A West Side Fabrication Play Covers

Tomorrow, the 16th, is the day when we release this cool album containing 15 cover versions of some great songs, chosen by the artists them self (down below you´ll find the track list). In other words, if you want to support West Side and our crew, get it in a web-store near you.

Breather ”Come Together”

The Blues ”Me And My Gin”

Jupither ”I Kissed A Girl”

Tikkle Me ”Musik non stop”

Emma Hallin ”Mad world”

Stairs ”White Wedding”

Blue Eyed Blondes ”Glory Bound”

Stardog ”Interzone”

Mount Avalanche ”Heard Somebody Say”

The Drowners ”Favorite waste of time”

Heikki ”Single Girl”

Linn ”I´m Yours”

Wade ”Always On My Mind”

Holiday With Maggie ”Don´t Tell Me”

Stickboy ”Total Eclipse Of The Heart”

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