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The new and highly superb Mattias Alkberg single "Andra känner" is out now. Get it yourself from iTunes or where ever, or if you want to support us even more, get from Klicktrack by using this link: www.klicktrack.com/westside/releases/mattias-alkberg/andra-knner 
And by the way, his new and forth solo album "Nerverna" will be out October 28.


Our latest signing are this brilliant electro duo Tikkle Me from Eskilstuna. There first release on West Side is a really cool song called "Butterflies in my tummy". If you are interested, please use this link and get it yourself; www.klicktrack.com/westside/releases/tikkle-me/butterflies-in-my-tummy 


We are proud to present Verket, a new band from somewhere in the middle of Sweden. They have just released their debut single "Dom som blev över". You can hear it at Swedish radio P3 right now! You can buy this great song at klicktrack, tell yoyr friends, listen to it on Spotify and check out Verket's myspace. Do it!


Once again I would like to announce that I have changed a few items  
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On Tuesday, the first of September, we will release the new Darcy single. 
If  you are interested to down-load it, follow this link


This first half year of 2009 have been a hectic period, with quite a few released tracks. Talking about songs from artists like Breather, Karavan, KFM, Rena Rama, Emma Hallin etc. etc. We also did release a new compilation called "Svenska ord från A West Side Fabrication", that included two previous unreleased tracks from Mattias Alkberg.

This particular week we are very proud to announce the six track debut release from the wonderful indie youngsters of Amber Oak. Their debut is called "Your missing piece" and you can get it from our Klicktrack store (or iTunes etc)
I promise, its a get for all you indie nerds.
But its even more to come, because next week we will release the first new track from the forthcoming Mattias Alkberg album "Nerverna". The single is called "Jag bara tänkte, liksom, att" and its a truly great rockabilly song from the lead singer of The Bear Quartet. By the way, his new album will be released in autumn, but yet there is no exact date set. So stay tune for more information.


Thanks to the once who have bought it, because the fact is that our compilation "Svenska Ord Från A West Side Fabrication" is know our most sold album on the net, so far this year. For example, perhaps why its been popular, contains the album two previously unreleased tracks by Mattias Alkberg. So if you are interested check it out on our klicktrack store (or where you buy your stuff)


If you are interested and like our music, which I certainly hope, now its the right time for you to visit our web-shop and look at the items we have on sale. For instance, you can buy Olle Nymans album "Behind the clouds" or The Bear Quartets masterpice "Gay icon" for a bargain, as well as The Breeze The Breaths hit single. All in all there are 12 different items on sale right now at our x-price page.
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Attraction", from the Finnish alternative rockers Penniless. All in  
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A long lost friend is back. Within a short period of time we will  
release this brand new single from The Drowners, their first release  
on West Side in a decade. Convenient, for this time to come, its sort  
of a Christmas single called "My candle".


Now it´s out, available, the best pop alt country album from us this month, the only one as well. Talking about Little Red Snapper´s "Morning light". So order it physical from our web-shop, or down-load it from either iTunes or Klicktrack. Music for all you who loves strong, beautiful, melodies with catchy chorus.


The 24th of September is the day when we release Little Red Snapper´s beautiful pop, melodic alt country album "Morning light". But before that we are releasing this brilliant up tempo song (from the album) "Call me on Tuesday" with piano, keyboards, brass etc. etc which are produced by no less than Jari Haapalainen (Moneybrother, Frida Hyvönen, Ed Harcourt, Camera Obscura etc. etc). "Call me on Tuesday" has also, already, been play listed by Swedish national radio P3 as well as some other minor stations. In other words, if you are interested in this song, which you sure should be, follow this link and get it as a MP3.


Ten West Side Fabrication CD´s are on sale at our web store right now. For instances the , now itime , if you don´t have it already, to purchase the absolute fabulous Bear Quartet album "My war" with classic BQ songs like "What I hate" and "Old friends". And when you ´re doing that, why don´t you take the chance to get their superb EP "Tibet" as well, this time at a very decent price. On sale are also music from Mattias Alkberg BD, The Breeze The Breath, Jupither etc etc. Just follow this link and hopefully you will find something for yourself as well.


