have adviced against it – “Killing Time” really isn’t a feel-good song, y’know? There’s darkness in there, a mind collapsing & a guitar that’s echoing the cries of the underworld as it comes to pieces. Sounds like fun, right?

But time moves to crazy beats & in shadowy manners & now it’s Tuesday & just as I was typing this crap, the phone rang & lo & behold if it wasn’t Pet through lines straight from the other side of this life. I couldn’t make out much more than a faintly whispered ‘help… you gotta help me’ before silence shattered my brain. Hell, bro, what you up to? Try calling me again, should you see this – I’m in a pretty lousy state myself, but I’ll do my best to help you out if I can. Maybe get in touch with a church or something – bass buddy should know the way? You’re a strong dude – you’ll get out of this, just keep your eyes on the river & your head in the trees. There’s an ancient song in there, it’ll keep you movin’ till you reach the other shore. Stay half-away from the blood-stained mountains, let the summer bones dry your eyes.


Your friend,



(B.C. Wolff drags his head behind him & moves through the clouds with grace – he sings of the valleys & paints horses that stays… behind the stable amongst the ashes of days.)



01 Killing Time


Att tänka på sig själv

Buf.s 81 / MP3 / Release: 2014-12-22

Here you have the new popsong from Karl Fredrik Mattsson, the self-critical “Att tänka på sig själv” (To think of himself). In other words is this futher one new stone to add to his ten-year pop project, which means a new song each and every year. This is the eighth out of ten and it’s called “Att tänka på sig själv” (To think of himself). As usual it is produced by Andreas Mattsson.



01. Att tänka på sig själv



Buf.s 80 / CD / Release: 2014-11-25

A short text about the song;

“4 a.m, the words get too big for sure, especially for someone who can loose it all..”

Introducing the new “Rickard & Juvelerna” single “Havanna-himmel” (Havana skies).

A story about staying yet leaving. About losing yourself, and there bye winning something else.

A happy wish, an invitation.

To take that broken heart and throw it towards life itself.

To seek that great adventure in the small things just around the corner.

To take a stare at the sun, dance, scream and make a stand for what you believe in.

To let even the smallest happiness be a band aid kit for your worries and unfortune.

To never die before you have lived.


Or as Anders Wedin (Moneybrother) expresses it all;

“Richard and his old band Waterbug struck like lightning in front of me on Emmabodafestivalen -92. There was speculation whether they or Kent would be the next big thing.”

Now, quite a few years later, Rickard is back with their new, young, hungry, jewels.

Anders Wendin again:

”The image I carry with me by Rickard is the one I saw -92. Tough attitude and disrespect towards what everyone else was doing. Maybe that was why he took a 15 year break from the music. I’m so glad he’s back with this cruel damn song”

So to one and all, listen to this catchy GBG-tune, it’s well worth it.


01. Havanna-himmel


Burning floors

WeCD 355 / MP3 / Release: 2014-10-29

”Burning floors” is a new and superb song from Alexia Enberg, a song that I personally like a lot. A song that has a great sense and an underlying feeling that everything is not quite right. The music is dark, and the voice is both fragile and vulnerable, all together it’s a fantastic combination.

And by the way, this is what the songwriter her self has to say about the song; ”Burning floors” was written in the middle of the night when I was half-drunk on anxiety and alcohol on a park bench in Oslo. With the guitar in his arms and an unstable relationship that was the only solution is to write everything down on paper and the composer of the song. I did not care so much how it sounded in that moment when I just wanted to avoid feeling but when the next day I recorded it at home, I could not stop playing or listening to it. Even today, I can listen to it and feel the pain from the relationship alleviated. I love the song even though it is I who have written it.”

In other words, if you have the heart on the right side, then listen to “Burning floors” it’s well worth it.


01. Burning floors


Groovers’ Maneuvers

WeCD 354 / CD / Release: 2014-09-03

During the past few years Albatross, from Gothenburg, have made themselves a name by backing musicians from some of Sweden’s most successful bands. With the release of the EP ”Disco Blues” they showed that they could at least do as good on their own. A year ago, in the summer of 2013, they moved out into the woods to record their debut album, Groovers’ Maneuvers, using tape machines and all analog equipment. Albatross is a band who really loves playing live, so it was a matter of course to record all instruments at once to best capture the feeling of a live show on tape. Catchy choruses and hypnotic vocals mixed with wobbly organs, huge echoes and extended jams makes this nine song record a psychedelic trip.


01. Set Me Free

02. All I Do Is Wait

03. Keep Me Sane, Keep Me Company

04. Take Me

05. It's Alright/It's a Ride

06. I Don't Know

07. So Long

08. Moving on Down the Lane

09.  When the Sun Goes Down



WeCD 353 / MP3 / Release: 2014-08-20

Who’s she missing? What happened? The song ”Unsure” is the second single from Sanna Stuardo. A melancholy pop song about caring and longing for missing loved ones. Despite the song title we’re pretty sure it’s gonna stick to you!



01 Unsure


Tuggummi & sommarregn

Buf.s 79 / MP3 / Release: 2014-07-15

”Tuggummi & sommarregn” (Gum and summer rain) is a truly catchy punk /pop history that smells Dire Straits, The Clash and Bruce Springsteen, at least if one is to believe the songwriter himself.

Sudden love that sticks like a chewing gum. Something to dance to when the summer rain falls.

In any case, this is Lars Ludvig Löfgren’s brand new single, a song that exudes positive vibes. A song that makes you smile, that wish out into the fresh air, to the meadow where low over there. This is ”Tuggummi & sommarregn”. A hit.


1 Tuggummi & sommarregn


Madeleine på broplatsen

Buf.s 78 / MP3 / Release: 2014-07-02

A promise for that special date with that special girl turns out to become a complete defeat.

New haircut, new boots, a package of stolen cigarettes in the pocket and yet no sight of Madeleine.

Last tram leaves, rain falling on dirty concrete.

Long sad walk home, alone.


A wish for a rematch, years later.

Madeleine on broplatsen lingers like an echo.


This is Rickard and Juvelernas new single, it is a low-key acoustic summer single for the ones who dare to dream. It’s also a farewell and a waiting for something new.


Madeleine på broplatsen



Buf.s 77 / MP3 / Release: 2014-06-23

This is the new release from the Uppsala and Stockholm-based quintet DUELLEN. The title track of this new two-track single, “Vimmel” (Mingle), is a three minutes song of intense fear, desire, confidence and love. Pop that comes from the heart is the best pop and although the “Vimmel” comes from a dark chamber, they land good a warm summer night.

The second track “På väg” (On the Road) is a calmer song. Perhaps as close as DUELLEN ever will get to a ballad. Beautiful quiet, as a summer rain.



01. Vimmel

02. På väg


Som en höstdroppe genom natten

Buf.s 75 / MP3 / Release: 2014-06-16

Hassle, we hate hassle. The reality is hard enough så why make it even more difficult? To be a dreamer is more amusing, to be naiv is more amusing, even though honesty is indeed important to us. Thats why we don’t use parabels, for if you´re a dreamer you should’t have to cover up things in difficult beautiful metaphors. The words are already perfect and although they are straight and sordid, they are dancing on only three or four chords to the rhythm of our heartbeats. In our music there is no hassle, there is only honesty.

Above all this Hösdroppar are also a duet from Örebro in the middle of Sweden and this is their magnificent debut EP ”Som en höstdroppe genom natten” (As a fall drop through the night).


01 Fallen

02 Presidenten

03 Död och himlar

04 Kanske lär jag mig någonting om mig själv

05 Som en höstdroppe genom natten



BUF 76 / MP3 / Release: 2014-06-10

Drömmaskinen, the new album by songwriter David Josephson, is in more than one sense a “machine of dreams” as the title implies. If the title can be regarded as a metaphor for the protagonist ́s unworldly head – where the dream world seems to exist at the expense of reality – each song is in itself a result of this dreaming. They offer a glimpse of “the other life” that may, or may not, be possible to reach in reality. But giving up this quest is surely one way of dying. Or maybe just growing up? Either way, to lose oneself in songs is not a criminal act and the music here presented is filled with capturing melodies, atmospheric soundscapes and lyrics that surely will make you want to fight for a beautiful life – despite the songs of defeat. Sounds romantic? Well, it is.

And by the way, if you are interested to check out the video, the image set to “Oavslutade liv” (Unfinished Life), use this link:


01 När tiden har blivit vårt hem

02 Nerver & hjärta

03 Moln på vift

04 Oavslutade liv

05 Svit no. 5

06 Kollwitz Promenade

07 Kanaldagar

08 Tvivlarens tal

09 Drömmaskinen

10 Glömskans sång


Silent Panic

WeCD 352 / CD / Release: 2014-06-03

Sanna Stuardo’s – grew up in Skelleftea, now lives in Uppsala – single debut Silent Panic is a direct and dynamic pop song about love’s constantly balancing between the general human and manic. The symptoms in Silent Panic has sung since time immemorial. And if this could be a new formula that can cure them, we do not know. Probably on the contrary, as it is a cruel infectious pop song.


01. Silent Panic


Dansa Fredrik Reinfeldt

Buf.s 74 / MP3 / Release: 2014-05-27

A proclamation from the Great Leader

Comrades, citizens, brothers and sisters!

The great leader want the entire Swedish population , indeed the whole world to partake of the joy that only The great leader can spread . The great leader loves namely the entire Swedish population , indeed the entire world population , without conditions and without requiring the same way that all citizens love The great leader . The great leader is the most delicious of battle stallions and you want all people to sing and dance to the tune of Dancing Fredrik Reinfeldt , the new miracle anthem. The great leader finds it finally makes sense to pass on their grandiose and life-changing ideas in a new song and dance number, in the same vein as the previous world successes, The Twist , The Mashed Potato , The Hokey Pokey , The Loco – Motion, YMCA, Lambada , Macarena, The Birdie Song and the Harlem Shake. The great leader urges all citizens of the world to listen to and swing your hips to the innovative super dance. The great leader has leaned on and been inspired by their German friends in Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft , for everyone to experience the ecstasy that only the great leader can convey. The great leader would like to humbly share the honor of this showpiece with its proud alliance : The great banker , the great people -former, The Swedish Iron Lady and St George . The great leader does not want to belittle their friends’ efforts , but want the whole world to see and experience how talented even his aides and allies are . The great leader wants to Dancing Fredrik Reinfeldt to all brothers and sisters to follow the rhythm , feel the pulse and sing along in the century song and dance numbers.

The humble friend and guide of the people

The Great Leader



PS. Please check out our great video by using this link:  DS.


01 Dansa Fredrik Reinfeldt


Save me

WeCD 351 / MP3 / Release: 2014-05-22

Alexia Enberg sweat with White Stripes and cries together with Glasvegas in her new song Save me. This with a voice and lyrics to get any heart to beat harder. This is music without pretensions and clichés. This is the strength and vulnerability. This is rock’n’roll and passion. While pensive and bittersweet.



01 Save me


Tropiska Hav

Buf.s 73 / MP3 / Release: 2014-05-21

Tropiska hav is Lars Ludvig Löfgrens (Affordable hybrid, Double Trouble) first single in Swedish. It’s a punk/indie-pop song with lyrics that’ll most likely appeal fans of Kjell Höglund. Löfgren doesn’t give to much information in his lyrics, more likely he welcomes the listener to imagine the feeling of being on the road. Anyway, this is by no doubt a great single for all you indie-pop lovers.


01 Tropiska Hav


That’s What Our Country’s All About

BTCD 13 / CD / Release: 2014-05-06

Ben Carbine And The 18 Wheelers are once again back with a great country tune. The new single, ”That´s what our country´s all about”, is a song that instantly makes you happy and who perfectly describes the feeling you get at 5 o´clock on a pay day. The song is mixed and recorded at Studio Blue Too by producer Kjell Nästén.


01 That's What Our Country's All About


Moln på vift

Buf.s 72 / MP3 / Release: 2014-04-29

“Moln på vift” (Cloud astray) is a new single from David Josephson taken from the soon to be released album Drömmaskinen. It ́s another melodic pop-song full of hooks, time changes and a classic sailor choir taking over in the chorus. The lyrics, which are humorous and serious at the same time, portrays the narrators inability to take the steering wheel of his life and instead letting other people or situations do the work for him. Leading to the, not entirely unpleasant, sense of being like a cloud astray. Not being able to say no might bring you to some interesting situations, but it ́s at the cost of one ́s dignity.!


1. Moln på vift


Evil Mind

WeCD 350 / MP3 / Release: 2014-03-31

Pretty weird how these things happen – just a corner from midnight I was tryin’ to groove along to a rainy day mushroom pillow with my ol’ skin n’ bones banjo that I built outta roadkill, but I wasn’t nailin’ it, too much headspace taken up by the blues. And while this was goin’ on, somethin’ else was goin’ on too, I was vibin’ like you wouldn’t believe! Must be the doors of perception… or the keys… or the blues… in any event the key was in the blues that was in the ether. Good ol’ buddy Pet had been feelin’ the blues too, to the extent that he wrote a song about it, recorded it with the usual hoodlums – whom I suspect are just a wee bit bluesy themselves, this is after all the wild Northland, the glacial east coast & the time is winter sorrow – with a guitar that’s endless in its callin’ out to the howlin’ wind, a vocal that comes from within n’ it ain’t goin’ nowhere else either, a vibe that came out here to the farm when I was in need of it & even if it’s an Evil Mind, so what – on a good day Pet even looks like a frost rippled La Vey. All I can say is this: the song’s damn short but it takes me places. If more music was like this, I wouldn’t have to make my own.


B.C. Wolff

(B.C. Wolff is a hoedowner, a hideouter & a going-down-the-road-feelin’-bad boho hoboer. He stakes out claims, digs skulls n’ chains & grows scarlet ribbons in autumn rains.)


01 Evil Mind


Nothing is more beautiful than a dream/Word travels fast

WeCD 349 / MP3 / Release: 2014-02-26

“Nothing is more beautiful than a dream/Word travels fast” is Lars Ludvig Löfgrens new single. Two great songs in which the first is about people who give up their dreams after they’ve reached a certain age. It’s also about the importance of having dreams, small ones and big ones. It should also be mentioned that ”Nothing is more beautiful than a dream” is a new edit of a song taken from his last and very catch album ”Suger hill”.

The other song is a superb new track which hits you right between the eyes. “Word travels fast” is actually a catchy boogie-woogie song in the veins of Creedence and it’s basically about rumors.

So please check out the new and brilliant single from Lars Ludvig Löfgren, I promise, it´s worth it.


01 Nothing is more beautiful than a dream

02 Word travels fast



Buf.s 71 / MP3 / Release: 2014-02-04

The first single from the upcoming album by Berlin resident David Josephson is the title track ”Drömmaskinen”. It’s an upbeat indie pop/rock gem that offers a catchy melody over a rhythmic beat along with jangling electric guitars and pulsating synthesizers. And it tells the story – and the inevitable defeats – of a hopeless dreamer and the vain quest for beauty, fulfillment and maybe even success. And it’s a tale of two cities.


01 Drömmaskinen (radio edit)

02 Drömmaskinen (original)


For you

WeCD 348 / MP3 / Release: 2014-01-22

The debut singel “For you” by Gothenburg based Alexia Enberg forces you into a dark, vulnerable and honest place within yourself. The naked, crying and vibrating synth with Alexia´s vocal would make anybody´s heart beat faster, it makes you feel that she is singing just for you. When the choros sets in/takes over the expressions and melodies intertwine and punch you in the stomach leaving you bewildered trying to gasp for air.

“For you” is not just a love song it is a song that you wish you had a written.


01 For you (radio edit)

02 For you (original)


Svart som natten

Buf.s 70 / MP3 / Release: 2013-12-03

Everything ended on a winter’s day. So many things we had left to do. Lie down for a little while. If you’ll talk, I’ll listen. If there’s sorrow in you, there’s sorrow in me. I’m still not sure about that place above, but if it’s there we’ll meet again. Thanks for everything.

Black as night is a treacherous friend. Cold as ice the missing is. Loneliness is everything you have left. They say that time heals all wounds, but I do not ask how you feel. It may take whatever time it needs to take, before anything can be good again.

Popterrors new single “Svart som natten” (Black as night) was recorded with Henrik Oja at Second Home in Umeå 2013.


01 Svart som natten



Buf.s 69 / CD / Release: 2013-11-12


KFM stands for Karl Fredrik Mattsson – one of Sweden’s most mythical artists. Besides making fake coins that fool media and claims that the Swedish King is a ”Whoremaster King”, KFM also creates great pop music!

This year’s single is called Mardrömmar (Nightmares) and is about the uneasy feeling of not understanding one self, not being able to explain ones emotions or behaviour.

Mardrömmar is produced by KFM’s older brother Andreas Mattsson and is the seventh single in the KFM musical project that will run for 10 years. After 10 years/10 songs all the singles will end up on an album.

So turn up the volume and enjoy the ride!


Karl Fredrik Mattsson: vocals, acoustic guitar

Daniel Bengtson: bass guitar

Niklas Korssell: drums, percussion

Leo Holmberg: solo guitars

Andreas Mattsson: electric guitars, piano Frida Winlöf: trumpet


Andreas Mattsson

Cocer design:

Petter Ödeen

Link to the video for “Mardrömmar”:


01 Mardrömmar


Wasted Time

WeCD 347 / MP3 / Release: 2013-10-15

Mister Foreman’s home base is Luleå, way up north in Sweden. But the Album Wasted Time is recorded in Berlin together with Boris Wilsdorf (who works with Einstürzende Neubauten) in AndereBaustelle Tonstudio.

