Sunday morning on the edge of town

After four years of stretching and searching, stairs (a quintette from Swedish city Örebro) has finally found their way home. The band’s first album, “Sunday morning on the edge of town”, emphasize emotions and impressions from life. To find a place in an irrationell community, find balance after bursted relations and a way through tragic nights on the edge of town are all examples of charachteristics from the title track, as well as from the other 9 tracks on the album.

To be truly honest, stairs are all about pop-music, from the dark sounds (a little like Depeche Mode) on “Best believe” through the thoughtful and beautiful title track “Sunday morning on the edge of town” to the driven and super-catchy “The death of a young student”.

At last for your knowledge. This debut-album is produced by some well known Swedish musicians, Simon Ljungman & Jens Back and for you who don´t know, these two gentleman´s are playing with and behind Håkan Hellström and Lars Winnerbäck.


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