West Side Fabrication are proud to announce that we have signed a new
act to our rooster. The band is called Little Red Snapper and their
Jari Haapalainen produced second album, first with us, will be
released in fall. By the way, the album wear the title "Morning
light" and it is an album for all you pop, indie, country freaks who
enjoys Jayhawks, Death Cab For Cutie etc. etc. But already now you
can listen and buy the first single from that album on a down-load
store near you. The single is called "Danced one summer" and is a
truly lovely summer song. If you are interested, you can also follow
this link


Holiday With Maggie is back with a new album, or should we call it old? Pocket Memories is a compilation with rare unreleased tracks, b-sides and songs song from album out of print. The title of the album speaks for itself. Holiday With Maggie have always brought their pocket recorder with them to put down all the ideas for upcoming songs. Pocket Memories takes you on a journey with Holiday With Maggies pocket recorder. From the orangutangs of Sumatra to their hometown Gävle. Enjoy the trip, there's no backtracking....
Get it from our shop


To celebrate the arrival of the summer here in Sweden and Tupelo Honeys outing to Spain and five gigs there (3/6 Castellon, 4/6 Madrid, 5/6 Valencia, 6/6 Murcia and 7/6 Xativa) we release a brand new song from this twin duo, which now has increased to become a trio with another additional Edin. The song is suitable called "The summer breeze" and is after a well known Tupelo Honeys manner a truly beautiful pop-song. Also, if everything turns out fine, Tupelo Honeys will release their second album this coming fall. Tupelo Honeys, which moreover, have had a couple of radio success here in Sweden with songs like "Oh what a day", "The return of the weeping man" and "Boy you´re all right". If you´re interested in getting hold of this new and marvelous Tupelo Honeys track, be our guests and use this link


Now are the new and super catchy summer flirt from Holiday With Maggie up and running on Klicktrack, soon on other down-load sites as well. Use the link below if you are interested, which all of you that are in for some good power-pop should be. Promise, you want be disappointed.


So what is going on at the West Side horizon this spring. Well first
of all, as you all probably know, we are releasing full length albums
from both The Breeze The Breath (7th of May) and Jupither (the 21st
of May). Further more we are right now finalizing young Linn´s new
single "Nothing at all" as well as Darcy´s vocalist Saga Eserstam´s
solo debut. And talking about Darcy, if we can manage they will
record the follower to their brand new "I´m the one" single within a
short period of time. And by all means it is such a beautiful song,
in my ears, probably the best Darcy song ever. We are also releasing
a new three track single from our flag ship right now Olle Nyman
later on. The single includes two previously unreleased Olle Nyman
tracks as well as a radio edit version of his song "Devil´s prey".
And if this ant enough, Tupelo Honeys are starting the writing and
recording progress to their next album. With some good old luck we
will here the first song before the end of June.


Today, the first of April, is the day when the new and edgy single from The Breeze The Breath is available as down-load on our Klicktrack page. The song, "The False Message", is the first taste from this radical youngsters debut album "Lieston". And as always when it comes to this bunch, they have done it their on way, and they have done it with both smartness and with a great attitude.
Use this link if you want to purchase the song as a MP3 down-load. If so, you support both us and the band.


Now it´s time to change some CD´s on the x-price side at our web-
shop. Why don´t you use this link ... and buy yourself a good West
Side CD at a very decent price. For instance, we have put up the
highly critical claimed Bear Quartet album "Moby Dick", as well as
one of their EP´s, together with Olle Nymans "Behind the clouds" etc,


The new taste from the forthcoming Jupither album "React, destroy,
repeat" will be "Last forever". Will be send to radio next week and
soon after available as down-load on different places. A video, for
this particular song, is also under manufacturing, hopefully finished
this week. More information soon.


Now it´s decided, the first single to radio, taken from the long
awaited debut album from the young and edgy The Breeze The Breath,
will be "The False message". The single will be sent to radio in the
beginning of next week and soon after it will be available as down-
load here and there. A video is also under production for this
particular song. More information about this will come up very soon


I just want to inform everybody that we´re at this very moment
planning for two new releases. Talking about the debut album from the
young and edgy The Breeze The Breath and the new album from rocking
Jupither. Both these releases will see the daylight very soon,
including a first taste each to radio, as well as videos for that
particular songs. More information regarding this will come up shortly.


Now it´s time to change CD´s on our x-price side at our web-shop. Why
don´t you use this link and buy yourself a good West Side CD at a
very decent price. For instance, we have put up the latest Bear
Quartet album and one of their EP´s.


Tomorrow is a day when the new and lovely Darcy single "I´m the one" will be available on our Klicktrack side. Why don´t you follow this link and get it yourself? It´s been a while since we heard anything new from the band but now they´re back with another bittersweet melancholy song in a true Darcy style.


This week, on the 6th of February, La Masa will appear at the Svenska
Talande Klubben in Helsinki Finland, their first gig outside Sweden.
They will of course perform their A-rotated single (at Finnish radio
X3M) "Günter Wallraff på hal is" as well as loads of our great songs.