During the periods of recording, Bob and Henry lived at Leopldplatz in the district of Wedding, and they do now understand just how much those neighborhoods affected the album.

Mister Foreman call their music The Blues. Probably not many others would agree on that. But for Bob & Henry everything started with brutal, electronic Blues. Listen to their first single ”Mr Foreman” (released under the name The Blues) and you will understand.

Wasted Time is an album with songs about sadness, love, alienation and fighting spirit. It’s an album about the lives of Bob and Henry and maybe the rest of us.

It’s The blues.



01 Wasted Time

02 Tears

03 Hard Feelings

04 Country

05 Rainy

06 Everything

07 No One

08 Can't Sleep

09 Don't Cry


Sugar Hill

WeCD 346 / MP3 / Release: 2013-10-09

This is Lars Ludvig Löfgren’s new album, a sparkling pop-album which contains 10 songs about what you might see, hear or experience. An album that has taken quite some time to get out, but finally it’s here. The recording process, for instance, has involved three different studios in two different countries (Sweden and Canada).

The opening track “Valentine” has made into the radio, but to be totally honest, there are more goodies on “Sugar Hill”. Snappy songs like “Love Boat” and “You Lie Down With Dogs And You Get Up With Fleas” share space with more laid-back tracks like “Kasparov & Karpov” and “I Can’t Forget Or Remember”.


01. Valentine

02. Early Bird

03. Love Boat

04. You Lie Down With Dogs and You Get Up With Fleas

05. Nothing is More Beautiful Than a Dream

06. Don't Be a Pussy

07. Kasparov & Karpov

08. Berlin

09. Isolation Pay

10. I Can't Forget or Remember



Buf.s 68 / CD / Release: 2013-10-08

Glashus, written by Sara Tahmirpour (Sara Yasmine), produced by Anders Lagerfors, is a stringbased, intimate story about the vulnerability that can be revealed in the close meeting between two people. It’s a story about longing and lust, but also about the fear of being near. The song treats the small and the big in life, the everyday and the existential, and takes the listener on a journey whose echo will ring long after the last notes has faded out.


01 Glashus



Buf.s 67 / MP3 / Release: 2013-10-01

Popterror’s new song “Skogsbilväg” is about that feeling of the road just outside your window leading to freedom, and that life is waiting for you just around the bend. It might seem nostalgic, but could you really do anything else than long for a time when that road through the woods represented hope, and wasn’t yet more proof that our future is slowly but surely being chopped to pieces, sold out and sent away somewhere else.

Popterror 2013 is Jocke Lindquist, Emil Jonsson, Jens Andersson, Robin Ejnebrand, Sven Norman och Simon Österhof


01 Skogsbilväg


Rows of Houses

WeCD 345 / CD / Release: 2013-09-25

These songs were arranged and partly recorded while watching the beautiful sunrises and sunsets at a summer cottage by the shore of a hidden sacred lake. If you listen close you can almost hear the swans taking off from the bank of the lake. Or maybe you can hear five sweaty guys laughing their heads off in the sauna.

Anyway, this might be the most complexed record from Penniless so far. The album is made of slowed down sadness, speeded up aggression, hopelessness, hopefulness, daydreams, bad dreams, flowers, blood, humor, tears, laughter, friendship, love, fears and joy.

And beyond all this, the famous Penniless sound sweeps in and take control of it all.


01 Are You Talking to Me?

02 My Imaginary Friends

03 Times Are Rough

04 Harbour Lights

05 Story & Rhyme

06 The Easy Way Out

07 A Walk Through The Crowds

08 … And This I Know For Sure

09 Empty Busses

10 Downtown



Ekande Farväl

Buf.s 66 / MP3 / Release: 2013-09-17

There is a red line between all three tracks on the new Hillevi release. And the red line is hope.

Hope of tomorrow, hope for change, hope for simplicity and hope of self-perception

“Ekande Farväl” is the first track and is originally an old text that was written in a gloomy existence. Now with a few years on the back they picked it up once again, now with new eyes and new self-esteem. It’s a quite dark song about being left behind and not believe in yourself. With happy melodies and with hope of tomorrow, it’s song of revenge.

“Hjärtats Håll” (Heart Distance), the second song, nearly speaks for it self within the title. No need to search for love and happiness when you most of the time find it right before your eyes. Be happy for what you got instead of be sad for what you don’t got. With other words hope for a change.

“Abstrakt Fantasi” is like punching yourself in the face. You’re talking about not having biases of other people and that you always knows the best and how everything should be. Soul-searching is needed in most of the cases and you should realize that you don’t always is unbiased, even if you wish. Hope for self-perception.

 So welcome to three new songs from Hillevi, a band that mixes rock/pop with punk attitude and half an ounce of traditional swedish progg.


01 Ekande Farväl

02 Hjärtats Håll

03 Abstrakt Fantasi



BUF. 65 / MP3 / Release: 2013-09-10

Tusenbröder – A journey to the local nightclub in a northern swedish mining town.

Tusenbröders debut album Tribaler is a combination of the sounds of electronic music and songwriting that draws inspiration from the folkmusic of northern sweden. Synthezisers and beats converges with stories of a journey to the local nightclub in a northern Swedish mining town.

Johan Airijoki has made a name for himself as a guitarist and songwriter in the celebrated indiefolk band Väärt. Together with Nils Rinnefeldt, Dj, miner, and producer behind the club koncept Sound of Gällivare, they’ve created some kind of naive soulful electro-pop in their own way, in there own studio located in Gällivare Lappland.


01 Tysken

02 Blodstensverket

03 Isbrytarn

04 Delirium

05 Inlandet

06 Under Radar

07 Knappen

08 Vanedjuret

09 1996



WeCD 344 / MP3 / Release: 2013-09-03

“Valentine” is the new and second single from Lars Ludvig Löfgren’s upcoming album “Sugar Hill”. It’s also one out of two songs that wasn’t recorded in Studio Cobra (SE). In fact was “Valentine” recorded and mixed by Jonas Westin at Bacill Studios (SE) and mastered by Kjell Nästen at Rumble Road (SE). “Valentine” is a 3:17 long story that deals with love that can’t live, neither die. It’s simply a beautiful pop-song that that echoes good vibration, as another famous musician would have said.


01 Valentine



Buf.s 64 / MP3 / Release: 2013-08-13

Johan Airijoki, guitarist and song writer of the celebrated indefolk band Väärt, has together with fellow Nils Rinnefeldt, Dj, miner, and producer behind the club concept Sound of Gällivre, created some kind of soulful elektro-pop in their own way at their own studio, located in Gällivare Lappland. The band is called Tusenbröder and their debut album “Tribaler” is scheduled to be released in mid September.

In other words, this is the first single ever from Tusenbröder, a single called “Inlandet. “Inlandet” is indeed a love song with the northern taiga as a backdrop. With a minimalistic and naive sound Tusenbröder meets the the listeners where the soundscape of the eighties coverages with a local Swedish lapplandish expressions.




01 Inlandet


Shaking to the Bone

WeCD 343 / CDEP / Release: 2013-07-09

‘Twas in the town of Jacksboro, in the year of ’33, when a man by the name of Cradle came steppin’ up to me. He said ‘how do you do young fella n’ how would you like to go spend the summer pleasant on the range of the buffalo?’.

Ah, sorry ’bout that – blame it on the blazin’ wood stove gettin’ my bread done while also takin’ the noon heat into an all-time-high. Anyway, this was s’posed to be ’bout Sentimental Pet & the year is now, the town non-existant & Pet didn’t step up to me, but got me on the phone, sayin’ ‘you up for writin’ notes?’.

At that time I hadn’t yet heard these songs, at least not in their current shape & form, so I asked him what they sounded like – his reply was a rather lame ‘guitar-based, classy rock’. Well, son, that ain’t cuttin’ it & I ain’t usin’ it. Here’s the thing: I’ve known Pet for a very long time, but he’s still quite the enigma & not least so with a guitar in hand. His songs ain’t revealing much of this though, as they seem to come straight from the heart & that’s a place where few enigmas ever have resided; instead, please look at them from afar, dwell a bit on that one note hangin’ loose n’ free in the northern sky & see if it’s not gettin’ to you in slight & mysterious ways – only to once again elude you when you thought you knew just what it was all about. See, normally an enigma comes with an answer, but Sentimental Pet is an answer that comes with an enigma & that’s a world of difference, wouldn’t you say?

That’s where the music of Sentimental Pet is comin’ from& he’s now, at long last & along with his merry comrades at the rhythmic end, bringin’ some of this music – guitar-based & classy! – to you, whoever you, are… child of the burnin’ star.

Well, I gotta get back to my bread here, so see ya later folks. Hey Pet – how about sharin’ that story where you claimed to have been climbin’ a mountain, when the truth was that you’d been wakin’ up on top of a chimney? Go, God of the guitar.


B.C. Wolff

(B.C Wolff is a cat caravan, a dreamer of skies & a cowboy of lies – he sings of the unknown & the wisdom of bones)



01 Shaking to the Bone

02 Blue, Blue, Blue

03 Rock n´roll Stole My Soul (only on the physical release)



Buf.s 63 / MP3 / Release: 2013-07-02

Duellen’s new single “Sysslomansgatan” echoes heavily in the head of the listener, like a hangover from hell. The theme revolves around a street where people desperately refuse to go home after a night out. But who wants to be alone?

With its beautiful harmonies and a brilliant arrangement, Duellen’s third single is an ethereal and suggestive pop song. And to be totally honest, this is by far their best release yet, no doubt about it.


01 Sysslomansgatan



WeCD 342 / MP3 / Release: 2013-06-25

Pajala Truck Co makes music that tell beautiful stories from there neighborhood, and this has made them slowly winning over more and more music hearts in Scandinavia, and even in the United States. They now continue on this well planned path.

Their new song is called Pluto, and is in all aspects about the deepest love between two friends raised on the total periphery. Far away from the real world, far from the first neon-lite nightclubs and an eternity away from romantic walks in cities of vibrant life.

The song is about two girls who together met their first years as very young adults in a small village, Kitkiöjärvi, in northern Pajala in the early1950s. After the midnight sun illuminated at night they lay in the grass out at the lake shore fantasizing about what life is like in other places, about how beautiful boys and men woo them and about the adventures that must await them when they become adults and take on this distant world.

Above all, Pluto is about looking back, about longing back.


01 Pluto


Sounds of Dalsland

WeCD 341 / MP3 / Release: 2013-06-18

In late autumn 2012 Treehugger (Kristoffer Emanuelsson) spent three intense days and nights in Vintage Loft Studio, located in a 200 years old barn, way out on the country side. Together with the talented indie-producer/musician Anders Rane, a warm, organic and earthy sound was created, tailored to fit Treehuggers melodies and lyrics. An important reference was the sound and feel of Nick Drake’s Pink Moon album. The EP is also imbued with nature- and forest sounds recorded in the beautiful woods of Dalsland, which helps create a calm, comforting but also melancholic feel to it .

The result, “Sounds Of Dalsland” is acoustic indie folk where each song is a story, clearly influenced by genres as folk, blues and singersongwriter music, but also developed into something unique and original.


01 Treehouse Hymn

02 Less Than It Is

03 The Answer

04 Gwen

05 Wind Wood And Water

06 Maneater (Bonus Track)


Juninatten (så som du tänkte den)

Buf.s 62 / MP3 / Release: 2013-06-11

Put on your summer shoes, your sweetest dress, unbutton that shirt and dance through the streets of the town. It’s June and the pavement is warm.

The hopes are set to the glimmering sea and the newly awoke summer. Kick starting worn winter hearts. Lifting your senses and the seagulls from the ridges.

Rickard och Juvelerna is damn proud to presents their new single “Juninatten(så som du tänkte den)”.

 And the fact is; that one day the boys and the girls have to grow up. But that day is not today. Now it´s June.



Juninatten (så som du tänkte den)



WeCD 340 / MP3 / Release: 2013-06-04






I Can’t Forget or Remember (single edit)

WeCD 339 / CD / Release: 2013-05-28

With echoes from great pop acts like The Only Ones Lars Ludvig Löfgren takes his smoking pets on a new journey. Last time around they did more than quite well with a release and loads of touring in Benelux. This time around they’ve more or less started from scratch again with a new producer, Martin Konie Ehrencrona, and a new label.

The album (“Sugar Hill”) release is schedule for August this year and this is the first single taken from it, the beautiful, magnificent and strong melodic “I Can’t Forget Or Remember”.


01. I Can't Forget or Remember (single edit)


Fabriken (ST Remix)

Buf.s 61 / CD / Release: 2013-05-14

The truly nice Uppsala quintet Duellen are now releasing a remix of their single “Fabriken”, which was originally released earlier this spring. This version is made by Stefan Ternemar (ST) and we must admit that he gave the song a whole new character with beats and electronic elements. Right now, at this very moment, Duellen are mixing their upcoming single which will be released later this year, probabably in mid June.


01 Fabriken (ST Remix)


I Dreamed We Were Happy

WeCD 338 / CD / Release: 2013-05-07

This is The Rains second album, if we can call their first six track release as an album. Nevertheless, The Rains was formed sometimes around 2007 in the outskirts of Falkenberg on the West coast of Sweden by Joel Alexandersson and Mikael Magnusson. These two gentlemen joined forces in some kind of frustration, or as a backlash to all the hard rock and metal music that has put their hometown on the map as well as everyones desire to become superstars. The Rains did the absolute opposite.

Their music has repeatedly been described as melancholy and bittersweet. The Rains writes music on their own terms and are eager to always emphasize that everything is done with the utmost seriousness.

The Rains have the magnificent frail sound.


01  You Don’t Know Me Anymore

02  I’ve Been Thinking About You Ever Since July          

03  I Dreamed That I Was Dying

04  Who You Once Were                         

05  We Survived Another Year             

06  The Days Never Seemed To End

07  Do You Remember When We Were Kids

08  If Only Someone Could Make It Disappear

09  A Summers Day, Waiting For Your Train

10  Going Down


Love on Trial

BTCD 12 / MP3 / Release: 2013-04-30

On A West Side Fabrications sub label Blue Too (which we run together with music producer Kjell Nästén) we now give you Ben Carbine & The 18 Wheelers new single.

In other words we are glad to announce that Ben Carbine & The 18 Wheelers are back with this sparkling stirring country duet. A song recored by Skelleftea´s own music maestro Kjell Nästén. Ben Carbine & The 18 Wheelers are a truly well appreciated live act on the Swedish Country music scene. Their music is played with high energy and vibrant attitude. And for those who don’t know, they have also won the Swedish Country music championship. So please listen to their new single “Love on Trial”


01 Love on Trial



WeCD 337 / CD / Release: 2013-04-23

This is indeed the self titled five track debut EP from Gothenburg based Kataokas. An EP were the characteristic folk popish “Kataokas Dream” share room with four other truly beautiful songs that are deeply rooted within the american music tradition. Echoes from some of the greatest songwriters ever oscillate in the background. The music is frail, it´s magnificent, it’´s a blend you don’t want to leave unheard. In other words, Karl Kataoka has together with his band and Kristoffer Göransson recorded a superb debut which should be the beginning of a great journey.


01. I'm Not a Liar

02. Forgiveness

03. Kataokas Dream

04. Crazy Heart Song

05. Streetlights


I Dreamed That I Was Dying

WeCD 336 / MP3 / Release: 2013-04-16

In the beginning of May, the new album, “I Dreamed We Were Happy”, from The Rains will be out for each and everyone. From that particular album we know give you “I Dreamed That I Was Dying”. A song inspired by a phase of recurring nightmares about the singers own demise. The same thing every night. Dreams that colored the rest of his hours awake with questions around the desire to create something to be remembered for. To Leave some kind of mark in some sort of history. Even if only for somebody. A Desire that he at least personally, many times have had.

And for you who don’t know, The Rains are a magnificent frail pop/rock duo from Falkenberg (The Swedish west coast) in the vein of bands like Interpol and Kent.


01. I Dreamed That I Was Dying


Ingenting För Dom

Buf.s 60 / CD / Release: 2013-04-09

Karma is a new and awesome cool alternative rock band from the northern parts of Sweden. The story of the persons behind is in fact and of course much longer than Karma itself, since this new band has been around for only less than a year. First time you heard about them was when they appeared with “Här Kommer Våren” on a West Side compilation earlier this year, a song that also received airplay on Bandit Rock for instance. In other words, “Ingenting För Dom” is their first own release, but if everything goes as planned we will hear much more from them very soon indeed.

At last, and don’t take it wrong, but someone told me that Karma is like a modern Kent on speed. I liked that, hope you do it as well.


01 Ingenting För Dom


Sorrow Street

Buf.s 59 / MP3 / Release: 2013-04-05

Eldkvarns ”Alice” streaming through a walkman. The walk along the small river. Passing the factories towards the Amusement Park. The smell of a cigarette, stolen from your mother’s pocket. Spring in the air, new hopes.

Sorrow Street is an ode to the small quarters and the old friends outside the big town, where we all grew up.

