Seventeen year old Penny rise from the ashes with new release
Phoenix is the fourth release from the up and coming singer-songwriter pop artist Penny from the north of Sweden. She returns after the slow but powerful Wake up Dream with a more aggressive up tempo vibe that still bears her signature from the two latest releases. Phoenix is yet another original song written and produced by her self and her father and mixed by the multi platinum mix engineer Andreas Ahlenius, who she has worked with since last summer when the team released a modern chill pop version of Phil Collins’ Another Day In Paradise. 
– Phoenix is a song about not fitting in and feeling insufficient compared to the world around you, Penny says. But it’s also a song about hope and rebirth. About finding the strength inside to rise up from the ashes and reclaim what Is rightfully yours, she continues. Penny’s lyrics are often based on experiences she has had herself or seen others go through, so you can say that life itself is the biggest influence to her song writing.  – I want my songs to have a meaning, not only to me but to everyone listening to them. Listening to music is a way for me to find comfort and not feeling alone and that is something I want to share with others as well, Penny explains. She continues by saying that there often is a really strong personal experience or realisation behind each song idea but that she also tries to imagine what others might go through when writing her melodic stories.  – My songs are supposed to be a journey – from feeling alone or misunderstood to feeling empowered and in control. Because that is how we really should feel when things are weighing us down. Maybe we can’t change the world but we can change how we cope with it ourselves and that’s a lesson that never gets old. At least not to me and certainly not yet. After all I’m only seventeen, she says with a smile.