At this very moment both Jupither and The Breeze The Breath are
mixing their forthcoming albums. The releases will happen in March
when it comes to The Breeze The Breath and some times later this
spring will we see the daylight of a Jupither release. We are of
course more than anxious to get both these CD´s out to the public,
because as you probably already could guess, it will be some awesome
releases. The Breeze The Breath will be the hardest and toughest act
ever released on A West Side Fabrication and Jupither will follow up
their five years old debut with a smashing rock/pop-punk album filled
with loads of heart and soul. Both acts will also be of current with
new videos.


Now is the new and marvelous Olle Nyman album "Venture" up on our web- shop for an immediately shipment. Follow this link and order it direct from the source.


We have now put out the new Olle Nyman track "Hard way to live, radio
edit" on Klicktrack. Why don´t you get it yourself by using this link


As said before, the 16th of January is the day when we release Olle
Nymans second album "Venture". But already the 27th this month will a
new radio edit version, of one of the tracks from the forthcoming
album, be released on the net as down-load (on our Klicktrack side
for instance) as well as sent out to radio. The song I´m talking
about is called "Hard way to live". And of course, it´s a marvelous
track as everything else from Olle Nyman.


In this Christmas time West Side has put up a new collection of CD´s
at X-price (an awful good deal). Follow this link and you can
purchase CD´s from The Bear Quartet, Heikki or Holiday With Maggie at
a reasonable price.

Go here!


Olle Nyman´s "Don´t let those bastard reel you in" is up to number two at Klicktrack´s best selling songs list.
Why don´t you get this marvelous track yourself?


Gothenburg´s La Masa celebrate five years as a band with this great tribute to the famous german journalist and author Günter Wallraff. It´s gone some thirty years since Wallraff unmasked the gutter press, and that´s still very much up to date. Seems like they, the media, is worth than ever. Encourage lies, gossip, superficiality rather than hard facts and connection with real life. Viva La Masa, viva Günter Wallraff. Check the song here


Folks, we´re now starting to launch a debut artist first single, a cover version of Jason Mraz fantastic "I´m yours". The artist is called Linn and is a young (17 years old) girl from our home town. You could find the song here or at some other down load site near you. Anyway the song is produced by Kjell Nästén (Sahara Hotnights, The Wannadies etc, etc) at his own studio Blue Too, a place where we hope to work with other artists from here after.


We have now, once again, put out some new stuff on sale at our web-
shop. Why don´t you use this link and see for your self what we
offer. Perhaps you´ll find something that suit you. Otherwise you
might have a friend.


Young (22) Victor Håkansson alter ego The Culture In Memoriam, is back with a brand new song called "Lovely you", only some six moth after the release of their debut album "Abolish history this is our story". "Lovely you" is perhaps the most direct song from TCIM you heard so far, catchy tunes and a cheerful chorus makes you wanna sing a long. Check it out here


Today we have launched a brand new compilation called "Scandinavian indie, now and then from A West Side Fabrication". A compilation designed for all you indie lovers, with new mastered versions of tracks from Mufflon 5, Blithe, Popsicle etc, etc. It´s available at our own Klicktrack, as well as on iTunes. The compilation contains fifteen tracks and establish the fact that A West Side Fabrication truly had more than one finger within the original Swedish indie scene.


Get your voice heard

A West Side Fabrication has started an election to find out which
songs are the most popular Bear Quartet songs ever. So why don´t you
use your vote and send in the name of your favorite song to:
The voting will go on until the 11th of October, and the result will
be published here as well as on other places.


Luleå´s Olle Nyman is back with his first taste from the forthcoming
album "Venture". It has gone some fifteen, sixteen months since his
debut album "Behind the clouds" was released. An album which made him
described as Luleå´s answer of Van the man. The new album will be
much, much less Van, more folk (with some blues) and country soul
inspired. Why don´t you listen to or buy the first track, "Don´t let those
bastards reel you in", from the album "Venture" for you self by using
this link.


The ability of using credit cards on our Web-shop as been absence for
more than a year. Now I´m glad to inform you all that the ability is
back again, Today it´s alright to purchase stuff on our web-
and use credit cards. Of course it´s still alright to use Paypal/
Payson if you prefer that.

As said before, Olle Nymans new album will be out later this year,
the new title, and hopefully the last, is "Venture". The first single
from it "Don´t let those bastards reel you in" has been send to
Swedish radio. Soon it will also be available on a web-store near you.


Autumn is coming along at these parts of the world (not today though
with high temperature from a clear blue sky) and yes we have
something new to show you. First we´ll release a single, only to
radio and for the net, with a debut artist called A Saga, which is
the singer and composer Anna Lindén together with pro muzos Jari
Haapalinen, Nicolai Dunger and Thomas Tjärnkvist. Together they have
recorded (produced by Jari) a two track single called "Like water".
More info regarding this will come up very soon indeed. Also in this
month, August, we will start to work with the forthcoming album from
Olle Nyman, an album called "Way out of weariness". First taste from
it will be the cool titled song "Don´t let those bastards reel you in".