The light colors and the grey. To the girl you could say hello to, down by the trams. She that could give you everything and more. If you just dared. Happy Street no longer exists, but Sorrow Street remains.

This is the new single from Rickard and his jewelers. A Gothenburg band who released their debut album less than six moth ago, and if everything goes well, even more material will show up later this year. Certainly hope you like the beauty of “Sorrow Street”.


01 Sorrow Street


Tick Tock (ST Remix)

WeCD 335 / MP3 / Release: 2013-03-20

Gothenburg based Pretties For You is once again back with a super cool release, the final release from their EP “Silver Lining”. This time around they’ve put out a remix of the track Tick Tock, signed Stefan Ternemar (ST).

Stefan Ternemar himself got a lot of attention a few years back when he released his album “People I Barely Know”. An album that was released by the New York record label Music Related. Music wise Stefan was compared with fellow Swedes The Radio Dept.

Currently Pretties For You are working on their debut album together with music producer Henryk Lipp, known for producing bands such as Millencolin, D-A-D, Thåström and Håkan Hellström. Hopefully you’ll hear something from them later this year.

By the way, a truly nice animated vide, by price winning Palash Vaswani, is also available for this particular release. If interested, use this link:



01. Tick Tock (ST Remix)


My Imaginary Friends

WeCD 334 / MP3 / Release: 2013-03-06

Our dear Finish friends, Penniless, are once again back with some great music. A new album “Rows of Houses” are under construction with a release sat for after summer. Until then you have to keep up with this fresh new single “My Imaginary Friends”. And for all of you who are familiar with Pennilss you will definitely recognize the sound, the typical Penniless sound, where the hard combines with the soft in their own personally way. But in the same time I need to explain to each and everyone that they might be even more dynamic this time around. Or as they selfs says, “This may be the most complex record of ours so far. This album is made of slowed down sadness, speeded up aggression, hopelessness, hopefulness, daydreams, bad dreams, flowers, blood, humor, tears, laughter, friendship, love, fears and joy.”

At last, Penniless are the three Naakila brothers Alisaari (Ossi, Lasse and Pekka) together with Mikko Pere and Kimmo Kurittu.


My Imaginary Friends



WeCD 333 / MP3 / Release: 2013-02-19

The No Truster is distorted electronic rock from the woods of Gotland and the concrete of Stockholm. It all started in an abandoned silo, in a forgotten part of the Swedish capital in 2011. Johannes Hallbom and Emil Stenström began working frenetically on some loose ideas of what was to grow into the debut album ‘Bolts’. The music was a reaction to the main stream and commercial music climate; and dealt with lies, betrayal, obsession and eternal love. The two friends sat in the darkness and produced music in the belief that it would never leave the walls of the silo – and they were fine with that.

But a rumor started to spread about The No Truster, and one day an offer came to play at the biggest music festival in Sweden, Peace & Love, in the summer of 2012. There and then The No Truster performed live for the first, and after that things started to move rapidly. After a couple of milestone gigs the band signed with us, and now it’s time for the rest of the world to experience The No Truster.

‘Bolts’ is an album about shattered people and shredded hearts, about living life to the fullest and not caring about the consequences. Bolts is about dancing the troubles away, about human beings in the modern world. In the end, it’s about eternal love, nailed to the heart with bolts. Don’t get too close.

(Johannes Hallbom and Emil Stenström is previously known from the swedish indie rock band Tony Clifton.)



1 Fuckers 

2 Bolts 

3 Falling 

4 Same of Us 

5 Out of Sight 

6 D-Riff 

7 Get Me Up 

8 Emotions of Fire 

9 Stems 

10 Valkyrie



Buf.s 58 / MP3 / Release: 2013-02-12

Single taken from our compilation “Svenska Ord från A West Side Fabrication, del två”. DUELLEN is a super nice pop-quintette from Uppsala, and this is their second release on A West Side Fabrication. But you can be damn sure that more will come from this new-waveish band, a band who indeed fancy acts like The Sound, New Order just to name a few.


01. Fabriken



WeCD 332 / MP3 / Release: 2013-02-05

MINXY’S debut-album “I AM SOUND I AM BEAT” is quite an odd piece. In the same time as you can hear the soul oriented heart from the new wave era you can feel the same kind of darkness originated from pop industrial music. In other words, catchy melodies and dark sound is the 100 percent trademark of MINXY. It’s organic electronica or the ultimate breed between the smartest balearica and the urban beatings. It’s the shoegaze soul.















Svenska Ord från A West Side Fabrication, del två

WeSAM 0713 / MP3 / Release: 2013-01-22

A new compilation, 16 tracks, 14 artists. The common denominator for these acts are that they all sing in the swedish language. Here you can find famous artists like Mattias Alkberg together with really new once like DUELLEN, Hillevi and Karma, just to name a few. 


01 Fabriken - DUELLEN

02 Notan, tack - Henry Chapman

03 Ragnar - Mattias Alkberg

04 Tre sköna är - Hillevi

05 Det är nåt som händer - Popterror

06 Där maskinerna stod still (Orust violin version) - Rickard och Juvelerna

07 Dom som blev över - Verket

08 Göteborg - Magnus Mann

09 Tomhetens dunkla spår - La Masa

10 Här kommer våren - Karma

11 Stan var så liten - KFM

12 Klass 6 b (singel edit) - Rena Rama

13 Pappa du har alltid varit som en mor för mig - Mindre Modiga Män

14 Norrflicka - Väärt

15  Höggeröd - Rickard och Juvelerna

16 Vi lägger oss igen Martin Hannett - Mattias Alkberg



WeCD 331 / MP3 / Release: 2013-01-15

“Ambivalence” it the name of Amber Oak’s new and superb release. And as the name of the release entails, this is an ambivalent journey through polarized zones of both pureness and filth. It all begins in the ruins of a former glory, a southern Texas man on a Harley-Davidson, wishing for nothing more than a place to rest his bones. Nest stop, a dirty hotel room where love hasn’t sat her foot for ages, a castle where lust forever will reign. Lastly a romanticized picture of haze and shoegaxe, the 90s we wish we had experienced. The stories told sprawl in different directions, but they all share on thing in common: true ambivalence.

A part from all this poetry, the five track release also, of course, includes a lot of brilliant pop tunes.


01 Pa (Work All Night)

02 Chastity (Nail My Feet To The Ground) 

03 Lust (Stuck Between Your Legs) 

04 1972 (The Scourge) 

05 Blue Monday '12 (Do Me No Wrong) 

"Det smakar fantastiskt gott!”


WeCD 330 / MP3 / Release: 2012-12-04

The No Truster is a new acquaintance on A West Side Fabrication, and is indeed a super cool electronic rock act based in the capital city of Sweden. The core of the band is Johannes Hallbom and Emil Stenström, but whenever they play live they do include a few other members. And talking about live-performances we have to mention that their first show ever where at the biggest music festival in Sweden, Peace and Love summer 2012. So it’s indeed nice to annouce their first single release ever, “Falling”. A song taken from the forthcoming album Bolts. The song itself is about a releationship falling apart from out of nowhere. Which leads to destructiveness a subject that echoes throughout the entire album.

In other words, this might be an act for all of you who fanzy good bands like Muse and Radiohead.


01 Falling



WeCD 329 / MP3 / Release: 2012-11-27

WE ARE SHE, from the deep forest of northern Sweden, have written songs, loads of songs, from 2006 up until these days, and still does of course. Most of their songs have been done in collaboraiton with producer Magnus Pejlert. In other words we thought this might be the right time to summon up part of their material and release it as an album. Said and done, this is WE ARE SHE’s self titled debut album, twelve tracks recorded and produced together with Magnus. Twelve tracks that will put full stop of what’s been done in the past and likewise a question mark of what might happen in the near future.

Anyway, you could easily say that WE ARE SHE has something in common with acts like Blondie, since their music is a nice mix of new wave/disco and indie.

Nevertheless, with strong melodies and hit chores they want to make some kind of an impact and they certainly hope (and wishes) that “WE ARE SHE” will affect the listeners in one way of the other.


01 Do It In the Street

02 Don't Sleep Tonight

03 I Can't Wait to Break Your Heart

04 I Love You

05 Same Old Song

06 Fighting Forever

07 Lady Seduce

08 Dust In My Eyes

09 Going Down

10 Holding On

11 I Don't Dance No More

12 Soho


Scarlet Skyline

WeCD 328 / MP3 / Release: 2012-11-20

Pajala Truck Co is now releasing their fourth single.


“Burn down the whole thing and let the sky turn red by the city in flames. What is lost will never return. There is a beautiful destructive force in a broken heart and that we want to portray”, declare the band.

And as said, this is Pajala Truck Co’s fourth single and leads to the release of their debut album. This single is the culmination of all the singles released from their debut album, which little by little have conquered more and more indie hearts in Sweden, Finland, the rest of Scandinavia and perhaps mostly the United States.

And just to make it clear, with this single Pajala Truck Co continues with their mission to release blackened danceable pop from the forests of Torne valley.


“When we wrote this song, we knew that it was perhaps the smartest song we had ever written and since the recording session in Haparanda, one August night, we have longed until we release of this song”.

In other words, now were here, the song will be out for one and everyone, in a world of unemployment, xenophobia and fear, it has never seemed so relevant.


“We want to try to capture our present time in the same way as Joy division once captures their”, says the band.


And we say, now it’s time for Scarlet Skyline!


01 Scarlet Skyline


The River st. Blues

WeCD 322 / CD / Release: 2012-11-14

“The River st Blues” is the solo debut album from singer Petter Sandström. It’s a love letter to soul music, as well as a love letter to the one that got away. Petter Sandström’s blue eyed soul voice soars through the songs like Daryl Hall in his prime. “The River st. Blues” is ten Swedish songs, like an American graffiti on a wall of sound. And by the way, the album is mixed and mastered by Henrik Oja (Säker! among others).



01 Say it With a Song

02 Someone for the Night

03 Dance With Me

04 Angel of River St.

05 Loli's Train

06 Lean on Me

07 A Beautiful Wast of Time

08 Walking Back to You

09 I Would Give Anything (if you only would give us some hope)

10 Sweet Tortosie (how long are you gonna hide)


Fåfängans Feber

Buf.s 57 / MP3 / Release: 2012-10-30

Rusty Flores swedish counterpart De Rostiga Blommorna herby release their debut single.

The song is called “Fåfängans feber” (Disease of Conceit) and is loosely inspired by Bob Dylan’s song “Disease of Conceit”.

The band will continue in the same shameless exploration of the song- and dance mans work until 10 songs are recorded.

The project is scheduled for release on A West Side Fabrication in spring 2013.

Most of “Fåfängans feber” was recorded / composed / played and sung by Daniel Frank – Marcus Hjälte plays percussion while Jonas Andersson plays bandurra.


01. Fåfängans Feber



WeCD 327 / MP3 / Release: 2012-10-23

This is by no doubt a cool laid-back release. CAN’T STOP is indeed a typical track in the sense that it’s soul oriented and at the same time industrial. The sound of steely car rims and catchy pop melodies is 100% the MINXY trademark. It’s organic electronica and the breed between the smart pop and the urban beatings. The shoegaze soul.




Rickard och Juvelerna

BUF 56 / MP3 / Release: 2012-10-16

The album debut from ”Rickard och Juvelerna” describes things as they are, as they were, and as they were ment to be.


First halv summary of a lifetime.

Second half summary of what is really important in life.


Small events of big matters.

Big events of small matters.


Finds something that means something, in the small matters that often just pass you by….quietly.


Tells the story about finding your way home. Finally.

Tells the story about eternal friends and never dying love.


Lays a path from the countryroads to the stars and back again.


01. Svårt Att Vänta, Lätt Att Längta

02. Stjärnorna Och Juvelerna

03. Röd Katt, God Natt

04. Eporna, Mopederna Och Vännerna

05. Den Här Skitna Staden

06. Arizona

07. Assmunderöd

08. Där Maskinerna Stod Still

09. Primtal

10. Ukrainska Nätter

"Det har alla drag vi förväntar oss av Göteborgspopen på denna sida älven: storslaget balladeri, storslagna vardagsupplevelser; pophistoria och inslag av engelska; att man sjunger om sina känslor uppbackad av en enorm poporkester; att ledsamma låtar skålar och skränar i dur – bläckblåsfanfarer, spralliga gitarrslingor, klingklangande pianon – och låter som en övervinning; intrycket att livet är en enda stor lycklig symfoni även i de sorgligaste stunder.”
"Det är väldigt bra alltsammans och insvept i en härlig göteborgsfilt. En blandning mellan Moneybrother, Håkan Hellström och Nationalteatern. In och lyssna på Rickard och julvelerna med det samma.”
"Förutsägbart? Delvis, men låtarna är ändå för bra för att avfärdas som pastischer och i texterna formulerar sångaren Rickard Nilsson sina egna drömmar.”

I Love You

WeCD 326 / MP3 / Release: 2012-10-02

New brilliant pop song from this northern five piece act WE ARE SHE. “I Love You” is a super cool laid back song taken from their not yet named debut album. Someone might say that WE ARE SHE’s sound is derived from acts like Blondie. But even if so, you can easily have worse role models.



01. I Love You


Shot In The Dark

WeCD 325 / MP3 / Release: 2012-09-25

Oliva Schönfeldt is a young (still only 18 years old) and talent singer and songwriter from the northern parts of Sweden. She breath and lives with music nearly 24/7, since she’s at music school during daytime and practice and write stuff nearly all other time.

So please listen to this up-tempo popish song, with a strong chorus, about a catastrophe date which she should think of like a shot in the dark, like a chance that didn’t work out.


Alla Motgångar

Buf.s 55 / MP3 / Release: 2012-09-18

Hillevi, our latest signing, is a five piece act with loads of punk energy. That together with some small hints of classic Swedish progg makes them a good standard bearer of great Swedish music.

The band started up as a result of a truly black story. The singer Adam went through a depression with angst and burnout. As a therapy he started to wright music and lyrics, pretty much music and lyrics. His feelings and thoughts went straight in and hopefully you’ll hear the desperation and the honesty in the songs, at least that’s our wishes

Anyway, together with a friend (Tobias) they took their songs to a studio. And after some really hard work there the outcome ended up somewhere between indiepop and rock, with influences of everything between old punk rock and, as said earlier, swedish progg. You can indeed imagine Hillevi as some sort of an odd mix between Mattias Alkberg and the The Strokes.

In other words, it felt so right for them. A little later Emil, Sebastian and Billy jumped on board and they together become Hillevi and this is their debut single. The first track “Alla motgångar” is a song about never giving up hope, even if life’s feeling heavy. Even if you loose friends and strength along the way you should never forget who you are. Take the fights, deal with them and continue to walk straight forward. Always keep your head up since you can’t waste to much time and energy on all the bastards around you.

The second track “Nostalgi” is about getting tired of hearing people say that it was better before, sure nostalgia could be something beautiful, but only in the right connection. Instead, take the time you have and do something good about it, so we don’t have to hear that it was better before… cause it ant the truth.


01. Alla motgångar

02. Nostalgi


Stjärnorna och Juvelerna

Buf.s 54 / MP3 / Release: 2012-09-04

”In the middle of everything, just you and me, only when you´re happy, just like we said…”

That is the story told by Rickard och Juvelerna in their Daniel Gilbert produced new singel Stjärnorna och Juvelerna, a song about what really should be so easy in life.

But sometimes we don´t choose the closest way to get home, but instead the path of windling doubts and country roads. Too blinded to see the straight line of pure beauty in what is closest to us; always struggling further away from the heart than necessary. Towards the stars above, or through the mountain core, with flickering guidening lights, chasing an even clearer jewel.

We forget sometimes that in the small things lays the big things,

Afraid because of the risk of loosing it all.

The Tiger can be locked up in a cage, but she will hurt you when she breaks free.

But in the middle of everything, just you and me, only when you´re happy, just like we said:

Is there anything wrong with love? If not you should listen to this beautiful single, “Stjärnorna och Juvelerna”, taken from Rickard och Juvelerna’s forthcoming album.



01. Stjärnorna och Juvelerna


The days never seemed to end

WeCD 324 / MP3 / Release: 2012-08-28

Joel Alexandersson, the singer of The Rains, wanted to write something about their childhood. Not some kind of romanticization or for that matter demonization of their early teens, but in the way he remembered certain events and what role they play in their lives today. “I wanted to write songs about moments that were so incredibly emotionally meaningful when you were younger. Memories of old friends, teenage love and the summer days that never seemed to end.”


In the middle of all that, he found out that the pieces he mainly remembered are the bits that scared or hurt him most. Moments that might have made them who they are today. For better or worse.


This is the first single from their yet untitled new album. A song that pretty much sums up everything they mentioned. A song that could well represent future material from them. A strong song with both space and great harmonies.



01. The days never seemed to end



WeCD 323 / MP3 / Release: 2012-07-17

This particular sextet, from our hometown Skellefteå, started their musical career, as a band, in the music classroom at school, where all members went. As of now surprise the interest for music brought them together, of course, and the forming of a band was inevitable. Gigs started to appear and songs got written. Songs that can be described as some kind of wistful but joyful, calm but cheerful and simple but magnificent pop music. This is their debut EP, hopefully we´ll hear more about them very soon indeed.


