Försök att inte skylla på nåt

KFM is no more and no less than Karl Fredrik Mattsson´s solo project together with a bunch of nice musicians, including his well known brother Andresas, who also work as the producer for this project.

At first, the KFM project was supposed to end up in a trilogy after three years, but after two summer singles Fredrik felt that this project was way too fun working with, it had to be extended. Fredrik decided to turn the project into a ten-year piece instead. In that way, he could gather all the singles on one album after ten years. What a brilliant idea!

So on the 11th of October 2011, KFM’s fifth single will be released. A little delayed this year, but still. Then the KFM project will be half-ways through.

At last, this year’s song is called “Försök att inte skylla på nåt” (don´t try to blame something). Keep up with that and we certainly hope you like it.

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