Väärt again

Since I have talked so much about our latest family member Väärt, I thought I might as well ask them a couple of questions so you all got a chance to know them a little bit better. So here we go;

First of all who are you answering these questions, and what´s your roll within the band?

My name is Pär I. Poromaa, I´m singing, writing and making a fool of myself

Talking about the band, why do you call yourself Väärt, what´s the story behind that name?

We had some problems figuring out a good sounding name that would capture us coming from the far north of Sweden. Therefore, we asked our good friend David Wäyrynen, who is a author, to come up with a name that would suit us. He gave us a bunch of names, and Värt, with a single Ä was our favorite candidate. We put in an extra Ä in Väärt and voila, we had us a name!

And what about music, how do you like to describe Väärt´s music?

It´s like a potpurri of our personalities. Alas, a mixture of Johans catchy guitar melodies, my melancholic lyrics, Loves ambient sounding beats and Fridas virtuosity with her violin.

Do you have any role models when it comes to music, anything that the whole band can stand behind?

No, not really. We like everything from finish tango, 90´s rap, folksingers to desert-blues.

Last but not least, what is your future plans, what can we expect from you?

We want to have some fun in the hot laponian sun!

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