A West Side Fabrication Plays Covers vol 4

It was more than a couple of years ago that we released vol 3 in the series about us playing covers. But all said and done today we are releasing volume four which contains no less than 12 contributions and it is a blissful mix of both styles and song choices (the artists are completely free to choose themselves) that can be enjoyed. From country via Swedish folk songs to real indie, from more or less unknown songs to well-known hits that have been clearly reworked. However, everything is done out of and with love for the music, which is an and o for us in this era of speculation, trying to be as speculative and raw as possible. 

In any case, the artists originates from Skåne in the south to the north of Västerbotten, from Mini Sonant and Reverend Big O in Malmö to Daniel Wilén from Byske outside Skellefteå. 

With all this said, we certainly hope you’ll enjoy this album.