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Today is the day when a new super cool release from us will see the daylight. Talking about the superb debut from The Blues, a duo who have their base in Luleå (The Bear Quartet´s home-town). So if you are interested in something extra ordinary then you should check out their release “Mister Foreman”, a release who has been recorded and produced by Boris Wilsdorf at Einstürzende Neubauten´s studio in Berlin.

And because of that and the fact that The Blues are still quite unknown, I did a little chit chat with Bob from the band.

So first of all, what can you tell us about The Blues Bob?

– To us, our music is an antidote for the horror of everyday life.

Aha, and what kind of musical inspiration do you guys have, any particular acts you and Hank prefer more than the others, favorites?

– Bessie Smith, Bukka White, Nina Simone, Kraftwerk, Einstürzende Neubauten, Big Mama Thornton, Jan Johansson among others. We are also very much into contemporary Dance music, Gospel and Soul.

If I say American literature, what do you say?

– We say Charles Bukowski, Hunter S Thompson, Paul Auster and Chuck Palahniuk, all of them political writers on different levels. Those writers and other good litterature are important to us and inspire us more than songwriters.

I see I see, and, as written earlier, you´re based in Luleå (northern parts of Sweden, as a matter of fact not far away from the arctic circle), what is the best thing with that, if any?

– If you want to make evocative and melancholy music, this is the place. It’s not hard to get the blues up here.

Last question, what can we expect from The Blues further on?

– More great music, of course. Next step is putting together a fantastic live act. That will be something to look forward to.

Thanks a lot Bob and good luck with everything, we´re certainly looking forward to hear more great stuff from you guys.

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