New good valuable prices in our web-shop. Press this link and see for
your self what we can offer you at a very low rate. Ten items at
special offer.


See Tupelo Honeys live on TV4 "Nyhetsmorgon" Monday 2 of July


We are damn proud to present the new, and second, La Masa CD "I allas
åsyn". Take the best from the eighties, when it comes to music, and
combine it with sharp edged lyrics from the year of 2007 and there
we have La Masa. Great melodies and loads of heart and cynical
reflections. Get the CD from your local store or order it through our web-shop by using this link. You could also buy it as download here


Now it´s time to present the summer campaign at the West Side web
shop. 10 items at a very special price just for you. Among the items
you could also find one of my personally favourites, talking about
Vegas album "Sole love". Why don´t you look for your self by use this
link, perhaps their is something that suit you as well.


A brand new song with a little new sound from the Pop-Punk Rockers called Jupither. Maybe their most majestic piece so far! "Salvation", which is the title of the song, is also a taste of the forthcoming album which will hit the store this very autumn! Check it out!


With a little help from Kjell Nästén (did the first five Bear Quartet
albums, as well as Sahara Hotnights first) Björn Norestig is now
releasing a nice, smooth and catchy summer single to the radio (also
available as download). "Everything is good (summer 2007 remix)" is
the title, which is something we all want, but hardly ever
experience. You could either buy or listen to it here


Folks, it´s time to present a new two track single, just available on
the net, with Penniless. The single includes a previously unreleased
track called "Sadderday", which certainly is a true Penniless track,
no doubt about that. The other song "City birds" are one of the most
power pop influenced songs on their latest album "The attraction". An
album which, as we said before, have received great reviews in their
home country Finland. Penniless will also come to Sweden this summer
for a concert at Trästockfestivalen in Skellefteå, Saturday the 21st
of July. So please, order the new single here


Now it´s time for you to get hold of the new Rusty Flores single,
only available on the net, "New leaf vs Violent white". Perhaps the
two best songs ever written from these nice Swedish southerners. Less
americana, more pop this time around. If everything turns out well,
we will see the light of their second album in late fall. But until
than, get yourself these songs from your local down-load store or
from Klicktrack by pushing this button.


During May we have a couple of cd´s on sale for a barging. Why don´t
you find something for your self or a cheap gift for a special
friend? Among the items on sale are Mattias Alkberg BDs wonderful
album "Jag ska bli en bättre vän" , an old Sahara Hotnights single and more Look for you self here


Today is the day when the debut album of Tupelo Honeys will be
available. Pure pop for all you lovers, and for all you others as
well. 11 songs direct from the hearts of the Tupelo twins Joel and
Linn. Get yourself a copy here or if you prefer Mp3 go here


Download the new La Masa single "Flyttkartong" here


We are proud to be aware of all the fine reviews Penniless have received for their latest album "The Attraction". Read for your self down below and get yourself your own copy at the nearest supplier.

Åbo Underrättelser (23.3.2007)
The Attraction is full to the brim with memorable moments which surely could defend their position on any rock oriented iPod playlist.
Frans Rinne

Desibeli (2.3.2007)
4½ / 5
"Feels like Penniless never would have sounded as good and compelling, though the band has been pick of it's own bunch for a long time, quite on international level as well. Just that Finland is a bad place for showing off, periphery as we are. But what if the hour would now come at last for this pioneer too?"
Ilkka Valpasvuo

Rumba (04/2007)
4 / 5
"The most underrated indie band of Finland back in upright rotation… Once again it's merry easily to pick out brilliant tracks. In the middle of the album there's for example an impressive triplet: mellowly rolling Denial, Snail-like buzzing Hitchhiker and lazy drowsy Cracks on the road. A splendid movement of strength, an excellent disc!"
Kimmo K. Koskinen

Soundi (02/2007)
4 / 5
"All the suspicions can be buried immediately when the first track kicks off. Precisely to the point named Action! reminds of those things which in past years made Penniless the best english singing band of Finland: delicate and catching melodies, solid guitar walls and fitting play on words going-on."
Jari Jokirinne

Sue (March 2007)
9 / 10
"Musically the package is in shape. Penniless spews out its power rock laid back and with enthusiasm. Years of experience creates an airy sound, which many high-strung tooter should learn from. When it's time for grinding, the grinding is for real. When calming down, the pop sensibility is cared for with dignity."
Tuomas Tiainen

