Alla Motgångar

Hillevi, our latest signing, is a five piece act with loads of punk energy. That together with some small hints of classic Swedish progg makes them a good standard bearer of great Swedish music.

The band started up as a result of a truly black story. The singer Adam went through a depression with angst and burnout. As a therapy he started to wright music and lyrics, pretty much music and lyrics. His feelings and thoughts went straight in and hopefully you’ll hear the desperation and the honesty in the songs, at least that’s our wishes

Anyway, together with a friend (Tobias) they took their songs to a studio. And after some really hard work there the outcome ended up somewhere between indiepop and rock, with influences of everything between old punk rock and, as said earlier, swedish progg. You can indeed imagine Hillevi as some sort of an odd mix between Mattias Alkberg and the The Strokes.

In other words, it felt so right for them. A little later Emil, Sebastian and Billy jumped on board and they together become Hillevi and this is their debut single. The first track “Alla motgångar” is a song about never giving up hope, even if life’s feeling heavy. Even if you loose friends and strength along the way you should never forget who you are. Take the fights, deal with them and continue to walk straight forward. Always keep your head up since you can’t waste to much time and energy on all the bastards around you.

The second track “Nostalgi” is about getting tired of hearing people say that it was better before, sure nostalgia could be something beautiful, but only in the right connection. Instead, take the time you have and do something good about it, so we don’t have to hear that it was better before… cause it ant the truth.

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