11 July 2015

Spotify list

Our three most played songs on Spotify (Sweden) during April contained a truly sensation at place three. The first two you’re familiar with since previous months, but who was the third one? Interested in knowing who, please use this link:

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26 June 2015

Summer songs, well not right….

So here in the summer timeand on our latitudes bad weather, I thought I might as well go through our entire catalog, of over 2000 songs, to look for everything that we have released, where words like summer, sunny, and sun were in the title. I also added a few songs that had the months of June and July in the title.

All in all I found the 24 tracksmay have missed somewhich must mean that I have not worked with the most summer-hungry artistsAnyway, I have compiled these songs as a Spotify list which you can enjoy if you use the link below. Can promise that it is a mix of very old and long forgotten songs, together with some new, in different genres and with different qualitiesIt may also be noted that artists in the genre of power pop had more predilection to write about summer or sunny phenomena.

If interested, just use this link

WeCD 311
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24 June 2015


Summer times but we still have some stuff to be out before we close the store, only to return in August. What we’re up to, these first couple of weeks of July, are three very, indeed, strong singles, in various genres.
First out is Sanna Stuardo’s new catchy and groovy ”Invincible”, with a release sat for Wednesday the first of July. A week later it is time for MODESTIJ’s third single, in as many months, ”WARP ZONE”. A pretty damn cool song if you ask me, which you should. Last out of our July releases (13th of July) is Emma Hallin’s first self-written release in quite a few years. A beautiful, nice laid back story that listens to the name ”Sold My Soul”. One could easily say that ”Sold My Soul” is a song within a classical singer songwriter style.
In other words, stay tune for more information.
WeCD 368
2 June 2015


This week we have no new release’s but already on Monday will MODESTIJ’s new single appear, the second in order of what will be a whole range of songs. Don’t you know what MODESTIJ is all about, check this link and listen to his super cool debut single ”COLD LOVE”:

WeCD 360

1 June 2015

Spotify March

Among the three most streamed songs on Spotify Sweden during March are of course Höga Bergets ”Under Blåa Bergens Kant” (Under the Blue Mountains Edge). But which are the other two?  Use this link if you’re interested:

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29 May 2015

Video for “Hisingen sunset”

If interested, check it out (the video for Höga Berget’s “Hisingen sunset):

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26 May 2015

The Show Goes On

Yesterday we releasedas mentioned earlierthe High mountain’s new singlethe excellent fine Hisingen sunsetBut it’s not the only release this week. On Friday, we will release a real indie gem from The High FivesA two-track single called “The Show Goes On.” Damn cool song if you ask me.

WeCD 363

23 May 2015

On Monday

On Monday we’ll release a new song by and with Höga Berget, a song which incidentally named “Hisingen sunset”. Certainly hope all you that liked their first release “Under blåa bergens kant” (Under the blue mountains edge) find this equally good.

So until Monday, you can always listen to this once again:

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11 May 2015


For a couple of weeks ago we released the first single from MODESTIJ and already now can we announce the sequel, a song called THE SHAKES.
And for your information, if interested, can you see MODESTIJ live tomorrow (Tuesday the 12th) in Stockholm at Maskineriet (Vasaplan 3) if you by any coincidence are in the neighbourhood.

Finally, why don’t you use this Spotify link to check out what MODESTIJ is all about. Personally I think it’s damn cool stuff:

WeCD 360

7 May 2015


On Monday, this coming week, we will release Kataokas debut album ”Anthesis”, a band which you can read about through this link:
Anyway, Kataokas are a seven piece band from Gothenburg which can be said to be some kind of folk rock combo. “Anthesis”, their forthcoming album, holds ten great tracks, fast, slow, emotional, magnificent, yes everything is in there.

Later this month two other releases will see the daylight. First out is the new and forward awaited new single from Örebro’s finest Höga Berget. Their new single is called ”Hisingen sunset”. A couple of days later, the 29th of May, we’ll give you our first release from The High Fives. A band that now have come back from a couple of years rest. Their new and super cool indie alternative two-track single is called ”The Show Goes On”, which we all can agree on.

For more information, stay tune.

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