What’s up during April

A week from now, next Wednesday, will we release a new EP from Lars Ludvig Löfgren. An acoustic four track EP, ”July”, with great lovely melodies. Stripped down and melancholy, piano and thoughtful words is what it is all about.

A couple of weeks later we’ll give you Joel Nunez first single from us, which is a strong adult contemporary song about though choices.
After that it’s time for MODESTIJ’s super cool alternative dance debut single ”COLD LOVE”. And we won’t stop there, much more will come during this spring and summer.
So stay tune for more information.

If you like to hear another laid back track from Lars Ludvig Löfgren, use this Spotify link: https://open.spotify.com/track/7BCTeI1YmEL6Dh9Ie5V8EG


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