Guiding Light

Today we release this incredibly strong pop gem, a song that is really worth listening to, as well as paying attention to.
A strongly positive and slightly modern song in its structure, with a good drive, about following the voice of your heart.
A good choice, either way, if you ask me.
So, Björn Norestig, son of Köping (an old small town in the middle of Sweden), strikes with something really, really good, simply a very strong song.

If one believes in something and desires something, it is one’s duty to listen to the voice. Everyone has a candle burning deep inside, and it’s important to do something about it before it’s too late. It’s about following one’s Guiding Light. In other words, follow the light.
Or as Björn himself expresses it all:

  • Don’t get stuck in the old, follow what gives inspiration and hope in life, dare to move forward.
    That’s the very basis, come on an adventure, it’s your own adventure. Dare to follow your inner guiding light. Listen to your inner voice. Don’t get stuck in the past. Move forward. Find courage and inspiration.