About Bedroom Eyes

As said, on Tuesday, April 27th, will we release the debut single from Bedroom Eyes. And since he (yes its a he) still is a quite unknown, I did ask him a couple of questions the other day. So here we go;

Who are Bedroom Eyes, and what´s the story behind it?

Bedroom Eyes is my moniker and my birth name is Jonas Jonsson. I grew up

in a small town called Föllinge, located way up in the Swedish mountains.

I’ve been making music under my moniker for some four years now and have

played selected shows in Sweden and Norway with a live band since. The aim

is to make pop music that is so beautiful that it makes people want to go

out and do something pretty.

My forthcoming debut album is recorded on two-inch tape in the

all-analogue studio Ocean Sound Recordings, built inside a small boat

house on the scenic Atlantic shores of the tiny Norwegian island Giske.

All songs are written by me and produced by myself and my dear friend

Henric Boija.

The story behind the name is simple.

I was in London when I had just turned 20. I was exiting a record shop in

Soho and accidently smashed into a lady passing by on the street. I almost

knocked both of us over and when I looked up to apologise, every cell in

my body froze.

It was Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders.

I stood there staring while my mind unsuccessfully tried to find some

polite and suitable words to say. She looked back at me, adjusted her sun

glasses and said “Hey, watch your step, bedroom eyes!” and disappeared

down the street. I went back into the shop and with shaky hands bought

“Get Close”.

The first single release on A West Side Fabrication, the lovely

“Hand-In-Hand Grenade” what can you tell us about it?

“Hand-In-Hand Grenade” stands as a very fine example of nearly all the

things that makes my music what it is. A clash between my 60’s Phil

Spectoresque instrumentation influences and the slight touches of the drum

machine verve of contemporary indie, crowned with a lyric I spent a long

time refining. To make it all come together in a solid way we are actually

eleven people playing on that one song. That’s the way this album is

recorded – no short cuts or time saving half-measures, we chose the path

of most resistance even though it nearly killed us a few times.

And talking about West Side Fabrication, why did you contact us at all, do

you have any personal relationship with us?

As a kid, growing up in northern Sweden, A West Side Fabrication was for a

long time the only Swedish label I knew. Around the time when music really

found me, there seemed to be an endless row of West Side bands like The

Bear Quartet, Popsicle and The Wannadies who, just like myself, came from

very isolated and far-off places in northern Sweden. The fact that these

people could make drop-dead cool indie was a major inspiration and somehow

I think Bedroom Eyes is a part of the second phase of the northern indie

scene, standing in debt to these arctic pioneers. Maybe not so much in

sound as in sentiment.

When I recorded my first demo song some years ago, a friend stopped by to

listen and said “this really sounds like something that could have come

out of A West Side Fabrication”. For me and my friends, northern indie and

A West Side Fabrication is as tightly combined as anything could possibly


At last, is there anything else you would like to share with us at this


There’s always tons to be shared. The second most urgent thing right now

is that the forthcoming album is really something to look forward to. You

can’t find a more biased person than me, but I think this is one of the

best albums of the year. I don’t expect any one else to share my opinion,

but that’s what I truly think. The most urgent thing I want to share are

the words of Lenny Bruce; “There are never enough I love you’s”. Share it,

practice it and let’s keep in touch!

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