Welcome: The Rains

Well soon its time for a new acquaintance (with a release Tuesday the 25th), talking about a band who call them self The Rains.

Because of that, I took a little chit chat with their lead singer Joel Alexandersson.

First of all Joel, please do explain, in a few words, what The Rains are all about?

The Rains is our way to express our personal feelings. We are very serious when it comes to what we do. The minimum sound in each songs are there to try to recreate the feelings that the texts deal with. There are a lot of pain in our music. Basically, our music has always been like a diary about lost love and regrets.

And of curiosity, give me a few band names you all look up to, favorites among others?

Personally I have always liked bands like Broder Daniel, Kent and Tiger Lou. Strangely enough, only Swedish bands. That just like us, places great emphasis on a certain seriousness.

In my opinion The Rains seems to be a quite serious-minded act (which you also explain above) with an integrity and a will of iron as few other newcomers, what do you have to say about that?

This is the basic idea of everything we do. Otherwise we would not be able to keep on with this I think. The kind of feelings we make songs about lasts much longer. In some primitive way, we remember what hurts us or what makes us feel in a certain way. Happy songs are fun for the moment and soon forgotten. I can’t stand happy musicians. I guess thats why I write these kind of songs. Also, it’s pretty rare to hear people talk about happy songs as their absolute, all time favorites. That’s pretty interesting I guess.

I see, I see. Another question I have thought about is why you did end up get into touch with us?

A West Side Fabrication felt and feels like a record company that always has released music of great quality and I wanted to be part of a something where someone, you, sees the quality of being true to yourself and what you do and I like that. I wouldn’t expect less. I have also always liked Mattias Alkberg music and that is how I found you in the first place.

Good to hear, pleases me a lot… Well, within a few days your absolute beautiful six track album “I Love The Sound Of You Talking Me Out Of Trouble” will be out to the public. Regarding that, what kind of expectations do you have?

I don’t have many expectations. But the few I’ve got are quite high. well.. I actually hope that people understand how well thought out this album really is. I don’t expect people to like what we do but at least that when they turn off the cd or a specific track we will leave them with the thought in their heads that everything we did and felt on those tracks were not fabricated just to make good songs. We didn’t make this album to please anyone in anyway.

And what about future plans, any you would like to share with us?

We are currently recording a series of new songs which we are trying to take a slightly different angle from what we have done before. I can promise you that it sounds fantastic. I’m very proud. We will also try to play some shows around Sweden this Winter.

Last question. My favorite song on this album is the title track, which I think is just brilliant, no doubt about it. But who is your favorite song among these six once, which means the most to you?

The song you just mentioned. I thought long before I decided to show it to the rest of the band. It seemed almost too personal at first, but I’m glad I did. Another favorite is “Between head and hands must be the heart” because the most part of it is about when I just met my girlfriend and all I wanted to do was to tell her how much I liked her and how much I needed her. It’s probably a pretty sad song for most people, including me but it reminds me of how good it all turned out in the end.

What a good end of this little conversation, thanks a lot Joel and good luck with everything.

You´re welcome.


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