The No Truster is distorted electronic rock from the woods of Gotland and the concrete of Stockholm. It all started in an abandoned silo, in a forgotten part of the Swedish capital in 2011. Johannes Hallbom and Emil Stenström began working frenetically on some loose ideas of what was to grow into the debut album ‘Bolts’. The music was a reaction to the main stream and commercial music climate; and dealt with lies, betrayal, obsession and eternal love. The two friends sat in the darkness and produced music in the belief that it would never leave the walls of the silo – and they were fine with that.

But a rumor started to spread about The No Truster, and one day an offer came to play at the biggest music festival in Sweden, Peace & Love, in the summer of 2012. There and then The No Truster performed live for the first, and after that things started to move rapidly. After a couple of milestone gigs the band signed with us, and now it’s time for the rest of the world to experience The No Truster.

‘Bolts’ is an album about shattered people and shredded hearts, about living life to the fullest and not caring about the consequences. Bolts is about dancing the troubles away, about human beings in the modern world. In the end, it’s about eternal love, nailed to the heart with bolts. Don’t get too close.

(Johannes Hallbom and Emil Stenström is previously known from the swedish indie rock band Tony Clifton.)


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