01. Bad Manners (radio edit)

02. Divorce Song

03. Walls


Att Stå Kvar

Buf.s 53 / MP3 / Release: 2012-07-10

DUELLEN, from the Swedish university city Uppsala, has now released their first single ever the new waveish Att Stå Kvar. With a good drive, beautiful atmosphere, great harmonies and a nice voice they want to bring you the essence from what they self like the most, a mix between the sound of eighties and more avant garde stuff. Hopefully they will come up with more material in a short period of time. Until then, keep up with “Att Stå Kvar” (To Stand Still).


01. Att Stå Kvar


Vad är guld värt?

Buf.s 52 / MP3 / Release: 2012-06-26

New summer song, the sixth in six years, from KFM, also know as Karl Fredrik Mattsson. And as always he got some good help from his dear brother, the quite famous producer and music author Andreas. If everything turns out well, he will, in a couple of years, collect all his summer songs and release it as an album.


01. Vad är guld värt?


Silver Lining

WeCD 321 / MP3 / Release: 2012-06-05

Today on the 5th of June Pretties for You, an indie alternative band from Gothenburg, Sweden, will release this superb new EP “Silver Lining”. The EP it selves consists five songs with influences from indie giants such as Arcade Fire and The National, but you can also hear influences from earlier bands and artists, such as Fleetwood Mac, Patti Smith and Blondie. “Silver Lining” is without doubt about grand arrangements and a powerful soundscape. Behind mix and mastering you’ll find Kjell Nästén, whose discography features names such as Sahara Hotnights, The Bear Quartet and The Wannadies.

– We really invested in this EP. We spent a much more time on the recording and mixing, because we wanted it to sound as great as we knew it really could, says Martina Forsgren in Pretties for You.

– We even sold stuff at a flea market to finance this EP, everything from beloved vinyl rarities to musical instruments. And to be honest, we´re really happy and proud of the end result.

So please lone “Silver Lining” your ears, and we hope and know you won’t be disappointed. 



01. When the Lights Went Out

02. Silver Lining

03. Lionheart

04. Tick Tock

05. May


Say it With a Song

WeCD 320 / MP3 / Release: 2012-05-29

The clue is in the title. This is like the song Marvin Gaye could’ve sung to Tammi Terrell when he’d lost her. I try to sing it like he would: as though a life depended on it.

“Say it with a song” is rock’n’roll. It is soul. It is pop, and it matters.


01. Say it With A Song


A West Side Fabrication Play Covers #2

WeSAM 0612 / MP3 / Release: 2012-05-22

A West Side Fabrication has once again gathered their forces to record and release a cover album, this is the second issue.

This time around 12 different artist’s has chosen, on their own behalf (no rules no limits from our side), one song each. In other words, it’s a wild-ranging and quite odd release, done with a glint, we can offer you this time.

So please listen for you self to great tracks from artists like The Rains, The Blues, Rusty Flores, Emma Hallin etc etc, perhaps someone will struck you down.


01. The Rains "Going Down" 

02. The Blues "Train In Vain" 

03. Rusty Flores "I'm your man"

04. Emma Hallin "Gone With the Sin" 

05. Stardog "Two Headed Dog"

06. Light Parade "Little Honda" 

07. A Shrine "Where Did She Come From" 

08. Petter Sandström "Cry Another Tear" 

09. Popundret "Ceremony"

10. The Culture In Memoriam "Breaking the Law" 

11. Holiday With Maggie "Regret" 

12. Reverend Big O "Walk This World" 



Eporna, mopederna och vännerna

Buf.s 51 / MP3 / Release: 2012-05-15

This is the beautiful debut single from Rickard och Juvelerna, the Daniel Gilbert produced, “Eporna, mopederna och vännerna”.

A single that takes you through a half life in slightly more than three minutes. The song whisper about a promise that somewhere around the corner there is maybe something better, worth waiting for.

The place by the sea, the friends, the longing for something better. That which glows in everyones eyes.


And by the way, their debut album will be released after summer.


01. Eporna, mopederna och vännerna


La Masa of Sweden

WeCD 319 / CD / Release: 2012-05-09

This album is a testament to La Masa of Sweden`s band mate Fredrik Eriksson – also a former member of super-hyped punk-pop band Love is all – as well as the rebirth of La Masa of Sweden. The band’s sound maker and bassist/synth bass player died tragically a year ago after suffering from a severe depression. This hit us with tremendous pain, but also anger because of the fact that Fredrik did not get the help he needed. Fredrik had time to produce and play on all the songs except one before he left us.


In order to complete the work on the album, La Masa of Sweden took the help of Bastian Pabst for recording vocals, and Johan Forsman Löwenström (Jens Lekman, Caesars, Silverbullit, Håkan Hellström, The Soundtrack of Our Lives, Thåström etc.) for mixing.

The result is outstanding, with brilliant pop songs that at times sound like the perfect mix between The Jesus & Mary Chain and Wham, a nice mix of shoegaze guitars and electronica. La Masa of Sweden could be the Swedish cousin of the DFA Records family. The album consists of ten great pop songs: “Jimmie Give Up” – a political stance against Jimmie Åkesson, Swedish right wing politician; “Tom of Finland” is a tribute to the gay icon, artist and provocateur with the same name; “Monarchy” is more current than ever with the recent fuss and debate on the Swedish royal family; “Scrapbook”, “When Satan lover her” and “Protest March” show different perspectives of human shortcomings In a grim existence.


La Masa of Sweden have previously released two albums with lyrics in Swedish under the name La Masa, and has had several radio singles that rotated frequently on both Swedish and Finnish Radio (“Günter Wallraff på hal is”, “Tomhetens Dunkla Spår”, “Flyttkartong” just to name a few).


But now it’s time for change, both soundwise and linguistically. La Masa of Sweden sets out on new adventures in the great pop-cultural world!


The band currently consists of Mats Forsberg – vocals and percussion (ex. Kracklites), Thomas Blixt – guitar and electric bass (ex. Smash Hit Wonders) and Jakob Linde (ex. Kracklites) synthesizer, organ, synth bass and vocals.


01. Intro

02. Tom of Finland

03. Jimmie Give Up

04. Surrounded

05. Scrapbook

06. When Satan Loved Her

07. Satellite of Love pt. 2

08. Heimlich

09. Electric Shocks

10. Protest March

11. Monarchy



WeCD 318 / MP3 / Release: 2012-05-02

Wayflower, a five piece relative new act from Stockholm, celebrates the union of hope and despair in a racket of hugs and kisses.

They gladly unite all kind of genres (60-pop, 90- indie and 00-alternative) just for the love of music. And with one wheel in the ditch and the other one on the track, the band happily marches on towards the bitter end.Wayflower, a five piece relative new act from Stockholm, celebrates the union of hope and despair in a racket of hugs and kisses. They gladly unite all kind of genres (60-pop, 90- indie and 00-alternative) just for the love of music. And with one wheel in the ditch and the other one on the track, the band happily marches on towards the bitter end.


01. Burning Love

02. Day by Day

03. See You

04. Pick a Fight

05. Out of Line


Morning Peasant

WeCD 317 / CD / Release: 2012-04-18

People who form a band in their early teens often end up realising how naive and stupid they are, laughing at their own foolishness and quit. Then there are people who like to torture themselves, Stolen Deer are one of those kinds.


Stolen Deer’s debut album is a result of half a decade of pain. Not the stinging type of pain like from putting your hand on a hot plate,

but the coming and going type of pain that eats your brain from the inside. This is what makes Morning Peasant timeless. It’s not

associated with the best-looking rucksacks or coats from the past or present. By avoiding this, Stolen Deer have found a way to save

themselves from their own creative anxiety.


Together with Henrik Wiklund, Magnus Lindberg (Deportees, Cult of Luna etc etc) and with some help of friends and enemies, Stolen Deer have recorded a harmonious well-planned handicraft. Rhythm, piano and persistent discussing of guitars permeates an album led by Anton Fahlgren’s voice. On top of that there are uplifting trumpets and grieving trombones making the songs something you never can reach and get a hold of with your bare hands.


Stolen Deer are still lost. Everyone knows that’s the most thrilling and scary feeling in the world. So, wherever you go, let them follow.

They’ll come with you on that train along the Swedish coastline. Look outside, because Morning Peasant is like the snowshine in your eyes. It’s an engaged and eager struggle to get to the top of all the mountains you’ve ever come across.


01. Brick Wall

02. How You Always Seem to Find Me

03. You Sang to Yourself Part I

04. All Around in the Dark

05. Wild at Heart

06. You Sang to Yourself Part II

07. Challenge me at Super

08. Under Sea

09. Bury the Hatchet


Jimmie give up

WeCD 316 / MP3 / Release: 2012-04-17

As Phoenix the bird La Masa, or should I say La Masa of Sweden as the call themselves now a days since the changing of singing language and a bit of style, has risen again. Here you have the first taste, “Jimmie give up” from their forthcoming self titled album. Under the name La Masa these Gothenburg guys released two albums which included quite a few radio-singles such as “Flyttkartong”, “Min Megafon” “Tomhetens dunkla spår” just to name a few. Their new super-cool single “Jimmie give up” is satirical pop directed at the right-wing, xenophobic movement’s ugly face.

With its club beat and catchy chorus it pulls down the pants of Swedish right-wing politician Jimmie Åkesson and gives him a good spanking.

With the new single “Jimmie give up”, La Masa of Sweden exposes the obvious that only the little child in H.C. Andersen’s fairy tale dared to see – he is naked. Political pop at its best!


01. Jimmie give up


Empty Words Empty Bottles

WeCD 315 / MP3 / Release: 2012-04-10

A Saga is no more than just one persons songs, namely Anna Lindén. She’s a Stockholm girl who, some five years ago, previously has released a two track single on West Side, the Jari Haapalainen produced “Like Water”. A single that indeed had some radio spins both here and there. On that particular single, as well as on the new one, play Nicolai Dunger’s partisan Thomas Tjärnkvist nearly all the instruments, except the beautiful trumpet which is performed by Joel Eriksson. As noticed, now is A Saga back again with this lovely smooth sacral song “Empty Words Empty Bottles”. And if we should dare to compare her with some other artists the once that appear on my mind are artists like Mazzy Star and Cocteau Twins.

At last, besides taken care of nearly all instruments Thomas Tjärnkvist, who has released the album “Ben Fetur” as well as being Nicolai Dunger’s guitarist for many many years, has produced this new single and if everything’s goes well we’ll here more from these two in a near future.


01. Empty Words Empty Bottles



WeCD 314 / MP3 / Release: 2012-04-03

With sickness he watched the rightwing’s success in the Swedish election, 2010. This marked the broken state not only Sweden, but Europe suddenly was in. In the streets of Malmoe, The Culture In Memoriam’s beloved Malmoe as well as his residence, immigrants were shot to death unprovoced and all good forces in the society mobilised themselves against this violence.


This was the inspiration for the new single “Jimmie” by The Culture In Memoriam (TCIM). A song for change, a dance in rage, a strike for the right thing to do!


And as TCIM say; It’s time for pop music to take a stand, resistance never sounded this catchy!


And for all of you who don’t know. This spring TCIM will spread their message of a more humanity world as the will be touring Germany with start the 17th of May in Berlin and end up some sixteens days later, the first of June in Leipzig.



01. Jimmie (album version)

02. Jimmie (acoustic single version)


When the Lights Went Out

WeCD 313 / MP3 / Release: 2012-03-20

Pretties For You is a new acquaintance from us (although they have already released a single by them selfs) and their superb “When the Lights Went Out” is really something extra ordinary. This is by no doubt a tremendous magnificent song which is built up around their composer’s, Martina Forsgren, powerful and super cool voice.

If you listen very carefully you can hear echoes from stars from the past like Fleetwood Mac, Patti Smith or Blondie as well as from newer pioneer acts like Arcade Fire and the National’s.

So indeed this quintet from Gothenburg is something worth keep an eye, or an ear, on since we at West Side Fabrication are damn proud to give you their “When the Lights Went Out”.



01. When the Lights Went Out


How You Always Seem to Find Me

WeCD 312 / MP3 / Release: 2012-03-06

This is the first single taken from Stolen Deer’s forthcoming debut album, an album which is a result of half a decade in pain, at least that’s what the they (the band) say. Which indeed seems strange enough to me, since the four lads is no older than twenty and life should be at its peak. But perhaps its how it is, perhaps its because this band take them selfs so damn serious and leaves nothing by mere chance. They are of course a uncompromising and stubborn band and we have to leave it that way.

Regarding the forthcoming album Stolen Deer like to describe it this way; “The album is like snow shine in your eyes. An evaluating, engaged and eager struggle to get to the top of all the mountains you’ve ever come across.”

Nevertheless this first single; “How You Always Seem To Find Me”, is a 90s inspired pop song that deals with heartache and dreams of a time that has passed. The song is recorded by Henrik Wiklund and mixed and mastered by Magnus Lindberg from The Cult Of Luna. Magnus who has also a history of working with class acts like Deportees, Totalt Jävla Mörker and Perishers.

So if you like this one, please come back in a couple of weeks, since it’s then the album will be out.


01. How You Always Seem to Find Me



WeCD 311 / Release: 2012-02-29

This is Oh My!’s physical debut, a three track vinyl single. But all of you, who already are familiar with Oh My!, will notice that two of these three songs have previously been released as digital tracks. Talking about the two indie-radio favorites “I Know You” and “Time Will Tell”. The later one of these two did for instance extremely well on Swedish National radio P3, were it was play-listed for at least four months. “Time Will Tell” worked of course great on other stations and in other media as well. And if that’s not all, the band, indeed, has been named as one of the brightest up-coming stars on the Swedish indie scene by more than one paper. But it won’t stop there, since they (the band together with their producer Ronald Bood) just recently have chosen which songs will be recorded for their debut-album, an album that will be released after this summer. The recording it self will start in just a couple of days, so if everything goes well we’ll give you a new song this spring. Before that you’ll have to keep it up with this fantastic single as well as their super-song, on the radio spinning, “Fifteen Minutes”.


01. I Know You

02. Time Will Tell

03. Sunshine in Your Eyes


A West Side Fabrication Scandinavian Indie Vol 2 Now & Then

WeSAM 0512 / MP3 / Release: 2012-01-31

A West Side Fabrication was, and still is, the home and the forerunning label when it comes to indie-pop music and Sweden. Three of their pioneer acts, Mufflon 5, Blithe and The Bear Quartet were so appreciated by the English radio legend John Peel (long live his memory) so he invited them to record a session each for his BBC program. Ever since those days (THEN) A West Side Fabrication has been a gigantic source of indie music with their heavy stream of quality releases up until these days (NOW) with acts like Oh My! (this brand new one from them, “Fifteen Minutes”, is on rotation at P3 among other stations), We are the Storm and The Culture In Memoriam, just to name a few.

This compilation holds 16 songs, including four new and specially written once just for this release. Besides these four new tracks you´ll find great radio indie-hits from Sweden, like Bedroom Eyes “Hand-In-Hand Grenade”, Olle Nyman’s “Don’t let those bastards reel you in” and Little Red Snapper’s “Call me on Tuesday. As a fact, all twelve previously released songs has been on rotation at P3 (national radio) here in Sweden. 

And by the way, this year A West Side Fabrication celebrate 25 as a label, isn’t it amazing?

01. Oh My! ”Fifteen Minutes”                                                                             
02. Heikki ”Former hero”                                                                                 
03. Bedroom Eyes ”Hand-In-Hand Grenade"                                             
04. The Drowners ”Summer Break My Fall"                                                  
05. Light Parade ”Moonlight Run”                                                                
06. Little Red Snapper ”Call me on Tuesday”                                              
07. Olle Nyman ”Don't let those bastards reel you in”                                 
08. Oscar & Ronja "Bad Manners"        
09. Amber Oak ”Audrey (radio version)”                                                       
10. Wade ”Freak Or A Star”                                                                           
11. Music of Things ”Self Destructive”                                                            
12. Holiday With Maggie ”Make it, don't break it”                                           
13. Mufflon 5 ”Waverer”                                                                                        
14. The Concretes ”Just Locals”                                                                         
15. Tupelo Honeys ”The return of the weeping man (autumn edit)”            
16. The Bear Quartet ”It Only Take A Flashlight To Create A Monster”      
"LIVSKRAFT. Skellefteåbaserade skivbolaget A West Side Fabrication släpper nu en 16 låtar stark samling. Som titeln ”Now & Then” antyder handlar det om både ny och lite mindre ny indiepop. Här finns en del pop som både känns daterad och lätt unken men också en del att glädjas åt. The Strokes-skramliga Oh My har ett härligt driv och färska popduon Oscar & Ronja gör stilsäker pop. Deras låtar, ”Fifteen minutes” respektive ”Bad manners” är två av skivans höjdpunkter men även Heikki och Tupelo Honey glädjer mycket. Och tillsammans med ”trotjänare” som The Bear Quartet och Olle Nyman visar 25-ingen A West Side Fabrication att man ännu är ett skivbolag med spänst. NICLAS HOLMLUND”
3/5 - Niclas Holmlund, Folkbladet



WeCD 309 / MP3 / Release: 2011-12-14





It isn’t Christmas without you

WeCD 310 / MP3 / Release: 2011-12-09

This might be the best new written Christmas song this year, it won´t surprise me anyway. “It isn’t christmas without you (edit)” is in fact a christmas song in the spirit of Phil Spector. With jangly Rickenbacker guitars, brass, bells, glockenspiel and broken hearts – all in major key – as it’s supposed to be.

