– We have always wanted to do a Christmas song as it is a time that is very special for us as well as for many other human beings, greet Alexander (Alex) and his brother Mattias.
And we probably all understand what they mean by those words.The song, “December” is in itself hardly a Christmas song in the traditional sense. It is a song that works now during dark November / December but which could just as well be heard at other times. It is also a song that conveys a special feeling with an uplifting message, which may fit extra well into the season. Or as the duo says:
– It is a song that breathes Christmas, but which is not a Christmas song at all. We wanted to capture and celebrate the nostalgic feeling that comes during this time of year, without losing our sound.And they have not done that, I can promise you all, not lost their sound. For Lake Omne is still a synth-based brother duo from Örebro, consisting of Mattias and Alexander Nätterlund. A duo with a penchant for classic synth pop with all that entails. The duo is also behind lyrics, music and production. During the actual mixing, they have enlisted the help of Joakim Styrén.