Mount Avalanche

As said earlier this coming week, on Tuesday, we have a new release for all you alternative pop lovers namely Mount Avalanche´s four track debut EP “Swing it low”. Therefore, just to get to know them a little bit better, I have asked them a couple of questions, so here we go;

First of all, who are you and what´s your roll in the band?

I´m Tim Hukari and I´m the singer and songwriter in Mount Avalanche.

So what can you tell us about Mount Avalanche and how do you want to describe your music?

Mount Avalanche is a quite new constellation. We started playing toghether last spring when we by an accident met up in the studio where Peter Arvidsson was working. When we met I was recording some songs with a band I was playing in at the time, when I discovered it was time to move on to another project. Soon after that we talked over a couple of beers and decided to start working together. Alot has happend since, but that´s where it all started.

Our music can be described as organic and down to earth, it´s quite simple and from the heart.

When it comes to music, do you have any personal favorites, anything special you`re listening to these days?

I´ve listened a lot to Neil Young, Leonard Cohen and similar bands and artists. At the moment I´m listening to Band of Horses and Beach House. I think they are amongst the better bands of our generation.

Last, what about future plans for Mount Avalanche, anything you want to share with us?

We are planning to get out on the road this summer and fall. Just aiming to play live as much as we possibly can. We got plenty of new songs and hopefully we´ll have time to record them later on this year. This summer we´ll be doing shows in Oslo, Stockholm and Gothenburg. And at the moment we´re discussing to do a tour with Penniless (another west side band) in Finland and Sweden this fall. Keep an eye out for tour dates on our website

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