30 July 2014

Tuggummi & sommarregn

This is a great song for all of you who fancy cheerful guitar oriented pop-songs. “Unfortunately” we haven’t seen much of rain, perhaps that’s why this song has not been played as much as it should?

Nevertheless, rain will fall sooner nor later. So here’s a Spotify link to a great summer song about chewing gum and summer rain, hope you like it: Lars Ludvig Löfgren – Tuggummi & sommarregn

27 June 2014


Went through what was played most on Spotify, from us, during April. And the top three list holds one newcomer and two older one, at this time, well known tracks.

If interested to know which were our most used tracks on Spotify in April, use this link: April 2014

23 June 2014

More to come…

Today is the day when we release the new and awesome summer single “Vimmel” (on Spotify: Duellen – Vimmel) from the fine quintet DUELLEN. But let me, at this point, already now proclaim the upcoming single, ”Madeleine på broplatsen”, from Rickard and Juvelerna, with a release next Wednesday. In my opinion this is a truly fantastic low-key acoustic song . A song about a promise of that special day with that special girl that turns out to be a complete defeat. A song of echoes from distant times that have lingered. A song about the desire to get a rematch, but it won’t happen. A song for long summer nights, when the rain gentle falls.

12 June 2014

Bedroom Eyes

For a couple of years ago we released a truly wonderful pop album (on Spotify:Bedroom Eyes – The Long Wait Champion) by an act called Bedroom Eyes. It has certainly past some time, but right now he (yes it’s a he, Jonas Jonsson aka Bedroom Eyes) is about to finalizing a new album. Do not know exactly when it is expected to be completed but hopefully soon. The only thing I know for certain is that he has worked together with Andresas Mattsson. How results will be, well we must wait and see.

In the meantime, you can always check out this cool video:

11 June 2014

Next up!

During this spring we have released quite a few debutantes, another one is Höstdroppar (Autumn Drops) that will give us a beautiful five track EP very soon indeed (release June 16). So therefor I thought I might ask them a couple of questions.

- First of all, Höstdroppar is a duo, what can you tell us about yourself?

- We are two impulsive, emotional and naive souls who never compromise with the lyrics or the melodies in our songs. Simplicity and straightness is the keyword if you ask me.

- Well I also know in fact that one part of you, Alexander, was indeed involved in tribute songs for both Örebro Hockey as well as for ÖSK. Are you generally interested in sports, or how did it happen that you became involved in these tribute songs?

- I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t interested in sports. Mostly football. In the end it was still a combination of strong melodies and lyrics that involving people. It’s obviously a great honor to be given the opportunity to sing these two tribute songs.

 - I See, and talking about Örebro, what can you tell us about the music climate down there?

- Pop music has long been overshadowed by punk and a little harder rock but I have a feeling that more and more popbands are popping up, ha ha.

- Okay I see. Nevertheless, we should talk a little bit more about your (Höstdroppars) debut EP, a truly beautiful one if you ask me. In other words, what kind of expectations do you have on the release of your EP?

- Thank you. Glad to hear it! People always say that an EP is only an EP. We have not really thought so. It has been important for us to release something that we can really stand for. We are pleased with the results but also know that this only is the beginning. Our debut record is expected to be complete in the fall so you will hear more from us in the near future!

 - And there was no doubt that you would sing in Swedish, it was an obvious choice for you, or?

- No doubt, in contrast there is a large challenge. Everything becomes more difficult in Swedish. You cannot put in weary sentences you might have gotten away with if it were in English.

- True. So if you two had to agree on only one artist that you both would say was good enough to be mentioned here, who would it then become?

- Hurts, we sing out in choir!

- Aha, a British duo who sing quite sad songs, some similarities their perhaps? Don’t answer. Instead last question, since I’m curious, which one of the five tracks are your personally favorite and tell us why?

- “Död och Himlar”, we also sing out in choir! That’s the song that is most of what we said earlier. Straight, honest and emotional. A straight and powerful pop song simply said.

- Okay then we know a little bit more about Höstdroppar. Good luck with everything.

- Thax!

31 May 2014


“Som höstdroppar genom natten” (As fall drops through the night) is the duo Höstdroppars (Autumn Drop’s) debut. A beautiful and thoughtful five track debut that rolls around in a minor key, and that most likely bodes well for the future.

The EP itself is sat for a release on June 16.

27 May 2014

The Great Leader

 The other day we had an election, we made a choice, and there will be new. So to encourage both one as the other, we give you this catchy tune “Dansa Fredrik Reinfeldt” (Dance Fredrik Reinfeldt). A song from our great leader, Den Stora Ledaren.

Link to the video:

Link to Spotify: Den Store Ledaren – Dansa Fredrik Reinfeldt


20 May 2014

Lars Ludvig Löfgren

Tomorrow will a new single, Tropiska Hav (Tropical Sea), from Lars Ludvig Löfgren be out, and for the first time ever he sings in his native language.

Already now you can watch the video by using this link:


16 May 2014

Two new

Upcoming week, we will give you no fewer than two fabulous singles.

First up, on May 21, is Lars Ludvig Löfgren’s rousing “Tropiska Hav” (Tropical Ocean). And so no ambiguity exists, we want to make it very clear that this is the first time ever that this eminent writer puts out a song on his own native language.

The following day, on 22, will Alexa Enberg’s new “Save me” see the light. If her previous single, “For You”, was something of a quiet and pensive beautiful song, her new is almost the exact opposite. Here we talk about giving anger and aggression a face.

So if you are interested in listening to Alexia’s previous single (For you), use this link: Alexia Enberg – For You

Are if you’re interested in listening to Lars Ludvig Löfgren’s last single (Nothing is more beautiful than a dream/Word travels fast), use  this one: Lars Ludvig Löfgren – Nothing is more beautiful than a dream/Word travels fast

12 May 2014


Are damn proud to announce the release date, which is sat for the 23d of June, of the next single from DUELLEN, a single called “Vimmel” (Throng).

In the meantime, until the new is out, you can always listen to their latest one, Sysslomansgatan, on either Spotify: Duellen – Sysslomansgatan

or on Youtube: