The Children

Örebro’s finest synth-pop duo is back once again with another small masterpiece, “The Children”. With this nice tune, Lake Omne continues on their beaten path towards the promised synth-pop country. It sounds modern but still has a great feeling for the fine and subtle that existed during the heyday of synthpop. In general, we notice that more and more artists allow themselves to be inspired by this genre and there are many who appreciate Lake Omne’s songs. “The Children”, in particular, may be extra suitable right now considering the season approaching. It’s a song about what should be the dearest and most precious thing we have. Or as the band themselves say:

  • “With this song, we turn to the most vulnerable and exposed in the world. To those who have no one and who have been deprived of their upbringing. To those who do not have a voice of their own. With this song, we want to give them an extra thought.”

That being said, listen and enjoy.