Keskisuomalainen (17.3.2007)
5 / 5
"Following trends is as such neither a merit or a burden for music, the most important thing is that it's well done. And Penniless does it well indeed. New and old influences are fused togethet with virtuosity, and also the song material is stronger than ever all down the line."
Markus Mattlar

Etelä-Suomen Sanomat (25.3.2007)
4 / 5
"The melodies of Penniless are extremely catchy, guitar riffs tight and its rock rattles edgily. Echoes of Pixies and Weezer, and also of Egotrippi via The Strokes to 22-pistepirkko can be spotted on The Attraction. However, these guys have their own sound in charge all the time, and there's no room for compromises."
Ville Álen


A brief notification;
Right now is MABD and their track "Eld i berget" the most down-loaded
song at Klicktrack (can´t say I´m surprised, not at all). If you haven
´t bought it, DO IT.

also for your information, just YOU, La Masas first single
"Flyttkartong" taken from their forthcoming second album will be sent
to a radio station near you, hopefully, with start next week.

And last; finally Jupither has booked another recording session. If
everything turns out well, we will release their next album in late
August. So far we have some ten songs to start with and I can promise
a more mature and rougher band this time around.


Today it´s time for the coolest album release on West Side since days
back. Talking about the release of The Culture In Memoriams "Abolish
history, this is our story". On the same time the album is a bitter
heartbreaking pice as well as an edge sharp political document of our
Get yourself a copy here or by it as download here.



MABD is back with a new track! Buy it and listen here


MABD is soon, any day now, current with a brand new single just for the net and radio.The song is called "Eld i berget" and is about the anxiety of writing good pop songs. And yes, this is a splendid pop tune, if you don´t like it. don´t bother us any more.
They are also up for a couple of gigs in March;
Uppsala 10/3, Trondheim (Norway) 22/3, Östersund 23/3 and Umeå (Umeå
) 30/3.


Welcome and get your self a good deal in our web shop. Just now
(during March) we are offering you a variety of cd´s at a real good
price. Klick here to see what we´re talking about.


We are extremly proud to present our new signing Tupelo Honeys. This
duo consists of the twins Joel and Linn Edin and are based in the
capital city of Sweden. Joel and Linn have played music more or less
all their life, growing up in a musical home. But it has taken both
time and some struggle moments to pull together their debut album
"Tupelo Honeys salute you", which will be released late April this
year. At one time they even thought about given up their musical
carrier, good that it didn´t come true, becouse this is some great
pop music they given us. Joel and Linn like to discribe them self as
an indie-pop duo and we can surely support that statement. Why don´t
you listen or buy as a download our first radio send out with Tupelo
Honeys, "Andy are you sure?"


West Side Fabrication is proud to announce that we have released a 16
track compilation just for the net. The title of the compilation is
"Life is too short to be discredited", and thats the god damn truth.
The compilation includes some awful good tracks from acts like The
Bear Quartet, Sahara Hotnights, Fireside plus many many more. You
could find it at your local down-load dealer or buy it through
Klicktrack by pushing this button.



Edgy rock, powerpop and punk a journey between Nirvana and the Pixies, perhaps this is what Penniless is all about. Anyway, their new album "The Attraction" is out now and among our personally favourites you can find tracks like "Police dogs", "New stuff" and "City birds". Check it out.

Buy the album as Mp3 from Klicktrack
Buy the album from our Webshop


Finlands finest Penniless is back once again. The song "Messenger" is the first taste from their forthcoming album "The Attraction", an album that will be released on the 21st of February. As always when it comes to Penniless, the album will be a splendid mix of rough, loudness and peaceful songs, twisted with the weird and humorous lyrics.

Listen and download "Messenger" here!



West Sides latest signing, the Malmoe based, The Culture In Memoriam will kickstart this weekend with special guest appearances at Mattias Alkberg BDs live gigs at Malmö/KB the 19th and Lund/Smålands the 20th. The first track from the forthcoming album "Abolish history - this is our story" will be "Destroy all facts and history". A beautiful touchy song that promises a lot more to come. The song will be sent to radio late this week and soon after it will appear on different download sites.

Visit our MySpace if you want to listen to the song!

Download the song from Klicktrack here!


Soon Christmas time, so why don´t you get yourself a good deal and purchase some West Side shit. Here on our x-price side you could always find a decent cd for a bargain.

Check out our special Christmas offer here!



Thursday the 23d is the day to be aware of, it's the day MABD start their Swedish tour. With three albums and loads of hits (Fyllskalle, Politix, Reevolution to mention a few) you can´t miss this.

Tour dates
23 nov Kalmar
24 nov Stockholm
25 nov Linköping
7 dec Norköping
8 dec Eskilstuna
9 dec Örebro
14 dec Göteborg
15 dec Karlstad
16 dec Uppsala


Within the coporation between West Side and DietRecords we will now proudly introduce to you the Gothenburg four pice punk band Go Drowsy.

