Penny is a 17-year old girl from the northern parts of Sweden that writes pop / electropop songs with strong melodies and a powerful message. Singing and listening to music has always been a comforting oasis for Penny that started writing songs with her father at an early age. While going trough a rough patch in school she started writing songs fueled by the frustration of not being heard and understood. That led to the debut “Good bye” that has been followed up with one cover and two new original songs mixed by multi platinum producer Andreas Ahlenius. While all tracks are produced by Penny and her father, the collaboration with a professional mixing engineer has really started to form an identity for the young artist.
Penny’s lyrics are often based on experiences she has had herself or seen others go through, so you can say that life itself is the biggest influence to her song writing.
– I want my songs to have a meaning, not only to me but to everyone listening to them. Listening to music is a way for me to find comfort and not feeling alone and that is something I want to share with others as well, Penny explains. She continues by saying that there often is a really strong personal experience or realisation behind each song idea but that she also tries to imagine what others might go through when writing her melodic stories.
– My songs are supposed to be a journey – from feeling alone or misunderstood to feeling empowered and in control. Because that is how we really should feel when things are weighing us down. Maybe we can’t change the world but we can change how we cope with it ourselves and that’s a lesson that never gets old. At least not to me and certainly not yet. After all I’m only seventeen, she says with a smile.
Music has always surrounded Penny that knows the lyrics to several hundreds of the songs on her playlist. Perhaps not surprising as relaxing in her room listening to Spotify is what recharges her batteries the best. But it’s spending time with her horse Jack that really refuels her engine. Penny train horse riding several days a week and competes in horse jumping whenever her family have an opportunity to drive her and the white steed to competitions. Having four siblings, a horse and stable to tend to and school work to take care of one can wonder if she has more than 24 hours in a day. Especially as she says she sleeps for at least 8 hours per night. – Well, I guess I’m not so good at math, Penny says.