6 April 2016


During ten years, like a decade, have KFM released one new single every year, all in all ten songs. This year will be the last year of this amazing project. Because of that and the fact that the last single (Hipstermalm) will be released in two weeks time (April 22nd), I took a small chat with KFM, also know as Karl Fredrik Mattsson.

Over and out.

Ten years, ten songs, where and why did you came up with this idea?

I had been longing for a solo project for some time after playing in bands, and also to write lyrics in Swedish. One day I came up with the idea to make one “summer single” each summer, a song that would be released during the summer. I was very busy at the time with my family life (I became a father during that period) so one song a year was what I managed. After a couple of summer singles I realized this was so interesting and fun so I decided to give it ten years, then I would end up with an album.  

Talking about these ten songs (which are quite different but quite the same), which are your personal favourite?

“Hipstermalm” is the best song I think. I also like “Att tänka på sig själv” and “Tonårsrum” a lot. 


Good lyrics and quite catchy melodies I think.

During this ten years project, what have been the hardest and the most disappointing?

In a way you have to invent the wheel every year, writing a new song, contact people that should be involved for this particular song, starting the engine again. Both music-wise but also things like creating the cover and press release. I also learned that you are always dependent on other people even if you have a solo project, but working with others are also what makes it fun and inspiring. The hardest part is to try to write a really good song every year. When it’s only one song a year it has to be good. The best part is the recording sessions with my fellow musicians and listening to the new song at Spotify or iTunes when it has been released.

Okey, now when this is all over, this particular project, does this also mean that KFM is closed down, that KFM is no more?

Yes that’s correct. Sad but true.

So what will you do instead? 

I don’t know yet. I haven’t had the time yet to let the fact sink in that this project soon will be over. But first I will release this last song in the KFM project, “Hipstermalm”. I am looking forward to that.   

I see, anyway, good luck with everything and good luck with whatever you’ll come up with.



Spotify link to his latest single “Tonårsrum”:


1 April 2016

The first of April

Today a year ago, on the first of April, not a joke not at all, did we release this sparse and unadorned EP (check link below) with Lars Ludvig Löfgren. Lars who afterwards (also) has contributed with a very beautiful song on our latest compilation, the handsome laid back duet “If You Still Love Me Tomorrow”. So if you stil haven’t checked out this melody strong indie pop scamp, do it.

Spotify link to the EP here:
WeCD 358 kopia
31 March 2016

A summery from January

Did a little check over what songs from us was the most streamed on Spotify (Sweden) during January. The result was one newcomer, one older, and one even older. If you’re interested to know which I’m talking about, just use this Spotify link:



29 March 2016

What we can give you the following weeks….

Long time no see, or should I say hear. Nevertheless now its time to give you all an update of what will come soon, soon indeed.
First out is a great six track album from Gothenburg’s Rickard och Juvelerna with a release this coming Thursday. A truly lovely six track release with lyrics that means more than just another love song (not that all love songs are bad, on the contrary they certainly fill a purpose for many and few).

A couple of weeks later will Pajala Truck Co come alive again. First with their new single ”Returner”, followed on the 2nd of May with an album release, which indeed is something to look forward to.

Between the two Pajala Truck Co releases will KFM finish his decade work with a smashing song called ”Hipstermalm”.

I other words, please stay tune for more information.


Buf.s 92

25 February 2016


On Monday the 29th we’ll release a new single from productive MODESTIJ, his ninth single in less than a year. This time around he’ll give us a truly beautiful laid back track called ”SATURDAY NITE”. Until then, why don’t you lend an ear to his previously one, the Talking Head inspired ”NEW TO YOU”. If interested, just use this Spotify link:


WeCD 376

8 February 2016

For a couple of months ago…

Went through the November statements from Spotify, among other sources. And I must say I was quite surprised, surprised indeed (at least when it comes to the top two), of which three songs from us who had been used the most on Spotify Sweden in November. If you’re by any chance are curious your self to find out what the heck I’m talking about, just use this link:

3 February 2016

Good times to be remembered

For almost five years ago (summer 2011 to be more exact) we had no less than four songs on P3’s playlist, at the same time, which today can seem pretty preposterous. In fact it seems totally impossible. In other words, five years can for some be a whole eternity. In five years, everything can be thrown upside down.

And for your knowledge, we are not bitter, not at all, we just hope for a new beginning.

Until then, if you are interested, please check out this Spotify list containing these four classic indie tunes from A West Side Fabrication, which was rotated on P3 summer 2011.


23 January 2016

A West Side Fabrication Play Covers # 3

On Tuesday it’s time for our cool new compilation to see the light of the day. Nine tracks, from nine different artists, within a diverse of genres. We certainly hope you are interested enough to check it out.


1 January 2016

New year, lets look back….

Today, the first day of 2016, I thought I could give you a West Side Fabrication summary of the year 2015 in form of a Spotify list. 12 tracks, one song taken from each and every month during the latest year.
In all we launched 26 different releases in 2015, by far most of them was one-track singles, more precisely no less then 22.
Anyway, if you’re interested in, curious, of what we have offered during 2015, be our guests and check out this playlist on Spotify by using this link:
Buf.s 85Buf.s 87Buf.s 82
29 December 2015

What will come first…

Now it’s decided, our first release next year (January 11) will be Höstdroppars single ”Madeleine”. A truly awesome single with a quite terrifying background, at least when it comes to the story behind its emergence.

So please stay tune for more information.

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