Go Drowsy is a fresh, upcoming Pop Punk band, which play catchy, melodic Punk Rock.

What makes the band stand out in a crowded genre is their great variety of catchy and melodic sing-along punk rock songs, as well as their rare line up with a female vocalist/guitarist, that you don’t see very often.

A great mix of catchy songs combined with great energy and professionalism on stage has made Go Drowsy a very interesting and appreciated live act. The band has done several European tours and they have established a solid fan base all over Europe.

With their debut album “The Only Way From Here”, Go Drowsy are now ready to take on the rest of the world!

Listen and download their super track "Double the dose" here!


Today's a great day for all of us, because today we release MABD's third album "Ditt hjärta är en stjärna". Luleå's finest released their second album "Jag skall bli en bättre vän" a year ago. The album included great songs like "Politix", "Ragnar" and "Ta Helg". This new album also includes some really great songs like "Stockholm" and "Reevolution". It's a more mature MABD that'll be alive on this new album, but you who liked them before will not be disappointed.

During the recording session, which was produced by old team mate Jari Haapalainen, MABD got some help from musicians like Carla Jonsson (Eldkvarn) and Jonas Kullhammar (Jazz Grammy winner). We believe that "Ditt hjärta är en stjärna" is the best album of the year!

Listen and buy the digital version here or buy the phsycial disc here!


We have put up some of our cd's on special price, use the link below and get some great West Side music real cheap. The prices will be up for a couple of weeks, so don't miss this opportunity to do a good bargin.
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We just want to inform you that Björn Norestig's album "Hello Inside" will be released on a new date ; 11th of October. Please, make a note in your calendar. Stay tuned.

New MP3-releases out now!

Buy MABD - "Reevolution" here!

Buy Henry Chapman - "(Känn dig riktigt) Blåst / Isär)" here!

Buy Björn Norestig - "Hello Inside" here!

During September you can order a variety of some great cd's to great prices from us through our web-store. EP's for 1,25 Euro and Albums for 2,25 Euro. This offer contains, among others, Holiday with Maggie's great album "Skyline Drive", Monastir's debut album "Modern sound for a loser generation" and Björn Norestig's magnificent album "Come take a shine", plus many many more.

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Dear friends,
After a sunny, warm and lazy summer we're now ready for a fantastic autumn! Our great plans right now goes like this:

Luleå's finest MABD released their second album "Jag skall bli en bättre vän" a year ago. The album included great songs like "Politix", "Ragnar" and "Ta Helg". Now they're back with a new brilliant album called "Ditt hjärta är en stjärna" (Release date 4 th October). This time it's a more mature MABD that'll be alive, but you who liked them before will not be disappointed. The hit song "Reevolution" will be sent to radio stations and be available as a download on 11th of September. During the recording session, which was produced by old team mate Jari Haapalainen, MABD got some help from musicians like Carla Jonsson (Eldkvarn) and Jonas Kullhammar (Jazz Grammy winner). Is this The Album of the Year?

Henry Chapman
is also coming along with some new great stuff. This time it's a download release only with two songs called "(Känn dig riktigt) Blåst" and "Isär" , available from our own Klicktrack page as well as other downloading places on September 11. The debut album "Futurum" was released earlier this year and song "Från Pärm Till Pärm" was tracklisted on National Radio during the whole summer. In September Henry Chapman will to some gigs in Sweden. What's been confirmed so far is:

13.9. Kulturhuset/Lava, Stockholm
16.9. Woody West @ Pusterviksbaren, Göteborg
22.9. Corazon @ Marité, Östersund
25.9. Kåren, Piteå

Björn Norestig from Köping is back with a truly fantastic full-length debut album called "Hello Inside"! It'll be released on 27th of September and unlike from his last 7-track record "Come Take A Shine" he now plays with a whole band. Before the release date we'll make a video and send the title song "Hello Inside" to radio stations. It's a great soulful pop song and soon you can download it from Klicktrack among others.

Later in Fall a new song and video by Minxy Soul Models will be available for download. The song is called "99 Times" and is taken from their debut album "Transparent Yeah". Stay tuned.


To say farewell to a friend can be very painful, but it often leads to something good in the end.

The Skellefteå-based band élodie released their debut album "it's too bad you're leaving" in 2005 and they are now back with the EP "at the end of the line", that consist of five dark, emotional and melodic tracks. The band will do their last concert ever at Trästockfestivalen on 22nd of July and the EP is the last recordings from this beautiful band (sad but true).

"at the end of the line" is co-released together with our nice friends at Music Is My Girlfriend Recordings and Jezebel Recordings. Go get your physical record here and the digital version of the record here.

Indie pop/rock quartet Monastir is back with a sample called "Feel No Summer" from their new recordings. The great song is available on Klicktrack and Nimson today. "Feel No Summer" is an apathetic late summer hit, to put it briefly.

Another news worth mentioning is that Henry Chapman's song "Från Pärm Till Pärm" is playlisted on Swedish National Radio P3. Tune in and enjoy.

A new sunny powerpop song from Jupither is now only available for download from Klicktrack and Nimson, Inprodicon and iTunes. It's called "Friends" and is the first tasty sample from the forthcoming album, that'll be released later this year.


It's summertime and that means a lot of sun, ice cream and great festivals. This summer some of our bands will perform at Trästockfestivalen in Skellefteå.

Most important is that The Bear Quartet will do their only concert this summer at the festival! Don't miss it! Other great West Side bands who will perform is Mattias Alkberg BD, Olle Nyman, Minxy Soul Models, Henry Chapman, Jupither, Steamboat Rally, Holiday with Maggie and élodie. And that's not enough because some old West Side favourites also will perform on the festival! Don't miss this years reunion gigs with: Backfish, The All Janet, Holger Danske and Blodungen.

See you guys in the grass!

Henry Chapman's debut album, Futurum was released today.
Read more about Henry Chapman here.

Buy the album here
Download the album here



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This offer contains, among others, Vegas great album "For
Retarded Lovers ", Backfish debutalbum, "It's Emily's" plus
many many more.
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Folks, new great music is up and running for you. Talking about the
new cool Bear Quartet album "Eternity now.
Order cd here... or as a download here...

Further, West Sides first World cup song ever "Ribba in" by Björns Band
Listen to it here...

Finally the first taste from our collaboration with Diet records.
Under the name Diet records we will release great skate and
pop punk music. First out is Steamboat rally.



Loads of music will be released within a couple of weeks
from West Side. First out is the debut album from Gothenburgs
Minxy Soul Models. The album is called "Transparent yeah"
and is available to public from the 26th of April. Minxys music
has been described as a mix of shoegazer pop and fragile
white soul. Listen to the track "Top Gun" here.

A week later it´s time for another debut act, namely Olle Nyman
and his album "Behind the clouds". Olle is a young singer songwriter
from Luleå, sometimes named as Luleås own Van the man.
His music has been heard a lot on a popular Swedish tv-drama
as well as on radio, playlisted as he is on many channels with
his track "It´s alright" (play it here)

The Bear Quartet is back once again. Their new album "Eternity now"
is sat to be released on the 24th of May. It has only gone eight month
since their last release "Saturday night" and likewise that album, this is
an album that has an electronic touch with really nice harmonies and a
twist of Black Sabbath. "The repairing of the red sea" is the first track
that will be sent to radio. You could listen to it here or download it from
our Klicktrack service.

Talking about The Bear Quartet and their album "Saturday night", if you´re
interesed, you should know that the album will be released on vinyl and
could be ordered from us in the beginning of May.
Stay tuned for more information.

West Side can now announce that our next two albums will be
available to the market on the 27th of April. Talking about debut
albums from Olle Nyman "Behind the cloulds" WeCD 234 and
Minxy Soul Models "Transparent yeah" WeCD 232.

Listen to Olle Nymans song "Behind The Clouds"


West Side Fabrication is proud to present their new signing
Olle Nyman who currently is very much involved with the TV-
drama "Möbelhandlarens dotter".Olle will contribute with songs
from his debut album "Behind the clouds" in five of the six
episodes. The first episode showed this Monday had one and a
half million viewers.

Olle Nyman is from the city of Luleå in the very north of Sweden
where West Side have through out the years signed the fabulous
Bear Quartet and Fireside. But let´s be frank, Olle has very little in
common with these two acts. His more like a poet a singer song
writer, if we should choose one artist that remindes of him it would
be Van the man.
Please listen to the open track "It´s alright" from the album
"Behind the clouds" here or order it as an MP3 on Klicktrack.
The whole album will be released in April, stay tune for more


The faboulus Bear Quartet is back in studio, the result
will become available for the public before the summer
if everything goes as planed. The same Bear Quartet is
also on the tour i Germany and Switzerland in the end of
March beginning of April.

