31 March 2014

Evil Mind

Please check out the new single from Sentimental Pet. For you who don’t now, Sentimental Pet is a trio with one big footstep in the mold of acts like Neil Young. We’re talking about classic alternative rock.

Down below you have various kinds of links (including a video link), use the one you prefer;

Spotify: Sentimental Pet – Evil Mind



Video on Vimeo:



10 March 2014


Almost exactly three years ago we released the debut single from We are the Storm, a great band with a great integrity.

And if you ask me, their first single ”Galileo” is still a damn good song. In other words, why don’t you listen to yourself by using this Spotify link: We are the Storm – Galileo

5 March 2014

What will come…

So far we haven’t released very much this year, three singles is all we’ve manage to give you up until this day, during 2014.

But to be frank, we have much more on the agenda later on. Next up (with a release date sat for 31 of March) is a new great single (”Evil Mind”) from Sentimental Pet. ”Evil Mind” is a short guitar oriented pearl for all you who can your N Y story.

That particular single will be followed by Alexia Enbergs sequel ”Burning floors”. Later in spring/early summer we’ll also give you both a single and a new album from David Josephson as well as a new single from Duellen and another new EP from Lars Ludvig Löfgren. This time around Lars Ludvig Löfgren has chosen to sing in Swedish, which will be quite interesting to hear. Besides all this anything can happen. So please stay tune for more information.

2 March 2014


What happen? First two singles within a couple of month and than nothing nothing nothing.

Today it’s exactly four years since Verket’s last (or) single was released, a single which could be explained as some kind of a flirt with Jesus and Mary Chain. If interested, check them out on Spotify by using this link: Verket


25 February 2014

Most played..

Our most played songs on Spotify (Sweden) during december 2013 was these three; A new comber, two songs from the same band and an old favorite.

Interested in which once, just use this link: Dec 2013
24 February 2014

Lars Ludvig Löfgren

Right now we’re about to release a new two track a-side single from Lars Ludvig Löfgren. A beautiful single that conveys both warmth and a good sense. In other words, and if everything goes as plan, you can hear it (Nothing is more beautiful than a dream/Word travels fast) by yourself on Wednesday. In meantime you can always listen to his previously single “Valentine” on Spotify by using this link: Lars Ludvig Löfgren – Valentine

19 February 2014

An indie compilation, not to forget…

Just a little bit more than two years ago we released this nice indie compilation. A compilation which explains quite perfectly well what we’re all about. The compilation is also still quite popular, not least because of the opening song. So if you haven’t heard it before, lend an ear or two now (on Spotify): Various Artists – A West Side Fabrication Scandinavian Indie Vol. 2 Now & Then

17 February 2014

Long lost

It’s been quite a long time since I last buried myself into the search of long lost tracks. This time around I found myself, once again, listening to a very old track, from a time when everything seemed possible. From a time when we released, in the view of common people, strange straggling stuff with no restriction of what others might thought and thought. The cooler the better was our guiding light.

And the coolest of all those bands was indeed The Bear Quartet. Therefor I give you ”Left on the bank of the river” our This Weeks Top of the World Track in Historical Perspective. A song taken from The Bears third album “Family affair”, an album with some plus 20 years of history. “Left on the bank of the river” is also the eighth selected song in our search of long lost tracks.

On Spofity: The Bear Quartet – Left On The Bank Of The River

On WiMP:

On iTunes:


5 February 2014

Alexia Enberg

At last on Spotify as well, “only” two weeks late: Unknown Album

4 February 2014

David Josephson

The suffering artist


- David, since you’re a new artis on our roster I thought I might as well ask you a couple of questions. First of all, who are David Josephson?

-I’m a Swedish songwriter with literary ambitions in his early 30´s. I’m also – amongst other things – an actor suffering from shyness and a poet who enjoys the non-written. But first and foremost I’m a songwriter and a struggling singer.

- I see I see, I also understand that you have left Stockholm for Berlin, how come?

- I left Stockholm the summer I turned 29. With an approaching 30´s crisis, a depression and a general disappointment about my life and what was – not – happening with my artistic ambitions, it seemed like the right thing to do. Berlin seemed somehow to be able to offer a different kind of life.

- And talking about living in Berlin, would it not be easier if you sang in english, I mean, how is it you’ve chosen Swedish as singing language?

- Yes, it would be much easier to sing in English – but I have a tendency to go for the complicated, but for that sake not better, solutions. To broaden the answer it should be said that I do have some ambitions with my lyrics and to write in a non-native language is simply a tricky thing to do – if you don´t want to compromise with the quality. It definitely requires another approach. Not to say that I never write in English, I have written and still write many songs in English. And yes again, it certainly is problematic to live in a country and write in a language that people don´t understand.

- I also know that you have previously released an album. Can you tell us anything about it and if the one your about to finish right now is different in any way?

- Yes, I released one record before called “Farväl tristesse” – where the title imitated Francoise Sagan´s novel “Bonjour tristesse” but inverted it, not greeting but rather saying goodbye to sadness. It was recorded during the first year since I moved to Berlin and has more of a singer/songwriter/folk-vibe. It consisted of songs I had written during a long period of time so some of them were, personally, a bit outdated . This new record “Drömmaskinen” is strongly connected with my life the last couple of years. Stylistically it feels like this new record also captured my intentions in a directer way.

- Okay, last question, if you only could choose one artist, band, that has meat something special for you, which one would it be?

- I choose Leonard Cohen. I´ve been quite obsessed with him for ten years or more. He´s a great songwriter and his lyrics stands on a level of it´s own. And he´s really an artist in the sense that he investigates what it is to be human – and turns it into something beautiful.

- Then I (we) know a little bit more about the person behind the name David Josephson, thanks a lot and good luck with everything.

- You’re welcome.