The song is written by a relatively new artist on West Side, Petter Sandström, and he is supported by his superb orchestra the Money.

Mix and master is handled by Henrik Oja (Säkert! among others).

And as I said earlier, this is a great song, no doubt about it.


01. It isn't Christmas without you (edit)

02. It isn't Christmas without you


Sunday morning on the edge of town

WeCD 308 / CD / Release: 2011-11-30

After four years of stretching and searching, stairs (a quintette from Swedish city Örebro) has finally found their way home. The band’s first album, “Sunday morning on the edge of town”, emphasize emotions and impressions from life. To find a place in an irrationell community, find balance after bursted relations and a way through tragic nights on the edge of town are all examples of charachteristics from the title track, as well as from the other 9 tracks on the album.

To be truly honest, stairs are all about pop-music, from the dark sounds (a little like Depeche Mode) on “Best believe” through the thoughtful and beautiful title track “Sunday morning on the edge of town” to the driven and super-catchy “The death of a young student”.

At last for your knowledge. This debut-album is produced by some well known Swedish musicians, Simon Ljungman & Jens Back and for you who don´t know, these two gentleman´s are playing with and behind Håkan Hellström and Lars Winnerbäck.



01. The death of a young student

02. No knock on my door

03. Sunday morning on the edge of town

04. Best believe

05. Wont let the world break us

06. Yesterday

07. Just like your dad

08. Burn all bridges

09. All I can offer

10. Lights out


Rest In Pieces

WeCD 306 / CD / Release: 2011-11-22

The Culture In Memoriam, with chef of command Victor Håkansson, is back with its third album, the seven track “Rest In Pieces “. This time the sound of the Beach Boys can be clearly sensed in the kettle-drums, choral and string arrangements, tastefully seasoned and destroyed by faulty distortion. Clever melodies and pompous arrangements with Victor’s fragile vocals mixed with diehard political messages make TCIM unique in an otherwise dull and streamlined pop culture. And by the way, the first beautiful single, “Sisters”, from the album, made it quite well. For instance did Swedish national radio P3 put it on their playlist and it also received some truly wonderful words from the press. “Rest in pieces” will also be released in Germany by Stargazer/Cargo records.

Under the name The Culture in Memoriam has Victor Håkansson found his own way and dare to believe in his heartfelt rancid, but enchantingly vulnerable voice when he preaches texts with meaning to the music that appeals and concerns


01. Run Emelie 02. Death Of Jimmie 03. Crafoord the clown 04. Vanilla Wreck 05. Sisters 06. Steady Hell 07. Lost At Sea

"Tredje skivan är lika viktig som den är vacker”
"Det är tydligt att Håkanssons upplägg och tanke med skivan inte är något man kompromissar med”
"här finns några verkliga höjdpunkter där "Steady Hell" utmärker sig mest”
"In essence, Rest In Pieces is the vocals of Tripping Daisy and David Bowie, the music of the Beach Boys and the call to arms of any good political punk band”

Lean on me

WeCD 307 / MP3 / Release: 2011-11-22

Petter Sandströms debut album “The River st Blues” is on its way out (release early next year), an album with Motown blood in its veins. But before that, please listen to his first solo single ever “Lean on me”, a beautiful song with harmonies from the seventies and with a small echo from duets between Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell.

Petter himself carries the tunes of pop perfection with his soulful voice, reminiscent of a young Van Morrison. Fundamentally supported by “The Money” – A band so tight and feverishly seductive, the one and only “The Band” springs to mind. These ten bar-soaked songs about the one that got away, sung on a street corner in Anytown, USA, will leave you all but indifferent.


01. Lean on me


I Love The Sound Of You Talking Me Out Of Trouble

WeCD 305 / MP3 / Release: 2011-10-25

n the ashes of people and places that have influenced them in the past, we now hear The Rains recreate all the emotions in their “I Love The Sound Of You Talking Me Out Of Trouble”. The album has a bolder approach in which the lyrics are in focus and the music is slowly waiting to explode. With the autumn approaching, the bittersweet truth emerges in songs like “I Wish That Everyone Was Wrong” and “Relationships Of Rust And Hope”.

The Rains have indeed a quite new history, but they have been around for a while and made some fuzz in and around their nearest area, Falkenberg and the Swedish West coast. The music itself has evolved greatly, with its hints of muted synths waiting to break out behind the gentle guitar loops. It sounds grandiose, with its exciting contrasts and color-rich shades that leave few senses untouched. This is an album that not only to demonstrate the expressive lyricism The Rains possess, but also how warm tones may appear out of something before so regretful. The music may, in its most remarkable simplicity be described as atmospheric, nuanced and very well thought out. They are without no doubts, a band that take their course exceedingly seriously.


This is also the album where The Rains once and for all come to terms with the past and the emotions that have long been preserved. Now set free for your sake and for them to be erased.



01. I Wish That Everyone Was Wrong

02. Keep Telling Myself That It´s Allright

03. Between Head and Hands Must Be the Heart

04. I Guess I Shouldn´t Tell You This

05. Releationships of Rust and Hope

06. I Love the Sound of Yout Talking Me Out of Trouble

"Just det där att man lyckas vara känslosamma och storslagna utan att det slår över i utstuderade pretentioner är en riktig styrka.”


WeCD 304 / MP3 / Release: 2011-10-18

Pajala Truck Co gives you autumn.

The first gray slushy snow has fallen over Pajala and the rest of Torne valley, the intoxicating dance of the summer is long gone and while the fingers slowly brace the pile of bills and debt collection on the table the eyes are melancholically fixed on the desolated world outside the kitchen window. A longing away. A new start. Gene Kelly. Leslie Caron. Paris.

This is the third Single from the the alternative popband Pajala Truck Co´s debut album, and the follow up to their hit singles “From one motherfucker to another” and “Movements”, who both have been frequently played on radio in Sweden as well as other places.

The song is the band´s settlement with their hometown, their finnish heritage and their childhood in a village everybody said you couldn´t live in and where the rest of the world seemed an eternity away.

Of all of their songs, this one touches them the most, its maybe the one song they are most proud of and in many ways best explains who they are. So here it is, a big piece of Pajala Truck Co´s heart, they give you “Tornionlaakso”



01. Tornionlaakso


Försök att inte skylla på nåt

Buf.s 50 / MP3 / Release: 2011-10-11

KFM is no more and no less than Karl Fredrik Mattsson´s solo project together with a bunch of nice musicians, including his well known brother Andresas, who also work as the producer for this project.

At first, the KFM project was supposed to end up in a trilogy after three years, but after two summer singles Fredrik felt that this project was way too fun working with, it had to be extended. Fredrik decided to turn the project into a ten-year piece instead. In that way, he could gather all the singles on one album after ten years. What a brilliant idea!

So on the 11th of October 2011, KFM’s fifth single will be released. A little delayed this year, but still. Then the KFM project will be half-ways through.

At last, this year’s song is called “Försök att inte skylla på nåt” (don´t try to blame something). Keep up with that and we certainly hope you like it.

01. Försök att inte skylla på nåt


WeCD 303 / MP3 / Release: 2011-10-11

It´s been four years since we last heard from The Culture In Memoriam, but now his back, Victor Håkansson with his alias and his friends. This new single is taken from the forthcoming album “Rest In Pieces” and the title track is a truly lovely feminist song.

So never mind the bourgeoisie, since here they are The Culture In Memoriam. Which is´t a macho rock band. Not a cliché. Not another boring art project, no it´s rather a big collective that thrives under the wings of chairman Victor Håkansson, creating the sweetest pop music called pavestone-pop.

The latest single Sister, is a showdown between the collective and the patriarchy that rules the world with an iron fist. Starting like a lullaby it soon bursts into a call to arms, for the revolutionary women of Tripoli, as well as for thousands young Swedish girls, facing self-starvation and self-mutilation.

The B-side, Vanilla Wreck, is a pure tribute to a free life far away from the assembly lines of capitalist industries. To the revolutions of everyday life, where man can instead be swept away by love and passion. Where immense and immediate feelings takes the place of common sense. When day-jobs, unpaid bills and nuclear families no longer are standard rule, and only free love remains. Lovers of the world, this could very well be the soundtrack of your lives.


01. Sisters 02. Vanilla Wreck (Full Version)


I can´t wait to break your heart

WeCD 302 / MP3 / Release: 2011-10-04

WE ARE SHE is now releasing their new and second single “I can´t wait to break your heart” and what a single it is. This two-tracker is for all of you who likes the sounds from the early eighties, up-lifted to 2011.

From my point of view its a hit. It got the right pulse, the disco-swing and the harmonies you wished all your releases had. Besides the disco-orientated main track, this single also contain a more mature pop song called “Hold me down”.

Regarding the lyrics; “I Can’t Wait To Break Your Heart” is about the difficulty in having a relationship when you’re determined to always mess things up for yourself. “Hold Me Down” on the other hand is the anxiety personified but performed in a happy pop-sound.

In other words, the lyrics is quite dark and sad, but the sound itself is uplifting and great. Beautiful if you ask me.

01. I can´t wait to break your heart 02. Hold me down

Before You Know It

WeCD 301 / MP3 / Release: 2011-09-27

Third single from this alternative electric blues band, based in a ice-cold town near the arctic circle. This new single smell´s like a muddy swamp with a touch of something that could have come out of Primal Scream during their rock and blues period. Nice backing vocals, classic cool guitar melody, all together a good swing you might say.

The second track is a odd and nice piano song with a beautiful trumpet, cool as everything else that comes out of this hard working duo.

Perhaps The Blues don´t deliver for the masses, but they do deliver, thats for sure.

01. Before You Know It 02. It Won´t Be Long

Time Will Tell

WeCD 300 / MP3 / Release: 2011-09-20

Oh My! is a young and ambitious five-piece pop act from Sundsvall, Sweden, that signed with us early 2011. The band’s two first singles have been very well received by the Swedish audience and both of them have got rotation on Swedish national radio P3 as well as on other indie music radio channels. Now it’s time for the release of Oh My!’s third single “Time Will Tell” (which also has been picked up by Swedish national radio P3) – a truly immediate and charming pop song with a great hit potential, recorded and mixed by well-renowned producer Ronald Bood (Mando Diao, Shout Out Louds). The song clocks up in just about two and a half minutes but contains so much energy and impressions that it will last way longer than that.

About “Time Will Tell”:

Recorded and mixed by Ronald Bood in Bow Studios, April 2011.

Produced by Ronald Bood.

Mastered by Kjell Nästén.

Cover design by Henric Wallmark.

01. Time Will Tell

No knock on my door

WeCD 299 / MP3 / Release: 2011-09-06

New single, their third, from this five piece act from the middle of Sweden who describe them self as “The band with five badminton interested garden gnomes, who frantically tries to hold together a chaotic, but lovingly, consellation.”

This time stairs have hooked up with people from Håkan Hellströms band as well as the piano player, Jens Back, from Lars Winnerbäcks comp band Hovet.

The song itself, “No knock on my door” is a tremendous, happy, up-tempo, energy, pop song, nearly a little bit chaotic with trumpet and everything. Nevertheless, staris have much more material coming up so this is by no doubt a very good start for what will later come.

01. No knock on my door

In Order To Disorder

WeCD 122 / CD / Release: 2011-08-01

Super cool band from the northern parts of Sweden. Their music has been described as it would have come from the little brothers of Soundgarden, and yes that could’ve been the truth. Anyway “In Order To Disorder” were Stardog’s third album, an album that might be a little more straight forward compared with the two previously once. All in all they released four albums and a couple of EP’s.


Our share

Time to go

Do it

Beautiful day

Never be the same

Puppy by sight


I'm allright

Nothing I'll miss

Five words or less

This came to be




WeCD 298 / MP3 / Release: 2011-07-05

Sprung from the very northern small town of Sweden, Pajala, are this six piece act. An act thats been on the hold for such a long time so they nearly gave up. But all of a sudden they had this radio hit “From One Motherfucker to another” and the wheels started rolling once again. Therefor we are proud to give you their new single “Movements”, a song that combine indie guitars with disco-balls. And as the band it self declare; we are the black ABBA.

For more information:

01. Movements

I Know You

WeCD 297 / CD / Release: 2011-06-14

Almost on the day two months after Oh My!´s first and radio play-listed single “Twenty One”, we are know very proud indeed of announcing their second single release “I Know You”, and of course it will be on the radio as well, no doubt about that.

If the first one was a minor hit, this new one should be a truly alternative smash-hit, since its such a fantastic pop-song. The song it self was recorded and mixed by Ronald Bood (Shout Out Louds, Mando Diao, The Plan etc) in Stockholm April this year. And just for your information, we have more material to come from these nice quintette, so you just hold your horses and we wont let you down.

01. I Know You

Stand Up (for the Light Parade)

WeCD 296 / CD / Release: 2011-06-07

Light Parade was formed by Andreas Lindh and married couple Peter and Louise

Marchione in the beginning of 2010. In their youth, Andreas and Peter had been a part of

the same scene in their hometown of Eskilstuna, but it was not until a random meeting in

a clothing store in central Gothenburg that a real friendship developed. It didn’t take long

for Peter to join Andreas band of that time, LoveIsNotMyOnlyCrime, while at the same

time Peter and Louise where also making synth pop under the name Thermostatic. When

both bands disbanded at roughly the same time, the trio felt that the time was right to

make something of that project that had been the focus of discussion during the long,

hazy party nights at Peter and Louise’s apartment in Gamlestaden.

From the start, the trio had a somewhat vague idea of making minimalistic yet grand

music in the mould of heroes like Suicide, Jesus And Mary Chain and My Bloody

Valentine. But as soon as recording started, it turned out that a Ramones-like punkiness

as well as a sense of classic pop melodies had joined in alongside the original references.

The result was the “Stand Up (for the Light Parade)” EP*; a retro but yet modern

sounding production with songs of real hit potential as well as a genuine indie feel.

As for the future, the band themselves likes to quote The Ramones; ”Today your love,

tomorrow the world”. What more is there to be said?

01 - Get Lost 02 - Queen Of Hearts 03 - Round And Round 04 - Cease Fire 05 - The Waiting Game
""Fem spår som visar hur pop ska låta."”
4/5 - Per Strömbro, Norran



Buf.s 49 / MP3 / Release: 2011-05-31

They have been around for years and years but to be honest they have not played together since I don´t know when. But this coming summer, they will appear on the 20th anniversary of the Trästockfestivalen (a cool summer festival in their home-town) for the first time ever. So therefor they thought they might as well record a new song, which they did. The song is called “Kroppsspråk” and by some critics they are a high class-band in their way to administer the vibes of Tom Petty. And who knows, perhaps they will appear soon again.


01. Kroppsspråk

"Inför detta har medlemmarna spelat in nya singeln ”Kroppsspråk”, och det är ta mig tusan det bästa MMM har genererat. Hade platsat på ”Full Moon Fever” vilken dag som helst”

Someone You’d Leave

BT 10 / MP3 / Release: 2011-05-17

A superb country single from this Skelleftea based country rockers. A single about not losing yourself in a relationship.


01 Someone You'd Leave


To the North-Pole

WeCD 294 / CD / Release: 2011-05-11

We are the Storm are a heroic bombastic sextet from the city of Uppsala, who writes music that could belong in the borderland between The Arcade Fire and swedish icons Broder Daniel. This superb alternative pop/rock band is now debuting with this fantastic marvelous super-cool album “To the North-Pole”. And as you probably already guessed, this is for sure a guitar based indie-pop/rock band at its best. Some might say you can feel the vibes from classic indie acts like Ride, when others feel they have some kind of similarity to MGMT´s, nevertheless, this is great stuff with integrity and style. You could also, indeed, say that We are the Storm is a desperate band full of emotions and attitude that will touch and get inside your skin. They are We are the Storm, and they sure are.

01. Bermuda 02. Shoreline 03. The Ocean 04. Galileo 05. The Tree by the River 06. 20 Years 07. Western Wall 08. Sam Lord 09. I Woke Up to the Bells 10. This Dried Out Sea 11. Atlantis
"Arenaindie när den är som mest.”

El Guapo

WeCD 295 / MP3 / Release: 2011-05-03

Super Cool new single, and thats the truth, from northern based The Blues. This duo has earlier, some six months ago, released a single, so this is their second. They have also contributed with a nice tune on our Compilation “A West Side Fabrication Play Covers”. But that was then and now is now, so therefor all nice folks out there, please welcome El Guapo (plus the second track The Highway);

El Guapo.

Deep down in the south of Europé, that’s where you find him; El Guapo

He is very thin and tanned and he gives you a warm toothless smile. El Guapo used to be a small time crook but not anymore.

Oh no, not anymore. He made that big score. Just that one. It wasn’t supposed to happen. But he got his chance and he took it. El Guapo ran off with the money.

Now he’s sitting by himself in the bar, every night, dressed in a red LaCoste polo shirt, ordering glass after glass of their most expensive red wine.

El Guapo’s got it made. El Guapo is living the sweet life. Nobody knows he’s here. Nobody knows that he’ s still alive.

Nobody…………But me.