Here is the list of whats confirmed so far;
30.03. Fulda, Kulturkeller
31.03. München, Atomic Cafe
02.04. Nürnberg, Hirsch
03.04. Regensburg, Alte Mälzerei
04.04. Zürich, Ziegel Oh Lac
06.04. Bern, ISC
08.04. Berlin, Silverwings
09.04. Hamburg, Prinzenbar
10.04. Dortmund, FZW
11.04. Stuttgart, Die Röhre
12.04. Erfurt, Museumskeller
13.04. Leipzig, Moritzbastei

During Mars you can order a variety of some great cd´s from us
through our web-store at the price of only 1,50 Euro each. This offer
contains among others The Tribute to The Bear Quartet. Check
out Special offer here;


A West Side Fabrication is also proud to confirm that
we have signed a new band, Minxy Soul Models from
Gothenburg. Their debut album will be out in April.
But first a radiopromo will be sent out, Top Gun, within
a couple of weeks. We have also made a really cool
video for that song.
Stay tune for more information.

Holdiay With Maggies new album is sat to be released at the
22nd of March. The boys are also going on a big tour around the
world (some parts any way). First they will be headding to Japan
for a couple of days later they will appear in Germany, Austria,
Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Russia etc. Hopefully will they also atend
some festivals here in Sweden this summer. Please check out one
of their songs from the new album "Welcome to hope" here.



Our great new signing Rusty Flores will release their self titled debut
album on the 22nd of Febuary. Around that time they will do some
conserts here in Sweden; 18th at Debaser - Stockholm, 22nd at
Pusterviksteatern - Gothenburg and at the 23d at Tivoli - Helsingborg.


During febuary you could order a variety of some great cd´s from us
through our web-store at the price of only 1 Euro each. This offer
contains among others The latest eps from the Bear Quartet and
Mattias Alkberg BD.

The fabulous Bear Quartet will be on Swedish national TV on the 24th
of Febuary. The session that will be sent on TV is from their only live
preformance last year (recorded from the Stockholm club "Nalen"
November 25th).
The same Bear Quartet is also of immediate with a vinyl release of
their last album "Saturday Night" through Swedish label Nomethod
Records. The release is sat to the midle of April and it will also be
available at our web-shop.


A West Side Fabarication is proud to present their latest (last?) signing
Rusty Flores. A five pice act picked up from the deep south of the arctic
country of Sweden. The band has been around for a while so they have so
real cool stuff ready to blow your minds away.A first song has been sent
(or will soon) to radio, talking about "Bomb the cabaret", a title in true West
Side spirit. You could check out the song here (stream) of if you prefer that,
download it here. Their selftitled debut album will appear sooner or
later this year. Perhaps already in Febuary. Keep your fingers crossed.

Also for your knowledge, Björn Norestig has finished the first half of the
recordings of his brand new album. And I can promise you, here we have some
really truly wonderful couple of songs.
Will let you hear some of it real soon.


Download Westside releases on Klicktrack.com


the 25th of November is the day when The Bear Quartet will do their one
and only show in Sweden for the "Saturday night" album. The consert will
be hold at Nalen, Stockholm, and the band has promised a memorable night.


The new Monastir album is out now, and they have already had some really
good response. For instance is one of the tracks from the album, talking
about "So defeated", made it as this weeks Powerplay on the national radio
YLEX in Finland. This means that the song will be heard at least thirteen
times during a five days period.
Please listen to "So defeated" here.



indie night at Pinkerton (Skelleftea) November the fifth.
On stage Mattias Alkberg BD, Jupither and Sabotage.

Monastirs new album "Good things never last" has been postponed to the
16thof November. A new promo, "So defeated", (from the album) will be
sent out to radio.

Gävles heros Monastir will release their forthcoming album "Good Things
Never Last" at the second of November. Before this, their smash hit ep
"Wasted" will be out at the 12th of October.
The ep includes five tracks, including a cover of The Bear Quartets "Ghost
For Laundry" and their tribute to the tv sitcom The L Word "Life Is Long,
When You´re Lonely".
Here you could listen to "Wasted".


One of Swedens most influential band is back once again. Now with an
albumfull of quality experimental electronic noise. Extremely well done
and asinventive as always.
Listen to the track"Birds are singing deep in the greenery" here.



MABD is back with a new four track ep. The ep includes three previously
unreleased tracks, plus the title track "Ragnar" which are taken from their
latest album "Jag ska bli en bättre vän".
Listen to the track "Bacon" here.


Fall is here and West Side is kickstarting with a brand new Bear Quartet
ep "I have an itch".
Can´t say anything more than it´s a great piece as always. Their new album
"Saturday night" will be released at the 21st of September.
If you like...listen to the titel track of the ep here.


The singer from the Bear Quartet is also of immediate with a brand new ep
(three previously unreleased tracks) with his band Mattias Alkberg BD. The
ep is called "Ragnar" and will be released at the 7th of September. Mattias
Alkberg BD will also keep touring this fall. So far these dates has been

1 sep Malmö
2 sep Norrköping
7 sep Uppala
8 sep Stockholm
9 sep GBG
10 sep Örebro
More dates will come.