Dansa Fredrik Reinfeldt

A proclamation from the Great Leader

Comrades, citizens, brothers and sisters!

The great leader want the entire Swedish population , indeed the whole world to partake of the joy that only The great leader can spread . The great leader loves namely the entire Swedish population , indeed the entire world population , without conditions and without requiring the same way that all citizens love The great leader . The great leader is the most delicious of battle stallions and you want all people to sing and dance to the tune of Dancing Fredrik Reinfeldt , the new miracle anthem. The great leader finds it finally makes sense to pass on their grandiose and life-changing ideas in a new song and dance number, in the same vein as the previous world successes, The Twist , The Mashed Potato , The Hokey Pokey , The Loco – Motion, YMCA, Lambada , Macarena, The Birdie Song and the Harlem Shake. The great leader urges all citizens of the world to listen to and swing your hips to the innovative super dance. The great leader has leaned on and been inspired by their German friends in Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft , for everyone to experience the ecstasy that only the great leader can convey. The great leader would like to humbly share the honor of this showpiece with its proud alliance : The great banker , the great people -former, The Swedish Iron Lady and St George . The great leader does not want to belittle their friends’ efforts , but want the whole world to see and experience how talented even his aides and allies are . The great leader wants to Dancing Fredrik Reinfeldt to all brothers and sisters to follow the rhythm , feel the pulse and sing along in the century song and dance numbers.

The humble friend and guide of the people

The Great Leader



PS. Please check out our great video by using this link: https://vimeo.com/96519529  DS.

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