01. El Guapo 02. The Highway

Twenty One

WeCD 293 / MP3 / Release: 2011-04-12

Oh My! is a five piece act from Sundsvall, but now living in the area around Stockholm/Uppsala. As a band they haven´t existed for such a long time, actually they did their first gig ever in late 2008 after just started to rehearse. Since the gig itself turned out so well they said to them self´s that this is something we should keep on doing. As so it went. They have played, still as a demo-act, at some of the best summer festivals here in Sweden as well as at some of the best clubs in both Stockholm and Gothenburg. They have also been discovered by MTV and featured in their series “needle in the haystack”. So we at West Side Fabrication are deeply proud to present this awesome alternative pop-song, “Twenty One”, for all you indie dudes out there. And if you like this one, you better hold on, since they are now entering the recording studio together with Ronald Bood (Shout Out Louds, Mando Diao etc etc) to record a super cool EP, which will be released later this year.

01. Twenty One

Panic, radio edit

WeCD 292 / MP3 / Release: 2011-04-05

Penniless are back with a new single taken from their highly critical claimed album “A Cab to the City”. The band are also of immediate with a few more gigs coming up very soon. This time they will be going to Latvia (Riga and Liepaja). They are also booked for a number of festivals this coming summer (both in Finland and in Sweden), but that will be official news, where and when, later. All these activities has its background from the positive enthusiasm that has followed over “A Cab to the City”, so therefor we´re very proud indeed to present this single edit version of Panic for whom a video soon will be released.

Panic, radio edit

I Kissed a boy, 2011 version

Sp.s 77 / MP3 / Release: 2011-03-29

Jupither is once again back, this time they will reemerge on the music scene releasing the single “I Kissed a boy”, which is an exclusive interpretation of Kate Perry’s “I kissed a girl”. The song (from Jupither) was originally released on our compilation “A West Side Fabrication Play Covers”, but then in a more rockier version. This time Mr Anton has done a remix for the dance floor, at least some dance floors. But this is not all when it comes to Jupither. As we speak they are in the studio starting the recording of what will later become a brand new EP, featuring a bunch of new songs. The band it selves discloses that they have taken the music into another direction, keeping the energy and melodic subtlety but focus much more on creating a more personally alternative sound.

So be sure to check out the this single as well as the forthcoming EP when it hit the ground!

01. I Kissed a boy, 2011 version

Nu som då

Buf.s 48 / CDEP / Release: 2011-03-15

This is the second EP (the first physical) from Umeå based Popterrer. A band that were, as a fact, established due to a bunch of friends started up a pop-blog that later become a club and now is this truly awesome alternative pop-band. Some of the members, they are six in the band, has known each other since kindergarten, so I heard, and five of them come from the same city (Östersund). Although they haven´t been around for such a long time (their debut EP “Allt vi gjort har du glömt” were released mid September 2010) they have already won two contests, which took them to the biggest festival in Sweden and soon to a recording studio in London UK. They have also been highly praised by some very well know Swedish critics as well as by well known musicians. And indeed, they are worth it, every single word. Great people, good songs, fantastic attitude, that´s Popterror, a band to be loved, a loving band.

01. Mordviken 02. Kanske är allt vi vet åt helvete 03. Som i en dagdröm 04. Nyårsnatten


WeCD 291 / MP3 / Release: 2011-03-08

We are the Storm, a bombastic sextet from Uppsala, are playing music in the borderland between The Arcade Fire and swedish icons Broder Daniel. They are now debuting with this super cool alternative pop-rock single “Galileo”, taken from their forthcoming album “To the North-Pole”. An album which will be released within two months. And if you don´t know it, this is a desperate band full of emotions and attitude that will touch and get deep inside your skin. They are We are the Storm, and they sure are.

01. Galileo

You (Blue Too Version)

WeCD 290 / MP3 / Release: 2011-02-08

Caroline says is a new acquaintance from us and probably a new acquaintance for you as well. Hidden behind the name is Caroline Langenheim, a Stockholm, born and raised, women with a very odd and long history. Musically vise she is something like a mix of singer song writers from the sixties (the hippie era), together with a fine nice twist of Velvet Underground and Johnathan Richman, all updated to 2011. This first single from us “You (Blue Too Version)” is a short (two and a half minute), cool, forced and captivating song with a dark and mysterious undertone. Very, very good indeed if you ask me.

01. You (Blue Too Version)

You´re Too Drunk To Be Sweet

WeCD 289 / CDEP / Release: 2011-02-01

This is the debut EP from WE ARE SHE. An EP which is a blended mix of disco, pop and rock, that sometimes can remind you of acts like Blondie or Pulp. The band it-selves comes from a small town (Härnösand) at the northern east-coast of Sweden and they are here to enjoy. Whether you are happy or angry, in love or heartbroken, their songs will enhance your emotions and make you feel satisfied.

Although this is WE ARE SHE´s debut they have been playing together since 2004. Since then they have made numerous gigs at festivals, in clubs and even in living rooms. They have also featured with a song in the Swedish movie “I taket lyser stjärnorna”, which came out in 2009, as well as been nominated in the category best unsigned band at the Manifestawards in Sweden. But that´s then now is now, and let us proudly present to you this fantastic three track EP with the superb title; You´re Too Drunk To Be Sweet.

01. You´re Too Drunk To Be Sweet 02. Disco Phantom 03. You Are All I Want


WeCD 288 / CD / Release: 2011-01-19

Amber Oak has finally managed to release their debut album; “Illt”. Harden by difficulties, unpleasantness and defection, our quintet has now returned as a quartet, since a former member’s departure to the east, last seen in the mountains of Slovakia.

The album is a manic depressive mix of overdriven pop, spring reverb and with the echoes of the sixties lingering. An ambiguous story of a lost youth and a crave to get away. Away from constant winter, small town mentality and hockey. This ten strong song album proves once and for all that Amber Oak is definitely a band to keep close to your heart and with an open track like “Hide In My Car” they sure melted my.


Hide In My Car The Bitter Swing Gällivare As Colours Fade Dad´s Bike Sunny Pigeon Saferide This Heart, This Life Oken A Bad Day To Be Ignored Mother (I´m Alright)

"Löp och köp!”
"...deras tvärsäkert kaxiga attityd och klockrena gitarr-indie i skärningspunkten mellan Kinks och The Libertines..”
"Amber Oak utmärker sig från svensk musik med sin originalitet som olyckligtvis inte är ovanlig utanför landet lagom. Men är man ett fan av genren har man en solid och pålitlig skiva framför sig som kommer växa. ”


WeCD 287 / MP3 / Release: 2010-12-28

Here you have it lads, “Words”, Amber Oak´s first and latest song at the same time! This seriocomical indie pop song is the first song that’s officially relesead without the second guitarist in the band, as he has quitted and fled the country to live in some mountain village. With a catchy, friendly melody and some less-friendly lyrics mixed together, these fantastic pop-aesthetics shows themselves off before their upcoming debut album. And by the way, this song will not appear on their debut-album “Illt”




The Mountain (Avalanche Version)

WeCD 286 / MP3 / Release: 2010-11-30
Mount Avalanche is back with a new version of an older song. And as always when it comes to Mount Avalanche its a very impressive song with some really nice harmonies, including beautiful guitar and piano play. A light touch of Coldplay you might say.

By the way, this is how the band themselves describe their new single;

“The Mountain (avalanche version) is a new, more vivid and happy version of the original track. The thing is, we recorded it twice so we and you could enjoy the one and only happy song we got, haha. Course there aint gonna be no more happy songs from us…”

1. The Mountain (Avalanche Version)

A West Side Fabrication Play Covers

WeSAM0410 / MP3 / Release: 2010-11-16

A West Side Fabrication Play Covers. Yes that´s right, A West Side Fabrication has gained 15 of our artist and put together this cover album, songs chosen by the artists them self. Among the artist that are on the album we can name Breather, Tikkle Me, Heikki and The Drowners. Among the songs that are recorded I would like to mention Beatles “Come Together”, Katy Perry´s “I Kissed A Girl”, Kent´s “Musik Non Stop” and Joy Divisions “Interzone”. In other words, it´s wide-ranging, it´s crazy, it´s cool and purely fantastic.

Breather ”Come Together” The Blues ”Me And My Gin” Jupither ”I Kissed A Girl” Tikkle Me ”Musik non stop” Emma Hallin ”Mad world” Stairs ”White Wedding” Blue Eyed Blondes ”Glory Bound” Stardog ”Interzone” Mount Avalanche ”Heard Somebody Say” The Drowners ”Favorite waste of time” Heikki ”Single Girl” Linn ”I´m Yours” Wade ”Always On My Mind” Holiday With Maggie ”Don´t Tell Me” Stickboy ”Total Eclipse Of The Heart”

Best Believe

WeCD 285 / MP3 / Release: 2010-10-12

The five piece act stairs , from the middle of Sweden, are back with their second single “Best Believe”. Which by all means is a dark, soulful and melodic song with a awesome chorus. The music itself, since its quite fatal, reminds, a little, of acts like Kent and Depeche Mode.

If you ask me “Best Believe” is is a truly impressive song and for what I know, this ant the last we hear from stairs.


1. Best Believe


Mister Foreman

WeCD 284 / MP3 / Release: 2010-09-28

The Blues, who have their base in northern Sweden, was formed in 2009 by Bob and Henry. Their musical influences are old raw blues and German pioneers like Kraftwerk and Einstürzende Neubauten. The Blues’ music is evocative and melancholy and often takes a stand against opression in all forms.

“Mister Foreman” and “Not a Long Way Down” was recorded in the spring of 2010 at Neubauten Studio, andereBaustelle in Berlin.

Bob and Henry play all the instruments and have produced the music together with Einstürzende Neubauten’s producer Boris Wilsdorf.

1. Mister Foreman 2. Not a long way down

Allt vi gjort har du glömt

Buf.s 47 / MP3 / Release: 2010-09-14

In Swedish further down;

Popterror is about longing for that which you couldn’t wait to leave behind. A blog, then a club, and now we’re a band. Before any of this we were little boys in even smaller towns, and today we look back on it with equal amounts of sadness and nostalgia. Popterror is about bringing out your bicycle for the first time after a long winter, about seeing the trains pass by, about those small things you do for someone you like. Most of all Popterror is a serenade from the heart to a place you can return to, but never get back.

Popterror en sexmanna stark orkester från musikmetropolen Umeå, men med 5/6 delars ursprung från Jämtland som så många andra fantastiska pop-artister, debuterar här med en mycket stark och vital fyra-spårs EP vid namn “Allt vi gjort har du glömt”. En EP som har fått betyget fem av fem i musiktidningen Gaffa och som släpps den 14 september. Under sommaren har bandet även fått uppträda på riktigt bra scener som Peace & Love och Storsjöyran samt invigningsuppträda på Trästockfesetivalen.

Från “Allt vi gjort har du glömt” får Ni lyssna på spår två “Det är nåt som händer”.

För övrigt presenterar sig Popterror på följande vis;

“Popterror handlar om att längta tillbaka till det man längtade bort ifrån. Först var vi en blogg, sen en klubb, och nu är vi ett band som spelar så svängig hemorts-pop som vi bara kan. Innan vi var något av detta var vi små pojkar i en liten by, och ser idag tillbaka på det med både vemod och nostalgi. Popterror är att få ta fram cykeln för första gången efter vintern, att se tågen åka förbi, det där lilla extra man gör för någon man tycker om. Popterror är en ur hjärtat sprungen serenad till en plats man kan återkomma till, men aldrig få igen.”

Popterror består av Patrik Henricsson, Simon Österhof, Jocke Lindquist, Nils Gudmundson, Emil Andersson och Robin Ejnebrand.

Till sist, så här säger ett par välkända personer om Popterror;

Anders “Moneybrother” Wendin

“Inte för att det behövs en ny Alkberg, den gamle är fortfarande bäst, men jag gillar verkligen att det låter som hans lillebror om detta.”

Andres Lokko

“Det finaste med Popterror är hur deras kärlek till musiken är så uppenbar. Både när man lyssnar på dem men också i det faktum att de här vännerna först skrev en musikblogg, sedan startade en klubb och till slut inte kunde låta bli att skapa musik själva. Det vilar en känsla av något så ovanligt som livsnödvändighet över deras utveckling.”

Lisa Milberg

“Jag blev glad av dem. Det här är egentligen en olaglig grej att säga men jag gillade att det kändes som att de “menade det”. Sen är jag svag för de där melodierna som verkar flyta i blodet på dem där uppe i norr. Sist men inte minst känns det som ett band som verkligen kommer vinna på att spela mycket live och också ett band som borde göra sig väldigt bra live och då får man väl säga att det här priset är som gjort för dem.”

01 Guldgrävarna 02 Det är nåt som händer 03 Riksväg 45 04 0693

A Cab to the City

WeCD 283 / CD / Release: 2010-09-01
The fifth studio album by Penniless in the present composition brings you
ten songs located in a city. In these songs you hear the beauty of sadness
that sometimes gets you when you stop to think about the things you have
seen, done and haven´t done, your life experience in a word. If you look
for emotional music with bursts of aggression and loud guitars, this is
your album! The youngest of the three Alisaari brothers in the band, Ossi,
is becoming what the other members have expected of him since he joined
the band around year 2000. An excellent composer with the charisma to lift
the band to a new level in many ways. To put it short, the best album ever
from these five brothers who ”don’t give a fuck about anything else”.

Don´t you really know it´s Monday The Missing Fireman Hail of Bullets Panic A Pile of Coincidences Brothers Flowers & Superpowers Ou Wee Go Girl


The Long Wait Champion

WeCD 282 / CD / Release: 2010-08-25

Recorded at The Margarets studio Ocean Sound Recordings, Giske, Norway and mixed by the Norwegian pop cult hero Rune Berg at Front Row Studio in Oslo, Norway, you might guess this is a Norwegian artist, but no not at all. Hidden behind the name Bedroom Eyes you will find a smart and soulful Swede listening to the name Jonas Jonsson. And let me put it straight, it is his great love of and for pop-music that is visible through this superb pop-album “The Long Wait Champion”. Everything breath pop-music, the harmonies, the lyrics, the outfit, the good style, just everything. Or as he self describe his hit single “Hand-In-Hand Greande”;

“My aim has always been to make pop music that is so beautiful that it makes people want to go out and do something pretty. The sole heart of Bedroom Eyes is to be a haven for those who neither want nor can relate to such an outdated and askew stance as sex, drugs & rock’n’roll. ‘Hand-In-Hand Grenade’ is an unwavering vindication for the modest hearts. A fleet, vivid and anthemic plea to be taken earnestly when you’re standing in front of the only person you want to listen, in your best set of clothes with your pounding heart on the sleeve. This is pop music from the heart – to the feet.”

1. (Here's One for You) Underdog 2. Hand-In-Hand Grenade 3. Manifesto of a Midair Alliance 4. Sincerely (Formerly) Yours 5. The Traveler's Hi-Fi Gospel 6. Motorcycle Daydream 7. Blueprint for Departure 8. The Skywriter 9. Norwegian Pop 10. Dancing Under Influence

Six pack shy

BT 07 / MP3 / Release: 2010-08-10

The debut five track EP release from this Skelleftea based sextet. Country music with a glimpse in the eye. Ben Carbine & The 18 Wheelers are also a truly lovely live act.


01 Mon Ami

02 Six Pack Shy

03 Roll On

04 Easy Livin'

05 Part Time Wife


Du äger inte mig

Buf.s 46 / MP3 / Release: 2010-08-03


KFM stands for Karl Fredrik Mattsson.

KFM creates one summer single each year.

It will take ten years for KFM to make his album.

“Du äger inte mig” is summer single number four.


“Du äger inte mig” was produced by Andreas Mattsson.

Musicians: KFM (vocals, piano) Andreas Mattsson (piano, guitars), Daniel Bengtson (bass, synthesizers), Niklas Korssell (drums, percussions)

Recorded and mixed in May and June 2010 at Flipside Recording, Stockholm by Daniel Bengtson and Andreas Mattsson.

Mastered by Kjell Nästén.

Cover design: Petter Ödeen.

Du äger inte mig


BUF. 44 / CD / Release: 2010-05-26

Melancholy, romanticism and nostalgia. Three words that define the foundation of Väärt´s electronic pop music. The band was initiated in the mining town of Gällivare in Swedish Lapland by Johan and Pär. 10 years later, they met Frida and Love in the northern swedish city Umeå. During the winter 2010 Väärt´s soundscape emerged into an entirety: Johan´s joyful and sometimes mourning guitar combined with Frida´s expressive and soothing fiddle backed up by the electronic beats and esoteric sounds that Love contributes forms a unique pop sound. Pär´s naive but ambiguous and profound lyrics are reflecting the band´s relationship to their homestead, universal feelings for anyone who have been experiencing a change in their life. The music has been described as a journey to the North, as a longing for something that no longer exists.

During the spring of 2010 Väärt released their debut album “Sommarfågel” literally meaning summer bird, but also the word for a summer substitute working in the mines of Lapland. Shortly after the last ice had melted Väärt celebrated the release with a huge party on an old ferry boat in the Ume river. During summer 2010 Väärt will do their first festival gigs around in Sweden.


