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A new acquaintance from us


Next week we’ll release a new single, a new single from a new act on A West Side Fabrication. So therefor I thought I might as well ask them a couple of questions, so you all now a little bit more about them;

First of all, who are you answering these questions, what’s your roll in the band and what kind of band are Pretties For You?

– My name is Michael Franke and I’m the guitarist in Pretties for You. We’re an Indie Rock Band consisting of myself, Martina Forsgren (singer, songwriter), Martin Brodin (drums), Jon-Erik Bergqvist (bass) Christian Johansson (keyboard).

So why and when did you end up playing together?

– Pretties for You started as a project between me and my girlfriend Martina. We started looking for band members and met Christian, Jon-Erik and Martin. We all run in the same social circles and share a love for music. We began playing together in the spring of 2011. It was love at first tune, a perfect match.

Okay I see, and since you are such a new acquaintance to me I wonder if you have some experience of playing live from the past?

– All of us have a lot of experience playing live in various bands and other constellations. Pretties for You played live almost from the beginning, even before we released our first single.

The first single on West Side will be the magnificent “When the Lights Went Out”, what can you tell us about this particular song?

– It’s essentially a song about leaving the past behind and clearing the way for new beginnings.

So without wait the course of happenings I know you have some other songs that will be released by us later this spring, are you a band who write songs all the time or how do you arrange these things, is there someone in the band who are the main writer etc?

– Martina writes the songs. She presents a new song to us at rehearsal and we decide if we want to move forward with the song or not. So far we have never said no to any of her songs. We are lucky to have such a talented songwriter in the band. Then we work on an arrangement together until it’s just the way we want it.

Good to hear. Last questions, if the whole of you had to chose just one act that you all like, which one would it be? And if you, as a band, out of the blue could pick one act that you were able to support at a big venue would it be the same act or?

– Only one band? We have to name at least two, Bruce Springsteen and Arcade Fire. Supporting either of them would be a dream come true.