Two new

Upcoming week, we will give you no fewer than two fabulous singles.

First up, on May 21, is Lars Ludvig Löfgren’s rousing “Tropiska Hav” (Tropical Ocean). And so no ambiguity exists, we want to make it very clear that this is the first time ever that this eminent writer puts out a song on his own native language.

The following day, on 22, will Alexa Enberg’s new “Save me” see the light. If her previous single, “For You”, was something of a quiet and pensive beautiful song, her new is almost the exact opposite. Here we talk about giving anger and aggression a face.

So if you are interested in listening to Alexia’s previous single (For you), use this link: Alexia Enberg – For You

Are if you’re interested in listening to Lars Ludvig Löfgren’s last single (Nothing is more beautiful than a dream/Word travels fast), use  this one: Lars Ludvig Löfgren – Nothing is more beautiful than a dream/Word travels fast

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