Swing it low

WeCD 281 / MP3 / Release: 2010-05-18

Mount Avalanche first saw daylight in the spring of 2009 as Tim Hukari, the lead singer, separated from his band at the time to make music with the producer and sound engineer Peter Arvidsson. Together they create a colorful sound with great warmth, well-defined guitars and beautiful harmonies.

They first appeared live during a rock festival in Katrineholms town park and have ever since played on a regular basis around Stocholm, Katrineholm and Norrköping.

In november of 2009 Mount Avalanche switched bass guitar-player as Stefan Olsson, under mystical circumstances, joined the band. Stefan who not only work as their bass player, but also their graphic illustrator, designed the cover to the band’s debut EP.

So please step in to the magnificent music of Mount Avalanche, you wont be disappointed, all four tracks are purely wonderful.

The Mountain Swing it low Cease the time The End

Hand-In-Hand Grenade

WeCD 280 / MP3 / Release: 2010-04-27

This lovely pop song “Hand-In Hand Grenade” are recorded at The Margarets studio Ocean Sound Recordings, Giske, Norway, under supervision of Herman Söderström (The Cardigans, Hello Saferide etc) and mixed by the Norwegian pop cult here Rune Berg at Front Row Studio, Oslo, Norway. As you might already have guessed this is a truly brilliant pop tune for all you lovers of soft pop. Bedroom Eyes, alias Jonas Jonsson, is pop music personified. Everything breath pop-music, the harmonies, the lyrics, the singing, the outfit everything. Or as he self describe his music;

“My aim has always been to make pop music that is so beautiful that it

makes people want to go out and do something pretty. The sole heart of

Bedroom Eyes is to be a haven for those who neither want nor can relate to

such an outdated and askew stance as sex, drugs & rock’n’roll.

‘Hand-In-Hand Grenade’ is an unwavering vindication for the modest hearts.

A fleet, vivid and anthemic plea to be taken earnestly when you’re

standing in front of the only person you want to listen, in your best set

of clothes with your pounding heart on the sleeve. This is pop music from

the heart – to the feet.”

Hand-In-Hand Grenade

Won´t let the world break us

WeCD 279 / MP3 / Release: 2010-04-13

stairs are a brand new pop-band from Örebro, in the middle parts of Sweden. They´ve been together for around a year as a quintette, a year more as a quartet. I would say that stairs play a sort of magnificent pop-music, with piano, great singing in parts combined with both sharp and soft guitars. That together with a great vocalist (Mikael Jinneskog) who also writes most of the material, makes a truly wonderful entirety. In other words, A West Side Fabrication is very much indeed proud to announce and present stairs debut single “Wont let the world break us”. Certainly hope you like it too.

Wont let the world break us

Blue Eyed Blondes

WeCD 277 / CDEP / Release: 2010-04-13

Blue Eyed Blondes are two rascally youngsters from the countryside, Lina Lönnberg and Kristoffer Emanuelsson. A few years ago they moved into the big city (in Swedish terms) Gothenburg at the Swedish west cost to make all their dreams come through. After a while the understand that the only way for them to emasculate their desire and visions was to start a country band, start Blue Eyed Blondes. At clubs, in shacks, at culture houses, in churches, in beerhouses, at festivals, in coffee shops, when ever they have had the time and opportunity, they have appeared and procure their message about love, doubt, yearning, being dumped, to be a cowboy and Jesus.

Maneater Laughing my heart out Glory Bound Why don´t you love me I used to work in Chicago


WeCD 278 / MP3 / Release: 2010-03-30

Finnish Penniless is back with a brand new single – “Brothers”, taken from their forthcoming album, which is expected to be put out early autumn this year. Those of you that already are familiar with Penniless will surely recognize their typical sound, where the hard and rough meets the soft in their own unique style. In their portfolio Penniless have so far released 7 albums (including three under their previously name Penniless People Of Bulgaria). And for your knowledge, this dynamic alternative pop/rock-quintette never sleeps on the chords, they will always bring you more.


Tikkle Me

WeCD 276 / CD / Release: 2010-03-24

Tikkle Me is an electro pop duo from Eskilstuna in Sweden. Frida Herchenröther and Karin Taberman mix hard beats with beautiful melodies and clever lyrics, and this is their self-titled debut album! They are debutants record-wise, but they’ve already done around forty gigs around Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. This summer they’re on their way to play somewhere near you!

1. Remind the world 2. I am your leader 3. And the tiger roared 4. Wake up 5. Glockenspiel 6. Blow my brains out 7. Hide & seek 8. Butterflies in my tummy 9. Vampire romance 10. Beat that devil

And then you left

WeCD 275 / CDEP / Release: 2010-03-11

As the second release in March we will give you these youngsters first physical release ever. Talking about Stolen Deer and their six track EP “And then you left”. An EP that reminds me of indie teenage angst. Brutal noisy guitars, with a hammering drummer and lyrics of things you wish you had . You could get hold of it through our web-store or at decent down-load stores, if you prefer it as digital.

01 - Jasmine 02 - Hearts in six parts of eight 03 - Loveless night 04 - Autumn 05 - Cosmos 06 - To late

Jag kom, jag såg, jag förlorade

BUFS43 / MP3 / Release: 2010-03-08

Verket is two childhood friends that once again stick their nose into good alternative pop-music. This time they combine the dark side of The Jesus and The Mary Chain with Simon & Garfunkel´s harmonica, but in Swedish language of course. And by the way, this is their second single, their previously was rotated by radio both here and there. Good stuff if you ask med.


Wake up

WECD274 / MP3 / Release: 2010-02-02

Tikkle Me är en duo från Eskilstuna bestående av Frida Herchenröther och Karin Taberman, vilka gör elektronisk popmusik med hjärta och värme. De blandar både hårt och mjukt, som de spetsar med underfundiga texter. “Wake up” är försmaken till deras kommande självbetitlade debutalbum med planerat releasedatum till i mitten av mars. Och visst de må vara debutanter, men bakom sig har de över 40 live-framträdanden, inklusive utflykter till både Ryssland och Ukraina.


Audrey (radio version)

WeCD 273 / MP3 / Release: 2010-01-19

Amber Oak are five good looking indie guys from West Side´s hometown. This song “Audrey” is a new version of the same song taken from their debut digital six-track album. This time its mixed by Kjell Nästén, who for instance took care of the mix and mastering of Mattias Alkbergs latest album “Nerverna”. And by the way, “Audrey” is rotated by nation Swedish radio P3.

Audrey (radio version)

Can you miss something

WeCD 272 / MP3 / Release: 2009-12-15

Emma Hallin is a quite new and lovely acquaintance in the West Side family. “Can you miss something” is her second MP3 release on West Side, wich also contains a second track “Mosquito bite”. I would say that Emma writes more music than I change clothes, so wont be surprised if she one day will make it big. Some would say that she is a singer song writer, but I promise, she´s much more than that. Here music is a mist of many different genres and she just writes what ever comes up in her mind.

Can you miss something Mosquito bite

Happy New Year

Sp.s 76 / MP3 / Release: 2009-12-15

As a tradition, third year in a row, we release some kind of a christmas song. This year its time for the very fine power pop quintette from West Side´s hometown Skellefteå, talking about the Drowners. Drowners who in fact has released one of our most popular song ever “Summer break my fall”.

Happy New Year


Buf42 / CD / Release: 2009-10-27

Mattias Alkbergs nya skiva heter “Nerverna”.

Det är hans fjärde skiva om man bortser från alla han gjort och gör med The Bear Quartet.

Ett tag hade han en tanke om att hans kompband skulle heta Nerverna, precis som skivan. Men se det gick inte, för det fanns redan ett band i Umeå som hette så.

Och alla som känner till den evighteslånga konflikten mellan Norr- och Västerbotten hade säkert inte blivit förvånade om han börjat bråka om det. Men Mattias vill inte gärna stöta sig med Umeå. Det är alldeles för klyschigt. Och det är det sista han är.

Bandet som spelar på Nerverna heter alltså inget särskilt. Det är ju inget konstigt med det, det är ju inte band på egen hand, det är bara Mattias som plockat ihop de allra bästa som finns. Som älskar att spela depressiv sextiotals-schlager och rockabilly och Modern Lovers-punk. För det är lite så det låter på Nerverna och det är ungefär det man får om man går och kollar på Alkberg och hans band. Och låtar från skivorna med Mattias Alkberg BD/MABD. Och lite väl valda covers.

Och det grymma är att man själv kan välja om man vill bugga, poga eller bara stanna hemma, stereon på högt, och låta tårarna droppa ner i högen med räkningar. Det är musik för alla som har ett känsloliv.

1. Nya Nya Testamentet 2. Sarin över Luleå 3. Jag bara tänkte, liksom, att 4. Andra känner 5. Alla hade gått hem! 6. Visst vet du att jag skiter i allt 7. Döden byter upp sig
8. Nåt i pajhålet
9. Nerverna
10. Jag är en antenn
11. Blödare
12. Kom och lägg dig
"Det mesta av ”Nerverna” är genuin feelbad-musik, fast levererad med en sådan intensitet att man får en adrenalinkick av den i alla fall.”

Endless autumn

WeCD 270 / MP3 / Release: 2009-10-20

Stolen Deer are a very young quartet, who breathe, smell and live for the band and music. Although they are young, they sure have the guts to come out with their fresh, energy-kicking, indie-guitar noise. So please be a ware of these youngsters.

Loveless night Autumn Cosmos

Andra känner

BUFS41 / MP3 / Release: 2009-09-29

The new and highly superb Mattias Alkberg single “Andra känner” is out now. Get it yourself from iTunes or where ever, or if you want to support us even more, get it from Klicktrack.

1. Andra känner

Butterflies in my tummy

WECD38 / MP3 / Release: 2009-09-22

West Side´s senaste signing är Tikkle Me från Eskilstuna. Tikkle Me en tjej duo som består av Frida Herchenröther och Karin Taberman, som båda har figurerat i Eskilstunas musikliv sedan ett flertal år tillbaks. Tillsammans har de haft Tikkle Me sedan sommaren 2006 och efter ett 60-tal spelningar runt om i Sverige (bland annat Emmaboda och Hultsfred), samt en eller annan sväng till Ryssland och Vitryssland, kände de att nu var det mogna att ge sig i lag med ett bolag. Efter mycket funderande föll lotten på oss vilket vi är otroligt tacksamma och smickrade över. Musiken de framför är i första hand elektronsik. Beats, basgångar och medryckande syntslingor samsas med cool sång och finurligt briljanta texter. En album produktion håller på att färdigställas men det första officiella smakprovet blir denna singel “Butterflies in my tummy” till vilken även en mycket snygg video är gjord.

01 - Butterflies in my tummy (3:07)

Dom som blev över

BUFS40 / MP3 / Release: 2009-09-15

Verket må vara en grupp trötta individer som tappade gnistan ungefär då stats-monopolen gick mot sitt slut. Men efter en sommar med folkpark, finanskris, folköl och en stämning som kunde vara hämtad ur Colin Nutleys största verk Black Jack hittade barndomsvännerna varandra igen och insåg att inte mycket hade förändrats. Dom bildade ett band som helt enkelt inte kunde heta något annant än Verket. “Dom som blev över” är ett uppvaknande, en kompromisslös popsång och det första smakprovet från detta nya band från en mellanstor stad någonstans i mellansverige där ord som mellan och lagom är allenarådande.


Lilla Amerika

Buf.s 38 / MP3 / Release: 2009-09-08

Second single from KFM, alias Fredrik Mattsson, who has a quite famous elderly brother namely Andreas who has produced and played piano and guitar on this beautiful song. Other musicians who appears on this single is Niklas Korssell and Daniel Bengtson.

01. Lilla Amerika

Worried girl

Sp.s 75 / MP3 / Release: 2009-09-01

Once again Darcy bring us a new and wonderful pop song.

Worried girl

Your missing piece

WeCD 268 / MP3 / Release: 2009-07-07

Amber Oak are a bunch of five nice fellows from the Northern territories of Sweden. They play indie-pop just for the love of it and to make a great impression on the other sex. Don´t know how they succeed though.

Turn of seasons Audrey BKB Your missing piece How she meet Morgan Dad´s bike (studio live version)

Stan var så liten

Buf.s 37 / MP3 / Release: 2009-06-09

First KFM single on West Side´s Swedish singing label Buffel.

KFM are no less than Fredrik Mattsson together with a bunch of different musicians. He´s playing pop, pure pop with thoughtful lyrics about childhood and grooving up in a small town, “Stan var så liten” is simply; The town was so small.

01. Stan var så liten

A/B-long time no sound

WeCD 267 / MP3 / Release: 2009-06-02

Its been a while since the debut album from Breather “One in a million” was released, as a fact its gone eight years. From that album hits like “Wish” and “Things I do” established Breather as a truly great band in the alternative rock genre, compared with acts like Foo Fighters etc.

But that was then, now is now. And I can surely tell you that this new and lovely six piece release has definitely been worth waiting from. Just listen to the Stooges fragrant “No fun at all” or the full-on “Graceland, to who a really cool video has been produced.

No fun at all Graceland Drunk & Funny Leftovers Another you another me Still I wish

You regret nothing

WeCD 266 / MP3 / Release: 2009-05-12

Wonderful debut from the super cool Emma Hallin.

You regret nothing

Svenska Ord Från A West Side Fabrication

WeCDSAM0309 / MP3 / Release: 2009-04-07

18 spår på det svenska språket. Allt från Mattias Alkberg via Hardy Nilsson till La Masa och Mindre Modiga Män.

1. Henry Chapman "Från pärm till pärm" 2. Mattias Alkberg BD "Politix" 3. Hardy Nilsson "1973" 4. Mindre Modiga Män "Lilla Du 2009" 5. La Masa "En psalm som smakar bubbelgum" 6. Garp "Ring klocka ring" 7. Magnus Mann "Hjärtan av sten" 8. Hur Som Helst "Bling bling" 9. Patrik Berglund "Mellanblond och medelklass" 10. Mattias Alkberg "Jag är en antenn" 11. Mindre Modiga Män "Lyckligare då" 12. Camilla "Jag håller om dig" 13. MABD "Eld i berget" 14. Blodungen "Anki" 15. Henry Chapman "Om sanningen ska fram" 16. Hardy Nilsson "Din match" 17. Garp "Allt som det är" 18. Mattias Alkberg "Jag bara tänkte, liksom, att"

My candle

Sp.s 74 / MP3 / Release: 2008-12-02

World class power-pop since 1993, thats what the Drowners are all about.

My candle

Morning light

WeCD 263 / CD / Release: 2008-09-24

Now is the day when we release Little Red Snapper´s beautiful pop, melodic alt country, album “Morning light”. An album that for someone might sound a little like an angrier version of The Jayhawks or perhaps like a warmer Death Cab For Cutie or like a more orchestrated version of The Shins. Anyway, it´s an album full filled with piano, key boards, brass etc.etc. Among the guest musicians we can name the famous Norwegian Pedal Steel player Geir Sundstöl and The Swedish indie icon Andreas Mattsson. By the way, talking about indie icons, “Morning light” is very well produced by Jari Haapalainen (Ed Harcourt, Camera Obscura, Moneybrother, The Bear Quartet ect. etc.). So please, don´t miss this album, I promise it´s worth giving an ear or two.

1. In every page 2. Free birds 3. Danced one summer 4. Still a stranger 5. Faded memory 6. Call me on Tuesday 7. Lucky man 8. The worst of the best 9. Life as it is 10. Misery 11. Cold shines the neon light

Devil´s prey

WeCD 261 / MP3 / Release: 2008-06-24

Third single from Olle Nyman´s fantastic album “Venture”. This single includes two previously unreleased songs as well as a radio edit of the title track.

1. Devil´s prey (radio edit) 2. Window of my heart 3. Wishes

Danced one summer

WeCD 262 / CDS / Release: 2008-06-10

Super power-pop from Stockholm.

1. Danced one summer

The Summer Breeze

WeCD 260 / MP3 / Release: 2008-05-28

Superb Swedish indie pop, at its beset if you ask us.

1. The summer breeze


WeCD257 / CD / Release: 2008-03-20

I´m the one

Sp.s 71 / MP3 / Release: 2008-02-05

Great magnificent pop.

I´m the one

The return of the weeping man (autumn edit)

WeCD 255 / CDS / Release: 2007-10-12

Great new version of one of the best songs from Tupelo Honeys superb Swedish indie album “Tupelo Honeys salutes you”.


Lovely you

WeCD 254 / MP3 / Release: 2007-10-03

Brand new single from young (22 years) Victor Håkanssons alter ego The Culture In Memoriam, only some six months after we released his full length debut “Abolish history this is our story”. This is perhaps the most direct song from TCIM you ever heard, a song with a great and cheerful chorus. Lovely is´t it?

01. Lovely you

The Breeze The Breath

WeCD 251 / CD / Release: 2007-06-20

The super cool four track debut single from these emo alternative rockers.

1. Take off 2. The better one 3. Plans 4. Landing

Tupelo Honeys salute you

WeCD 246 / CD / Release: 2007-04-25

Great indie pop from the twins Joel and Linn Edin Stockholm, Sweden. The album contains hits like “Boy you´re all right”, “Andy are you sure?”, “Oh what a day” and “The returning of the weeping man”. Though my personal favorite was perhaps “Without my princess”, what a beautiful song.

