The feeling of joy and elation when rediscovering oneself after a period of loss, when a friendship has fallen apart. The sensation of standing on one’s own feet and wanting to embrace life anew. Björn Norestig is back after a couple of years in the fallow with this tribute to life itself. Perhaps someone would dare to say that this sounds almost like a later positive version of Dylan.
“Alive” is, as said, the Köping son Björn’s return to making music again after a couple of years of silence. The song itself is a beautiful singer songwriter story (mix between pop and folk country) that contains a lot of joie de vivre. Which fits well in these grim times.
Or as Björn himself put it:”It’s been a long time since I released music under my own name. It has been on hiatus and although there have been song ideas, it has been quiet. Now I don’t want to be silent anymore, now the music needs to be heard. I feel inspired and alive, it’s so incredibly fun to make music again and I hope as many people as possible enjoy this.”