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New act on West Side Fabrication…


Next week will we release the first single ever from a super cool Gothenburg band: Rickard och Juvelerna.

Because of that I thought I should have a little shit shat with the main person, king Rickard himself;


First of all; long time no see Mr Nilsson. Saying that, what have you been up to these last couple of years, since the bothersome days with Waterbug?

I took a break from music for a couple of years, to live a quiet life on the countryside. But suddenly I felt I had so many stories to tell about so many things: Lost love, New Love, broken dreams, new dreams, old friends and the melancholy quest for happy life. I would say that I, for the first time, had something important to tell. So I bought a nice guitar, found a friend (Joel Löf) who played the piano, Mr Löf is nowadays replaced by Mr Samsjö, also named Joel. I wrote tons of songs and then I fell in love with music again. People started (almost demanded) asking me to put together a band again. So I did. Joel Samsjö, Joel Gunarsson, Joel Andersson, Jakobp Bolinder and me.

This band is the very best I ever played with. All new songs are 100% true stories, ripped from the bottom of my heart.


I see I see, so you’re back hungry as ever before, with this new pack, what can you tell us about Rickard och Juvelerna (jewel’s)?

First of all, a band that shimmers. Amazingly talented musicians. Young boys with passion for music and melodies. True future pop-stars.

Rickard och Juvelerna has a strict rule: Don´t write songs about just anything. Write songs that makes a difference, tell a story that is genuine for you. Only then people can recognize themselves in it. Honor your friends and leave your heart wide open.


The first song out from you is the magnificent “Eporna, mopederna och vännerna”, if I say it’s about a times long past, what do you say?

Ha, ha, indeed you are right! But the song is also about new times coming, and the impossible dream to be able to travel back in time and make things different and maybe better, than they became.

But most of all it’s a hymn for the untamed spirit in the hearts of true friends.


In that sense, can you say this is something we can take as granted when it comes to Rickard och Juvelerna, songs about the past, melancholy songs?

I guess so. But much of the album also describes more current events in life. The confusion that strikes you when you suddenly fall desperately in love, for example. A Classic theme for music of course, but yet worth to express yourself about. But, like a wet blanket, embracing it all, there is surely the touch of melancholy. All described best in the words: Should you be satisfied now, Rickard?


I’ve also noticed that you’re working with (he’s the producer) the legendary guitarist Daniel Gilbert, how did you end up working together?

Me and Daniel have been running into each other every now and then since the early 90´s. My old band played together and hung out with Broder Daniel and other gothenburg indie-acts from that period of time. Kind of like a small family.

Daniel heard about my new project, kind of fell in love with it, and was very excited to produce our album. He has been an excellent producer and really gave us the sound that we so much wanted to have. Daniel also appears on some songs on the album, both on guitars and additional vocals. He´s brilliant. He sings like a tormented Neil Young roaming the countryroads of Orust and plays the guitar like nobody else.


Totally another kind of question. Since you are a quite new and not so well known act, at least not outside Gothenburg, what’s your plan and what’s your purpose with your music? For instance have you ever played live together?

Oh, our plans went from nothing to everything…. At first I wrote music only for myself, for the therapy and the fun of it. But as the months past, since the fall of 2011, everything changed. Now we want it all. Play everywhere and let the whole world listen to what we have to say.


We have already played a lot together. Mostly in the Gothenburg region, but also in Stockholm. We are aming for a ”sweden tour” in the fall of 2012.


Good to hear. Well the last question, for you only, must be; which is the best Waterbug song, ever?


“Arizona”, no doubt. That is a song with true spirit. Actually that very song reappears on our debut album. Nowadays it´s called “Precis som i Arizona”, I love that song.


And here, good folks, is a Spotify link to that particular song;Waterbug – Arizona