El Guapo

Super Cool new single, and thats the truth, from northern based The Blues. This duo has earlier, some six months ago, released a single, so this is their second. They have also contributed with a nice tune on our Compilation “A West Side Fabrication Play Covers”. But that was then and now is now, so therefor all nice folks out there, please welcome El Guapo (plus the second track The Highway);

El Guapo.

Deep down in the south of Europé, that’s where you find him; El Guapo

He is very thin and tanned and he gives you a warm toothless smile. El Guapo used to be a small time crook but not anymore.

Oh no, not anymore. He made that big score. Just that one. It wasn’t supposed to happen. But he got his chance and he took it. El Guapo ran off with the money.

Now he’s sitting by himself in the bar, every night, dressed in a red LaCoste polo shirt, ordering glass after glass of their most expensive red wine.

El Guapo’s got it made. El Guapo is living the sweet life. Nobody knows he’s here. Nobody knows that he’ s still alive.

Nobody…………But me.

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