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Oh My! are once again back with a fantastic single (release next Tuesday), “Time Will Tell”, their third in less than half a year. Therefore I had a little chit chat with the guitarist Martin Huss.

So, what can you tell us about “Time Will Tell”? And compared with your two previously once, similarities unlikeness?

We think that “Time Will Tell” is a very catchy and groovy pop song – perhaps our most direct single this far. It has the certain ingredients that characterizes an Oh My!-song, no doubt about that, but at the same time it’s quite an odd figure compared to our other releases. It has a different groove and a somewhat frisky touch that sticks out, I believe.

Regarding the band Oh My!, who long have you been playing together and why did you end up as a band?

In October it has passed three years since we made our first live performance. We had been jamming together for a few months before that but hadn’t yet become so serious about things. The band had been formed mainly as an excuse for us to hang out and play some simple rock n’ roll together. We did not have so much expectations or big plans, but once we entered the live stage for the first time we realized that a) the music was far more polished and pop influenced than we had thought and b) we were quite good. Since than we have become more and more determined in our ambitions to create great pop music and become a fantastic live band. But we won’t forget why we are doing this in the first place – we’re still five friends who love to do things together, like playing music.

I see, and what do Oh My! have for plans in a near future?

We’re busy booking gigs! We haven’t played so much live during 2011 since we’ve been totally absorbed with song-writing and recording. Now it’s definitely time for us to get out on the road again and show all people out there that Oh My! is at its best live!

Last questions, do you as a band have one or two favorite-acts you all like? And if you where able to choose one act, who in the whole world would you like to support, appear as a support act?

Oh, this question is such a hard one. We have plenty of common favorites, but I think that if we have to mention just two we would answer New York’s finest The Strokes and French band Phoenix. These bands are two great inspirations to us. Thus, we wouldn’t say no if one of those acts asked us to join them as a support

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