We are the Storm/Popterror/Amber Oak

Tomorrow and on Saturday, Umeå Open, not only because of the fact that three of our acts are appearing, but it sure helped a lot.

The Uppsala sextet We are the Storm will appear on Friday, a band that are of immediate with their debut single “Galileo” a song that are play-listed on P3. But thats not all, We are the Storm will for sure play material from their forthcoming album “To the North-Pole”, an album that will be released on the 11th of May.

On Saturday will both Popterror and Amber Oak be on stage. Popterror who just recently released their second EP, a super cool four track EP called “Nu som då”. Popterror are also, right this moment, planning for a recording session that later will become their debut album. When it comes to Amber Oak they did release their debut album called “Illt” and a single called “Words” not so long ago. They´re also right now finishing a video for one of the songs on the album, a song who will be sent to radio in a short period of time.

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