25 August 2015


A brief look back at what was our most played songs on Spotify in Sweden, during June, shows that it is the same two at the top (but they have swapped) … however, on third place you’ll find an old favourite. Interested in which, check out this link:

Buf.s 84

14 August 2015

More to come…

Two days ago, on Wednesday, a new single from MODESTIJ. But it won’t be long before we release the next new one (24th of August), which is a song from Uppsala’s Duellen, a song which appropriately named ”As summer has run out”. We have worked with Duellen since 2012, and for those of you who do not know them, I would say that they play a little pensive form of pop music. Among other great songs from them, they have released this one, which I personally rank very high;
Duellen will not be the only artist from us, this forthcoming fall, who sings in the Swedish-language. For just after them we will release Toretorps pride Hillevi’s new single ”Storbritannien (United Kingdom)”. But we are not clear with the Swedish language with that, since it straight after will are time for Gothenburg’s Richard och Juvelernas new and beautiful ”You never have lived (can not die).”
So keep in touch.
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11 August 2015

A forgotten song…

In our series Long Lost Tracks”where I dive into our historical archives and strikes a blow for a forgotten song, have the good fortune come to a track that does not at all have so many years behindtalking about The Rains “We Survived another YearThe song itself is a both gentle as grand alternative rock song in true Swedish American spirit, and was originally released on the first half of 2013. The song is taken from the band’s second (and last?) Album, “I Dreamed We Were Happy”And just like the title of both the song and the album suggests, Falkenberg’s The Rains are not the most cheerful and lively band on earthNo. Instead, the music is quite dark and the lyrics very personal and disclosureSome would say pretentious, I say honest.

In other wordsthe tenth selected song in our series of Long Lost Tracks in a historical perspective are The Rains ”We Survived Another Year”. If interested, check it out through any or these links;

7 August 2015

on Wednesday

At Wednesday, this forthcoming week, we will release MODESTIJ’s fourth single, in as many months. Unlike their predecessors this is not an equally danceable song, it’s more like a lullaby, which fits well when it is called ”Lullaby O”.
But if you would like to hook up with what we have released so far, from the creative and artistic MODESTIJ, please check out this Spotify link:
WeCD 369
4 August 2015


Since quite a while back, we have a few songs that rolls on quite well in the United StatesOne of these are Blue Eyed Blondes fantastic Maneater”. Do not know how it came to their attentionbut most likely it is the lyrics that appeals to themor what do you say? If interested, listen through this Spotify link;

Blue Eyed Blondes

3 August 2015

What’s up/What’s been done….

That’s itnow its time to get started after a, so far, bloody rainy summer, at least from where we come fromFirst out of our releases this fall will be MODESTIJ’s fourth single release, in as many monthsHis new low-key and a little bit different compared to the three before, is called LULLABY O, and that’s what it is all abouta lullaby. The release is sat to August 12Twelve days later, will a new song from Duellen be released, a song which appropriately called ”När sommaren tagit slut (When the summer ends)”.
What could also be in place this time around is to make a small reflection of the fact that we gave out three songs during JulyHave you missed them? Well then you could always check them out through Spotify, by using this link

WeCD 368

2 August 2015

Our most played songs on Spotify, Sweden, in May

After so many months and years, has lost count a long time ago, a certain song falls out on our top three list of the most played songs on Spotify. Instead have two newcomers climbed up. Interested to know which, check out this link;
Buf.s 84
11 July 2015

Spotify list

Our three most played songs on Spotify (Sweden) during April contained a truly sensation at place three. The first two you’re familiar with since previous months, but who was the third one? Interested in knowing who, please use this link:

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26 June 2015

Summer songs, well not right….

So here in the summer timeand on our latitudes bad weather, I thought I might as well go through our entire catalog, of over 2000 songs, to look for everything that we have released, where words like summer, sunny, and sun were in the title. I also added a few songs that had the months of June and July in the title.

All in all I found the 24 tracksmay have missed somewhich must mean that I have not worked with the most summer-hungry artistsAnyway, I have compiled these songs as a Spotify list which you can enjoy if you use the link below. Can promise that it is a mix of very old and long forgotten songs, together with some new, in different genres and with different qualitiesIt may also be noted that artists in the genre of power pop had more predilection to write about summer or sunny phenomena.

If interested, just use this link

WeCD 311
Buf.s 62
24 June 2015


Summer times but we still have some stuff to be out before we close the store, only to return in August. What we’re up to, these first couple of weeks of July, are three very, indeed, strong singles, in various genres.
First out is Sanna Stuardo’s new catchy and groovy ”Invincible”, with a release sat for Wednesday the first of July. A week later it is time for MODESTIJ’s third single, in as many months, ”WARP ZONE”. A pretty damn cool song if you ask me, which you should. Last out of our July releases (13th of July) is Emma Hallin’s first self-written release in quite a few years. A beautiful, nice laid back story that listens to the name ”Sold My Soul”. One could easily say that ”Sold My Soul” is a song within a classical singer songwriter style.
In other words, stay tune for more information.
WeCD 368