Good Bye

This debut by 15-year-old singer songwriter Penny is truly something extra. It is an honest attempt to describe an everyday life that is extremely obvious to many young people when they try to find themselves and their own identity.

Penny has been writing music with her father for a number of years. During a tough teenage period, songwriting became her way of expressing herself when she did not feel understood and listened to. In a world where it is more important to fit in than to be honest and caring, Penny believes that many can end up in trouble, completely unnecessarily. She wrote “Good Bye” because of her own experiences but explains that the song is really about something much bigger. That a lie can become a truth that is spread to hundreds or even thousands of people at the touch of a button. And that it may be impossible for the one who is exposed to stand up for themselves and the truth if no one else dares. – I sing for everyone who does not have a voice to reach out, so that they know that they are not alone, she says.

Behind the production we find the eternally young Kjell Nästén.