Hjärtan av Sten

Now we’re releasing Mindre Modiga Män’s next song from the drawer. Or maybe we should say, from the trash bin. Anyway, this is how it was: MMM laid the grounds for some songs in Rumble Road studio. It was probably 2006 and Kjell Nästén would move the business to Ursviken. When the work continued in the new studio, they were told that something went wrong with the song “Hjärtan av Sten” (Hearts of stone in english). Thus this particular song was left aside, and the band concentrated on the other songs instead. Four tracks were made ready, of which one was released in 2011, the rest ended up in the drawer, so to speak.
When we now jump in to present time and Kjell started rummaging in the archives, last winter, he also found “Hjärtan av Sten”. He was then asked if the song could be saved. Kjell accepted the challenge and has worked on, without the band’s involvement, now during the pandemic.
It’s a song where the band pumps on quite well. I could even say that it’s a bit of a heavy stuff.