Another Day in Paradise

Another success for the 90’s mega hit?
Although practically no one has heard of 16 year old Penny from northern Sweden, multi platinum producer Andreas Ahlenius did not hesitate when he heard her version of Phil Collins iconic mega hit Another Day In Paradise. – My head started spinning with ideas right away, and at that point there was no turning back, Andreas says.
Penny usually writes and produces original songs together with father. During a late summer night on the the porch with family and friends they for some reason started playing and singing Another Day in Paradise which quickly led to a rough demo, and the rest is history as they say.
– I loved the song right away and felt I could relate to the lyrics and make it to something meaningful from my point of view. And as my dad feels it’s one of the most beautiful songs ever written he was stoked about the idea of making a cover, although that’s something we’ve never done before, Penny explains.
The production and sound is very true to the style of music Penny likes to sing and wants to release and has a similar vibe as the upcoming releases from the young artist.
– I’m totally inexperienced and have a lot to learn, but I know when something feels right to me, as a person and an artist. And this is exactly how I want my music to sound, she says.
The song is recorded and produced by Penny and her father and mixed by Andreas Ahlenius with a track record of over 100 commercial album releases, including Miss Li, Julian Lennon, Di Leva, Dada Antes Portas and Saybia among others. As Andreas has several gold and platinum successes Penny was really honored when he wanted to mix her song.
– We needed an experienced mixer to take the track to the potential we believe it has but were quite surprised when we all of a sudden got to pick and choose between several experienced mixers from LA to Sweden, Penny says.