What to come

This week you won’t hear anything new from this side, but we’ll certainly be back the following one, and the week after that and so on for quite some time.

First out on our schedule is the truly lovely pop-song “I Can’t Forget Or Remember” from Lars Ludvig Löfgren & The Smoking Pets. The single is an edit version taken from their forthcoming album “Sugar Hill”, with a release sat for August this year.

After Lars Ludvig Löfgren & The Smoking Pets we’ll give you new stuff from MINXY, Rickard och Juvelerna, Duellen, Pajala Truck Co as well as a six track release from our dear friend Kristoffer Emanuelsson’s new project Trehugger. Last time we heard something from him was when we released his alt country duet Blue Eyed Blonds (check them out on Spotify: Blue Eyed Blondes – Blue Eyed Blondes ) EP. And to be frank, still after these three years, we receive loads of feedback regarding their lovely self titled five track EP.

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