The first half year of 2012

So that no misunderstandings will be hanging around (if anyone cares), the first six months of the year 2012 we actually was involved with quite a few releases. From January until the end of June, this was what we gave you;

Scandinavian indie Vol. 2 Now & Then

Oh My! ”OH MY!

Stolen Deer ”How You Always Seem To Find Me”

Pretties For You ”When the lights went out”

The Culture In Memoriam ”Jimmie”

A Saga ”Empty Words Empty Bottles”

La Masa of Sweden ”Jimmie give up”

Stolen Deer ”Morning Peasant” 

Wayflower ”Wayflower”

La Masa of Sweden ”La Masa of Sweden”

Rickard och Juvelerna ”Eporna, Mopederna och Vännerna”

A West Side Fabrication Play Covers # 2 

Petter Sandström ”Say it With a Song”

Pretties For You ”Silver Linning”

KFM ”Vad är guld värt?”

The last one, KFM’s new summer song, will be out the 26th this month, the rest is already available somewhere near you. And by the way, the next six month period will be kick-started with two debutants under July. First out is DUELLEN from Uppsala, followed by Skellefteå’s own master sextet Oscar & Ronja, but more about that later.

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