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What will come…

It has been quiet for quite some time from this direction, now is the time to change that, with a start early January 2017.
In other words, from that point in early January, we will release no less than three new singles within a period of three weeks. Starting with a new one, on the 2nd of January, from the Örebro quintet Stairs, a song with the aptly name ”Make it Happen”. In fact it’s gone more than five years since we last released something from these guys. The song itself is a timeless mature track with a steady beat and great chorus.
Nine days later (the 11th) its time for another return, namely the return of the Härnösand band WE ARE SHE with their two track single ”My Baby”. The title track itself is a happy party song which hopefully makes you want to shake your hips, at least. The other song on the single is called ”Devine” and is a beautiful laid back track which will help you dream about great things and times.
Last single in this January cascade is a new acquaintance, a young girl named Angelica Lindberg. The girl herself is from Skellefteå and the release (on the 23d) is a collaboration with my dear friend Kjell Nästén. The single, which are written by her self, is called ”Stupid Love” and are promising much much more. This is a quite modern, striped down, pop song, including a great voice, which make it a match.