1. Seven o´clock 2. Boy you´re all right 3. Moonlight serenade 4. Andy, are you sure? 5. Without my princess 6. Oh what a day 7. ------------ 8. The return of the weeping man 9. Nothing, nothing, nothing 10. In her sphere 11. Le Grande

Abolish history, this is our story

WeCD 245 / CD / Release: 2007-03-28

The Culture In Memoriam is a new and talented act on West Side. T.C.I.M is Victor Håkansson, a young (21 years old) man from Malmoe, who has played music from his early childhood and released a seven track cd by himself a couple of years ago. Never the less, this is his debut on West Side and for those who don´t no better this is quite odd and personal stuff for people with their heart on the rightly side.

01. Destroy all facts and histroy 02. Sad to be 03. Boredom 04. UNITE! 05. Riot for love 06. Fear faith friends 07. Old friend 08. Capitalist monster 09. Last song 10. Hometown hymn 11. Our love was another goodbye

Andy, are you sure?

WeCD 244 / MP3 / Release: 2007-02-27

First single ever from the fabulous twins of Tupelo Honeys. Beautiful indie pop at its best.


The Attraction

WeCD 242 / CD / Release: 2007-02-26

Edgy rock, powerpop and punk a journey between Nirvana and the Pixies, perhaps this is what Penniless is all about. Anyway, their new album “The Attraction” is out now and among our personally favourites you can find tracks like “Police dogs”, “New stuff” and “City birds”. Check it out.


01 - Action! (3:03)

02 - Perfume (4:17)

03 - Messenger (3:44)

04 - Police dogs (4:40)

05 - Departures (3:19)

06 - Denial (3:18)

07 - hitchhiker (2:32)

08 - Cracks on the road (3:46)

09 - Electronic blues (3:22)

10 - Nwe stuff (4:16)

11 - City birds (3:50)

12 - Norman Blake (4:26)


Destroy all facts and history

WeCD 243 / MP3 / Release: 2007-01-22

The Culture In Memoriam is a new and talented act on West Side. T.C.I.M is Victor Håkansson, a young (21 years old) man from Malmoe, who has played music from his early childhood and released a seven track cd by himself a couple of years ago. Never the less, this is his debut on West Side. “Destroy all facts and history” is the first radio-promo form the forthcoming album “Abolish history – this is our story” which will be released within the next coming month. Stay tune for more.

01. Destroy all facts and history

December Depression

Sp.s 69 / MP3 / Release: 2006-12-06

Monastir with their version of what December is all about. Great as always.

December Depression

Feel No Summer

Sp.s 67 / MP3 / Release: 2006-07-20

“Feel No Summer” is an apathetic late summer hit from the indie pop/rock quartet Monastir’s new recordings.

Feel No Summer

Transparent Yeah

WeCD 232 / CD / Release: 2006-04-25

Sad, often slow, minimal pop-music, together with a fragile voice this is what Minxy Soul Models is all about. Black soul in a white heart, is something else I could say.


01. Fuck The Night Away 02. Meat District 03. Freeze Me 1.0 04. 99 Times 05. Them Angels 06. Wish Me Back 07. Baby It's You 08. Kuchibiru Daisuki 09. Top Gun 10. Missing In Action 11. Perfect Highway


Behind The Clouds

WeCD 234 / CD / Release: 2006-03-29

Olle Nyman’s first album, an album that has some similarities with Van the mans soul albums from the seventies as well as the Band’s root rock. Saying that I have to clarify that “Behind the Clouds” isn’t a impersonal retrospect, not at all, it’s indeed a truly heartfelt soul album.


01. It's Alright

02. Come On

03. Darling

04. Ride Out The Storm

05. Take A Breath

06. Safe & Sound

07. Under The Sun

08. At The Break Of Day

09. Coffee Cup

10. So Strong

11. Way Down Low

12. Behind The Clouds


Good Things Never Last

SP. 61 / CD / Release: 2005-12-12
Time for the second full length album from the great quartet Monastir from Gävle. On a summer vacation, Monastir was founded by childhood friends Marcus Olsson and Magnus Björk. Back in Sweden Fanny Wedmark and Björn Olszewski got drafted and the grain of sand from the Sahara Desert became a solid rock.
“Good things never last” is also released in Japan by Mediafactory and the band has visited the major cities of the country for a couple of successfully concerts. There’s also a lot of interest for Monastir’s music in American TV series. When their debut album came the papers dubbed Monastir to “the future of Swedish indie rock”. This time they’re even better! Monastir means energy, intensity and attitude. Join the followers or take heed. Voices of the press: “Monastir will save the indie rock scene” (5/5 – Stefan Andersson, Gefle Dagblad), “…delivers some classics pop melodies with lyrics about love problems…” (Kim Larsson, Nya Wermlands-Tidningen), “…this is the best songs I’ve ever heard from these guys.” (4/5 – Erik Süss, Arbetarbladet), “…refreshingly indie pop” (Jonas Fahlman, Norra Västerbotten).

Time for the second full length album from the great quartet Monastir from Gävle. On a summer vacation, Monastir was founded by childhood friends Marcus Olsson and Magnus Björk. Back in Sweden Fanny Wedmark and Björn Olszewski got drafted and the grain of sand from the Sahara Desert became a solid rock.”Good things never last” is also released in Japan by Mediafactory and the band has visited the major cities of the country for a couple of successfully concerts. There’s also a lot of interest for Monastir’s music in American TV series. When their debut album came the papers dubbed Monastir to “the future of Swedish indie rock”. This time they’re even better! Monastir means energy, intensity and attitude. Join the followers or take heed. Voices of the press: “Monastir will save the indie rock scene” (5/5 – Stefan Andersson, Gefle Dagblad), “…delivers some classics pop melodies with lyrics about love problems…” (Kim Larsson, Nya Wermlands-Tidningen), “…this is the best songs I’ve ever heard from these guys.” (4/5 – Erik Süss, Arbetarbladet), “…refreshingly indie pop” (Jonas Fahlman, Norra Västerbotten).

1. Wasted 2. December Depression 3. Going Under, Get Me Out 4. Saturday Night 5. Good Things Never Last 6. I Freak Out On Everyone 7. Echoes In My Head 8. Young And Stupid 9. Loving You Is Killing Me 10. So Defeated 11. Check Point Dalälven

The Wasted EP

Sp.s 60 / CD / Release: 2005-10-12

Five track EP from the marvelous Swedish Monastir. Extremely great stuff if you ask me. And by the way, this particular EP includes their cover version of The Bear Quartet´s “Ghost For Laundry”.

1. Wasted 2. It´s In My Head And Blood 3. Ghost For Laundry 4. Life Is Long, When You´re Lonely 5. Wasted - Space Disco 3000 Remix

Heikki 2

WeCD 219 / CD / Release: 2005-02-15

Heikki is Maria Ericsson and Jari Haapalainen, also know from The Concretes and The Bear Quartet. Heikki 2 is their, as the name says, second album release and comparing with their previously one, this is a much much more orchestral album, with loads of beautiful songs. One of those are of course the hit single “Former Hero”


1. Former Hero
2. Election Day
3. Still You Don't Know Me
4. Give It Back To You
5. Lovely Hands
6. I Can't Stand (To See Someone Hurt)
7. Smiling Liar
8. I Need A Man
9. Don't Ask Me Why
10. Tonight


Former Hero

WeCD 218 / CD / Release: 2005-01-19

The super-single from Maria Ericsson and the well known producer Jari Haapalainen´s duo project Heikki.

This single was a tremendous hit in their native country Sweden.


1. Former Hero 2. Nothing Lasts


All Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

WeCD 214 / CD / Release: 2004-02-09

We find longstanding Finnish punkrockers Penniless tipping their caps towards motoring post-punk, classic rock and potent pop, all the while hinting broadly at influences as sundry as The Pixies and The Posies, with a sideways shot of The Beatles and The Kinks (especially on the single “Amen”). Idiosyncratic and Finnish (which might be redundant), Penniless are re-inventing themselves, emerging as popsmiths from a coccon of distortion, while pouring all the energy and aggression of their 10-year career into these frantic majestic indierock songs.

This is Penniless;

“Rock band playing pop songs with an ironic tick in the left eye wealthy in tonnage, with melodies that etched your brain unforgettably followed by shocked neurons seeking an injuction against them”/ Metal Hammer


“Their own mangle of quirky pop and twisted guitars is genuinely enjoyable…”/Kerrang!


“Tight and humorous and subtly stange. Impish but evil. Straightforward but mocking.”/Pop matters




– “The quintet and there guitar influenced powerpop sounds as urbane as melodious” – Wilhelm Askebring, Barometern.


– “Penniless plays guitar based rock that doesn’t really tell you that it’s created in the deep forests of Finland.” – Frida Färlin, Arbeterbladet.


– “A self secure title by a band with a couple of awesome albums in there hand luggage.” – Tommy Pohjola, Hufvudstadsbladet.’


1. Pitiful

2. With The Needles

3. Story Of A Punk

4. Lifeboat

5. Tonight There's A Riot

6. Hey Mr. Pelvis

7. Amen

8. Chemical

9. I Started A War

10. Chest

11. Circle Above My Head


The modern sound for a loser generation

SP. 46 / CD / Release: 2003-03-31

One of my personal favorites in the whole history of A West Side Fabrication. The start of this album really rocks with super songs like “Disconnect my speaker”, “Shape up”, “Teenage years” etc etc. A truly wonderful album which is still very much up to date.

What I once said, is very much indeed still useful; “This is West Side´s party band number one”.

1. I Like You When You're Not Around 2. Disconnect My Speaker 3. Shape Up 4. Teenage Years 5. The Lonely Planet 6. See Ya In Istanbul 7. Fat, Tired And 25 8. I Hate Your Boyfriend 9. Silent Man Who Drives 10. Cuba Libre 11. Rendezvous 12. The Modern Sound For A Loser Generation

Heikki 1

WeCD 201 / CD / Release: 2002-04-29

The beautiful seven track CD release from this marvelous duo of super producer Jari Haapalainen and Concretes Maria Ericsson. Just pure wonderful music.


1. I Always Knew 2. You Should Be Resting 3. All That I Need 4. Return Ticket 5. Desperate 6. Single Girl 7. Two In Pain



WeCD 191 / CD / Release: 2001-09-05

Super-cool indie-pop release with at twist of alternative dance vibes. One of the finest acts in the history of Swedish indie. This album contains their hit single “Kiss Kiss”.

01. Satellites 02. Nobody knows where we are 03. Stranded No. 1 04. Unicorn 05. Kiss Kiss 06. A car arrives 07. Hypersleep 08. Love you all 09. Suppose they give a pop-war and no one comes 10. Soul song


WeCD 183 / CD / Release: 2001-02-05

This is Penniless;

“Rock band playing pop songs with an ironic tick in the left eye wealthy in tonnage, with melodies that etched your brain unforgettably followed by shocked neurons seeking an injuction against them”/ Metal Hammer


“Their own mangle of quirky pop and twisted guitars is genuinely enjoyable…”/Kerrang!


“Tight and humorous and subtly stange. Impish but evil. Straightforward but mocking.”/Pop matters




– “The quintet and there guitar influenced powerpop sounds as urbane as melodious” – Wilhelm Askebring, Barometern.


– “Penniless plays guitar based rock that doesn’t really tell you that it’s created in the deep forests of Finland.” – Frida Färlin, Arbeterbladet.


– “A self secure title by a band with a couple of awesome albums in there hand luggage.” – Tommy Pohjola, Hufvudstadsbladet.


1. Black Crows

2. Beautiful

3. Adam's Apple Pie

4. Never Forget You

5. Beauty Of Dreaming

6. Imbecile

7. My Points

8. Heaven Is A Lie

9. Save

10. Addicted

11. Summer

12. Lullabies


Radko’s Mansion

WeCD 176 / CD / Release: 2000-07-10

Rock, alternative rock from the northern parts of Sweden.


All forgotten                                                                

I adore                                                                          

End of Story                                                                 

Head above                                            

Et tu Brute                                              

Another day                                                                 






Beautiful vs Cage

WeCD 165 / CD / Release: 1999-10-18

First single taken from Penniless second album “Anola”. An album which did more than well and got released all over the world.


01 Beatiful

02 Cage



WeCD 155 / CD / Release: 1998-04-20

This is Penniless;

“Rock band playing pop songs with an ironic tick in the left eye wealthy in tonnage, with melodies that etched your brain unforgettably followed by shocked neurons seeking an injuction against them”/ Metal Hamme

“Their own mangle of quirky pop and twisted guitars is genuinely enjoyable…”/Kerrang!

“Tight and humorous and subtly stange. Impish but evil. Straightforward but mocking.”/Pop matters


– “The quintet and there guitar influenced powerpop sounds as urbane as melodious” – Wilhelm Askebring, Barometern.

– “Penniless plays guitar based rock that doesn’t really tell you that it’s created in the deep forests of Finland.” – Frida Färlin, Arbeterbladet.

– “A self secure title by a band with a couple of awesome albums in there hand luggage.” – Tommy Pohjola, Hufvudstadsbladet.


1. Millionaire


2. Avalanche


3. Greenpeace Activist Meets The Metal Eater


4. Dog


5. Tram


6. Cyberhand


7. Molecular


8. Moving To Jupiter


9. Snow


10. Earthworm


11. Deathpop


12. Dig


13. Vertical



All I Ever Do

WeCD 104 / CD / Release: 1995-02-06

Great pop EP from Swedish Blue.


All I Ever Do

16 Stiches

In The Family (remix by Tea Al)


The Godrats EP.

WeCD 047 / CD / Release: 1993-04-19





I Wonder

If (Version)



WeCD 041 / CD / Release: 1993-02-08

Debut album from Skellefteås finest alternative rock combo.



WeCD 259 / CD Release:

Super cool EMO act from Skellefteå. To bad they didn’t hold it together long enough to concur the world.

Never the less, just listen to tracks like “The False Message” and “The Better One” and then you know what this is all about. Great stuff if you ask me.

The Introduction The Curse The False Message The Better One The Talk of Walls The Intermission The Lieston The Plans The Caged Vision The Lights The Expedition The Escape

Head Is Mighty

WeCD 057 / CD Release:

Probably the best album from the nice people of Blithe. A quality album for all of you who liked (and likes) acts like Sonic Youth, Trumans Water, Pavement, Dinosaur Jr etc, etc.


01. No comfort holden

02. Hellstreet

03. Head is mighy

04. Lost in the attic

05. Bikehelmet

06. She´s so strange

07. Plushboy

08. Megababe

09. Goner

10. Fotball field

11. Enemy

12. Leavingsong

13- Big one



Pagen Rituals Under A Midnight Sun

WeCD 038 / CD Release:

Blithe’s first album, an adrenaline guitar noise kick in the landscape of acts like Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr. Super cool act that all in all released three albums. If you don’t believe us, just listen to the open track “Born to be board”, a classic song from the innocent days of Swedish guitar indie.


01. Born to be board

02. Sometimes

03. Paul, Lauren and me

04. 090

05. The Rainday

06. First it seems

07. Holocaust honey

08. True believer

09. Lying awake considering a move

10. Ok today

11. Counting sheep


Verse Chorus Verse

WeCD 093 / CD Release:

The third album release on West Side Fabrication from this nice people of Blithe. A classic quality alternative indie album for all you who like acts like Pavement, Dinosaur Jr, Sonic Youth, Trumans Water, or even early stuff from our own The Bear Quartet etc, etc. Lo-fi rock meets guitar noise. And if that ant enough, this album holds some really good lyrics as well. So please step in to Blithe´s world by start listening to the rocky “I guess yes”, and then go on to the beautiful “Losefer” and the characteristic of the period “Mind dent”. If that not enough, give an ear to the speedy “Hardliner”. After that you must be sold, if not, you´re either to young or to uneducable.


01. I Guess Yes

02. Haven

03. Now You Know

04. Losefer

05. Hell of Man

06. Agiance

07. Mother Goose

08. Mind Dent

09. Hardliner

10. Man/2

11. Spring Clean

12. Early Risers


Fashion Mania

WeCD 144 / CDEP Release:

Probably the most popular release from this sweet alternative pop act. All in all they only released one album, an EP (this one) and one single (besides two taken from their album). Indie when indie was worth the name.


01. Fashion Mania

02. Smile

03. Hide And Seek

04. Some

05. Favourite Party

06. Perish The Thought


It’s Emily’s

WeCD 138 / CD Release:

The only album from this alternative pop quartet. This album was produced by Ken Springfellow and to be honest his ideas didn’t really match what the band was after. Nevertheless, this is a classic indie-pop release with some truly good songs.


01. Everyone

02. Perish The Thought

03. Disco

04. Insomnia

05. Emily Bright

06. Add It

07. Distorted Reality

08. To Gordon

09. Is That Your Daughter

10. Candyfish

11. Welcome


How To Be A Friend

WeCD 152 / CDS Release:

The last thing we ever heard from this beautiful pop combo was this adorable single. Indie-pop at it’s best.


01. Showgirl

02. How To Be A Friend


Snälla Mamma

WeCD 034 / CDEP Release:

Typical swedish folk pop music from the northern parts of the country. And so no misunderstandings will appear, “Snälla mamma” was indeed a big hit on Swedish radio back in those days.


01. Snälla mamma (akustisk version)

02. Snälla mamma

03. Vacker och vild

04. Hon gör det med sig själv