We’re now releasing Mytoman’s (from Uppsala) debut EP. A four-track EP with two songs in English and two songs in Swedish, where the opening track “Har Du Gått Vidare?” is a song with a classic indie pop feel, or as the band themselves put it:

  • “Har Du Gått Vidare? is a bittersweet pop song about love, loss and youthful passion. A story about stubbornly clinging to one’s old ideals and feelings, while seeing one’s beloved and once confidant make other choices in life. This is packaged in a nice indie outfit with a chorus that settles in at first listen.

By the way, Mytoman is a quite newly formed pop band from Uppsala, but with members from all over the country. Musically, the group moves in a kind of borderland between California-scented folk rock and Swedish indie. With seven band members, two lead singers and lyrics in alternating Swedish and English, it spreads in both directions. Basically, however, there is a core of nice pop melodies, sparse vocals and quirky guitars. Despite the band name, the group’s lyrics are sincere reflections on themes such as loss and grief, burning love and personal shortcomings.

As said, this is the young band’s debut EP, and they are already working on future material.