The story behind the release of “Floden” is as obvious as it is fantastic. Or as Klas himself says: – I asked Staffan Hellstrand (Lilla Fågel Blå, Fanfar, Fiskarna i Haven m.f) if he wanted to write a song for me. After a week or so, I got a demo on “Floden”. – a slightly cynical view of quarrels.
No more is needed to create some pop magic. The song is mixed by Kjell Nästén and the release has also a bonus version in a littel rougher “garage mix”.

The man behind the release of this song is Klas Norberg. Everyday a freelance singer and musician (why do you always mention it as two different things?) From the High Coast. In 2022, he will be part of what will be Tomas Ledin’s folk play in Lövvik, Elvis concert with Henrik Åberg and Anna Stadling, concert with Helen Sjöholm & Jacke Sjödin with friends, in Näsåker, and steadily touring as a guitarist with Ådalsbandet’s performance of Ådalskravallerna 1931 During the autumn, he will also play “Century show show” by Jacke Sjödin at the Regina Theater in Uppsala and a little later Christmas shows in Sundsvall and Ångermanland, as well as a number of solo performances. Klas has previously received, among others, the Norrlandsförbundet’s Olof Högberg Plakett, Taube society Nordosten’s scholarship and attended the Opera Academy in Gothenburg before he dropped out after 2 years, with the motto “it became too much opera…” He has also previously released hard rock covers in the 50’s version with The Scramblers, indie pop with We Are She who among other things had a song in the Swedish hit film “In the roof the stars shine”, songs with Noratrion who was also mentioned as one of the best album titles by the magazine Gaffa. In other words, feel free to listen to Klas Norberg’s finely driven “Floden”.