14 April 2015

Höga Berget

As some probably do have understood, did Höga Berget (High Mountain) quite some impact with their debut-single ”Under Blåa Bergens Kant” (Under the Blue Mountains Edge). Just want to announce that they at this very moment are working hard to finish a couple of new songs. If everything turns out well, we’ll hear the first result of those during May.
Meanwhile, why don’t you listen to their first single once again, by using this Spotify link:
Buf.s 82
3 April 2015

More about Lars Ludvig Löfgren

Lars Ludvig Löfgren has just recently released his new piano based EP called ”July” (listen to it through this Spiffy link: At the same time he’s also current with a few new live performances around Europe in April:

Apr 07: Loophole, Berlin, Germany, Apr 09: Onzebar, Paris, France, Apr 11: Culture Rapide, Paris, France, Apr 13: Pop In, Paris, France. Apr 16: Celtic pub, Tarbes, France, Apr 23: Cafébar salon, Basel, Switzerland, Apr 27: Gattò, Milano, Italy
Earlier this year he’s been visiting these places; Jan 26: Mein Haus am See, Berlin, Germany, Feb 26: 655321 milchbar, Münster, Germany, Feb 27: Goede Vrijdag, Utrecht, Netherlands, Feb 28: Vera, Groningen, Netherlands, Mar 04: Ä, Berlin, Germany, Mar 12: Dokhuis Galerie, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Mar 17: Madame Claude, Berlin, Germany, Mar 19: Freiraum, Passau, Germany, Mar 20: [fwd: like waves], Münich, Germany, Mar 21: Café Schröder, Göttingen, Germany, Mar 26: Woanders Bar, Berlin, Germany.
So indeed he’s working his socks off to get a good fan base.
25 March 2015

What’s up during April

A week from now, next Wednesday, will we release a new EP from Lars Ludvig Löfgren. An acoustic four track EP, ”July”, with great lovely melodies. Stripped down and melancholy, piano and thoughtful words is what it is all about.

A couple of weeks later we’ll give you Joel Nunez first single from us, which is a strong adult contemporary song about though choices.
After that it’s time for MODESTIJ’s super cool alternative dance debut single ”COLD LOVE”. And we won’t stop there, much more will come during this spring and summer.
So stay tune for more information.

If you like to hear another laid back track from Lars Ludvig Löfgren, use this Spotify link:


14 March 2015

A good day

Was a very good day on SR P4 Västerbotten this Thursday, no less than 12 songs from A West Side Fabrication were played during the day.

Among them were artists like; Ben Carbine & The 18 Wheelers, Petter Sandström, Mindre Modiga Män, Sanna Stuardo, Oliva Schönfeldt, Jupihter, Popterror, Emma & Johnny (whatever happened to them)….

In other words why can’t all days be like this?


1 March 2015

Duellen are back soon….

A week from now, on Monday the ninth of March, we’ll release a new single from the Uppsala quintet Duellen. The single itself is a melancholy laid back, dark driven piece called Fågeln (The Bird). If you ask me, it’s a truly beautiful song.

Until then, if you like, you can always listen to, or view, one of their previously songs a great song called “Sysslomansgatan” by using any of these two links:

Spotify: Duellen – Sysslomansgatan



13 February 2015

Höga Berget

Glad and proud to announce that SR P4 have playlisted this beautiful melancholy song from Örebro based Höga Berget (Spotify link); Höga Berget – Under blåa bergens kant

4 February 2015

Killing Time

A psychedelic video is made for Sentimental Pet’s latest single, the Sonic Youth inspired ”Killing Time”.

Feel free to have a look by using this link:

26 January 2015

Lars Ludvig Löfgren

Our dear artist Lars Ludvig Löfgren has moved to Berlin. Soon we’ll release a new EP from him and this time around he’s switched back to singing in English again. Before that, with start this evening, he will also preform live during this spring. So far ten gigs are announced, likely a couple of more will show up later;


Jan 26: Mein Haus am See, Berlin, Germany

Feb 26: 655321 milchbar, Münster, Germany

Feb 27: Goede Vrijdag, Utrecht, Netherlands

Feb 28: Vera, Groningen, Netherlands

Mar 12: Dokuis Galerie, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Mar 17: Madame Claude, Berlin, Germany

Mar 21: Café Schröder, Göttingen, Germany

Apr 07: Loophole, Berlin, Germany

Apr 11: Culture Rapide, Paris, France

Apr 13: Pop In, Paris, France


Anyway, if you haven’t heard him before, and are interested what the heck this is all about, use this Spotify link and listen to his most popular song ”Valentine”: Lars Ludvig Löfgren – Valentine

15 January 2015


On the day today, exactly two years ago, we released this very cool five-track EP. When thinking about it I’m still quite annoyed by the fact that we didn’t get so much airplay for the first track on ”Ambivalence” since ”Ol´Pa (Work All Night)” is such a superb indie song, that if you ask me of course.

Anyway, feel free to listen to ”Ambivalence” by using this Spotify link: Amber Oak – Ambivalence

7 January 2015

Long lost tracks…

It’s been a while since I last announced a long lost track, so therefore I thought it might be a wise thing to do in the beginning of 2015. This time around I found myself listening to a truly great song released some plus ten years back. A song which, in fact, also did really well on radio, and if you listen to it your self, you will probably understand why. The song I’ve chosen this time around is no more nor less than ”Shake Up Your Soul” by Vega. A bombastic love duett between Ellekari Larsson och Nille Sandberg, all produced excellent by Jari Haapalainen. And so that no misunderstandings will appear, one can easily say that Vega is more or less Nille Sandberg together with some great musicians. 

All in all have A West Side Fabrication released two albums with Vega in the beginning of the new millennium. And without doubts ”Shake Up Your Soul” was their (so far) most popular song.

So please check out “Shake Up Your Soul”, by using any of the links below, the ninth selected song in our search of long lost tracks.